Portland Cacophony Society

SantaCon 2001

Page Six - Gifts and Others

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Subj: [pdx-cacophony] 9:45 Update Date: 12/15/01 9:48:48 PM Pacific Standard Time Santa encounters a man on the way to Dino's. We invade his personal space and he calls the cops. He leaves on the 40 Bus, muttering to himself. Santa gives presents to the 14 bus driver. We arrive at Dino's strip club. Love at first toothless sight. From the hairy Palm of Santa Wop Backfur Merchant of the North Pole

This person got the coveted baby chopper.

Close-up of the baby chopping device.

About to receive.

Making spirits bright!

Hey, did you see that!

Santa Meglet gets the horn treatment.

Affectionate Santa

Santa Vic trades zingers with Garth Brooks.

Bakery guy placing one of Santa Rob's stickers.

Master Baker getting another sticky.

Santas giving the gift of song.

"Hooray for the Santas", cheered the frazzled bakers!

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