An Automotive History of the MSP


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Patrol Car History

Patrol Car History

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As you might be able to tell, I kind of like old cars and have a soft spot for the old Minnesota State Patrol cars. It's been a fascination since I was a young kid. Of course, it helped that there was always a patrol car parked in our driveway. I'll give a hint of my age by saying the first patrol car I remember well was a 1965 Plymouth Fury I. I remember looking out of my second story bedroom window and seeing the big gold star on the roof of the car. I always thought it was pretty cool. Forty-some years later I'm still playing with cars. It's been a hoot putting all of this together and I welcome any comments.

It's interesting seeing how practices have changed over the years. With changes in statutes, enforcement policies, and safety concerns come changes in the cars and equipment that help the Troopers in their daily tasks. Today's Trooper would be challenged to work out of a 2-seat coupe like they did in 1930! The development years through the late Fifties and early Sixties were probably some of the most exciting in the police car market and the people that drove those units were an entirely different breed than the present. It was work catching speeders. And, by all accounts, was great fun! Can you imagine a modern Troop driving a non-air conditioned car with no power steering and three on the tree? Good luck with that!

I have a lot of blanks in my patrol car history, so if you have any photos to share of any Minnesota State Patrol cars, past or present, I could surely use them. Hey! If I get "too many" I can change them once in a while! And, if you have any great stories to share, I'd be willing to publish those, too!

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