Portland Cacophony Society

SantaCon 2001

Page Two - More Santas

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Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 12:50 Update Date: 12/15/01 12:54:04 PM Pacific Standard Time Santa arrives en mass. Mochas Windex and cheer. Prepared to travel south for loud booming sounds. Santa Cupcake describes Santi protocol and travel plans. Starting of cheer. Smack refused by many naughty children.

And then there was Mad Dog and Beef Jerky.

Wm, looking for more Windex at the liquor store.

Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 1:50 Update Date: 12/15/01 1:56:56 PM Pacific Standard Time Santa invaded Pioneer Square for tubas. Since they were late, Santi decided alcohol sounded better than loud booming noises. Santa met Santa at Starbucks and handed smack across the crowded room. Grinch Starbucks managet dudn't like Santa and kicked them out. So we sang dirty carols at him outside the door. We now are on the Max headed to the bar. "ho" "Santa saw Elvis." "Santa is Elvis," "Santa seen stripping on Max."

Santa Tom

Santa Tom S.

See the hand? Someone is trapped between Santa Vic's backside and Santa Kirk's front side!

Santa Moonbeam

Lucky Cane

Money Changes Everything

Lean On Me

Kiss for the Cameraman (not me)

Santa Cupcake

One more of our Fearless Leader

Important Christmas activity - waiting in line.

Leopard Santa again.

ID please!

Lizard Tongue

Santa Julie

Santa Mad Martian

Kiss for the Martian

Ever see Rob looking blue?

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