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Shadow Armada


The server has been having some serious issues lately; I do not know what the problem is and will be unable to attend to it for at least another week. I really apologize for the inconvenience.

Version 0.80a released. Change log at bottom of page.

Have fun. SA's an "extinct" game meaning that the chances of me updating further are slim. However, if enough people play again, I may make a tournament once more. We'll see. Have fun with it :) It's a good game.

Shadow Armada Forums! Please become a member, and look at the other forums there too.

IF YOU CANNOT UPDATE PROPERLY, REDOWNLOAD .zip from this webpage, reextract, and try again.

Shadow Armada is a turn-based action game where your objective is to destroy all enemy ships. You have a large arsenal of missiles, and many different kinds of ships to accomplish this with. As far as I know most bugs in this are fixed and it runs smoothly. The network coding's stable too!

Note that this game was inspired by one of Sean O'Connor's Windows Games, specifically critical mass.

Download the Latest (0.80a, 4.11 MB)
PLEASE tell me about any bugs or glitches. Also please e-mail me with any suggestions or new ideas to implement. Most ideas will be implemented by the next version.
You may also post suggestions or comments in the suggestion box in the lobby.

Version History (pdf)