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SantaCon 2001

Page Three - Lyons Gym

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Santa Maudlin displaying Santa Cybele's Art

Santa Wm and Santa Maudlin

Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 3:00 Update Date: 12/15/01 3:04:17 PM Pacific Standard Time Just left Lyon's on MLK, much liberation of the milk of human kindness. Plus liberal doses of Reindeer Fucker. Just entered Hollywood.

Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 3:30 Update Date: 12/15/01 3:33:37 PM Pacific Standard Time Santa gets off at Hollywood and promptly invades a health club. "Santa needs to pump up a bowl full of jelly." Santi are pumped. Santa is now drinking in the Pagodago. We have commandered a reserved booth and threaten to put a hoho only anyone that wants to mess with our merry asses. From the hairy Palm of Santa Wop Backfur Merchant of the North Pole

Santas on Exercise Bikes.

Wm's Site does a better job with the photos here.

Goodbye squeeze.

Santa Martian with air-powered suit.

Santa Kweeny signals that we did the place up baaad!

Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 4:00 Update Date: 12/15/01 4:28:04 PM Pacific Standard Time Santa squirted with Silly String. Santa gets discusted and leaves. Walk walk walk. Santa finds a billards parlor, Santa shows a faceless reindeer doll. More libations. More and more cheer. From the hairy Palm of Santa Wop Backfur Merchant of the North Pole

Again, go toWm's Site for photographic evidence of the spraying incident. Some of it got in my food, but I ate it anyway.

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