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Welcome to Shadcreek flies and fly fishing.  This site focuses on my interest in fishing and fly tying.

My interest in nature and the outdoors was inherited from my father.  From very early on, he shared with me his appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors and it is something that has grown with me for many years.  As a youngster, I learned to lobster, fish and explore the seacoast and natural surroundings of the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Rapid River

Once in college, I developed an interest in fly fishing and, as a self taught flyfisherman, have been learning and expanding my interests ever since.  In Maine, I had the good fortune to be exposed to some knowledgeable outdoorsmen and fishermen and learned from watching them on the water and conversations about fish, flies and fishing around Coleman lanterns and campfires in the evening.  As I moved on to New  Hampshire, my knowledge of the outdoors and fly fishing expanded with exposure to another group of fishermen and observation of the natural environment and the fish.  Over the past several years, I have started to explore the world of saltwater fly fishing for Striped Bass.  This has opened up new opportunities for fishing, fly tying and learning.


Black Point Narragansett, RI


                         West Branch Penobscot

My experience with fly tying began in the winter of 1968 when I took an evening class from Prof. Claude Westfall of the University of Maine at Orono.  The lessons he stressed included, sparse dressing, the importance of proportion, and an appreciation for color.  These lessons have stayed with me over the years as I have experimented with many different approaches to fly tying.  As I have experimented, and tried a wide range of flies, I find that the lessons of proportion, color and presentation are key to developing effective flies for the practical fly fisherman.  I offer a variety of freshwater and saltwater flies- tied with the practical fisherman in mind.  Check out the Shadcreek Flies Page for more information about flies and pricing.

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