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Rob introduced Portland Cacophony to wireless email messaging with his sleek Palm VII. Entries on these pages in italics are his actual email updates, as written during the event, posted to the cacophony list! Why, here's one now: Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 10:30 Update Date: 12/15/01 11:36:48 AM Pacific Standard Time Santa is waiting for cab. Drinking Windex to keep warm. Must go downtown to meet other Santi. Where the fuck are those god-damn elves? From the hairy Palm of Santa Wop Backfur Merchant of the North Pole

Of course, more traditional telephony was also employed. "Hello, Santa Kirk, where are you? We're gathering at Saturday Market."

I don't know about you, but I'm at Powell's Books in Hawthorne, this event is about over.

This Santa had a deformed ear due to excessive cell phone use.

Other Santas had cameras. Many pictures on these pages are digital videocaptures, snared at just the right moment for your viewing pleasure.

Nice, soft, fluffy beard.

A quiet moment as Santa glitters Santa.

Leopard Santa?


Santas and Firemen, there's something in common.

Sing along to these lyrics.

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