Portland Cacophony Society

SantaCon 2001

Page Four - Mad Max

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Santa Al's beard looks yellowy.

Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 8:25.Update Date: 12/15/01 8:28:06 PM Pacific Standard Time Santa just had a long train ride back into the city. Santa gets a boob stuck in his drink at Mary's Club. "Many Santi did a pole dance on the Max." Santa loves Mary's strippers. From the hairy Palm of Santa Wop Backfur Merchant of the North Pole

Lend that woman a hand, will ya?

Prepare to invert!

Practicing the head first chimney dive.

Inverted Moonbeam

Santa Cupcake and Tom cheer on the action.

Cupcake prepares for inversion.

Santa Tom with the assist.

Dr. Peters, your patient is ready.

Notice the look of determination.

Santas could snitch Cupcake's belongings as they fell out.

Returning to earth.

Santa Meglet, putting herself in harm's way.

Read the rules, nevermind the fishnet.

Lording over the Santas at the station.

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