At least once a week an email arrives at The Official Shadow People email box from someone desperately seeking assistance in getting rid of a threatening shadow being hell-bent on scaring or terrorizing the person senseless. Fortunately, these are rare events; however, aiding these poor victims is beyond the scope of this website. I am simply a researcher of this phenomena offering a place in cyberspace to help experiencers find clarity and common ground with other witnesses about an entity that is little understood. I possess neither mediumship skills nor psychic abilities; I cannot tell you if the shadow man you witnessed was a creature from some alternative deep dark dimension or the ghost of your Uncle Joe. My own experiences, while ingrained permanently into my memory, have been very few and far in between. Admitting that doesnít prevent my stomach from dropping to my feet when I read these pleas for help. As it turns out, some of the best lessons learned have been from the story tellers themselves.

Below are a collection of stories by some brave people who have found ways to either cope with, or banish these presences altogether from their households and working environments. I can only offer stories here to help, but cannot personally endorse any of the methods described below.

For myself, my grade school Catholic prayers worked very well for me. (As a note here, this did not make me a religious church-going person, just a more spiritual one.) If interested, the prayers were the: Hail Mary, Guardian Angel Prayer and Prayer to Michael the Archangel.

If you are a victim of sleep paralysis when you see shadow people, try lying on your side rather than on your back. There is a connection between lying back-to-mattress and sleep paralysis. When lying in this position a person feels more Ďexposedí to attack.

Below are two webpages for selection. From the Research is collected from my own research on what conditions seems to attract shadow people. The other site is a collection of emails sent to The Official Shadow People Archives from people who have found ways to either cope with or get rid of very troublesome shadow beings. I will add on new information as I receive them.

Using Prayers

Smudging - Burning sage to remove negativity from an area.

Making your own holy water

Smoky Dark Figure

Bedside Shadow

Mark's Story

Live and Let Live Approach

Curious Observer

Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 4:52:26 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow People

I met my husband 3 years ago and we have now been married for 5 months. My husband has seen shadow people since he was about 12 years old when his father passed away till about a year ago. It has always been about six that he sees. He wakes up in the middle of the night to all six gathered around his bed and until our daughter was born our bed. I asked what he felt when they are around and he said it is always comfort like they are there for his protection or his benefit.

Since the last time he had seen them we have had some scary things happen. We both feel very uneasy when we are alone, i have waken up to cabinets in the kitchen being open. Lights turn on and off on and our sink facets turn on by them selves as well. Even though what we experience is a bit unnerving we have never been harmed, i have learned that if you ask or tell the spirits to leave that they are not welcome they generally leave or make their presence unknown.


Shield of Light - Terrorized victim visualizing a protective light surrounding him in an effort to ward off shadows. This is an indicator that we have more control over our surrounding than we think.

Asserting Control Through Verbal or Non-Verbal Communication

Not Welcomed

Doorway Ghost

Crab Crawler

Burning Sage

Shadow in the Corner

From: "Paris" <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 5:17:34 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow in the Corner

Archived Story Excerpt: Darting Black Shapes

I have come to the conclusion that they really donít wish us harm; that they are here when we are stressed, fearful, or going through a period of unstable change. I mostly just ignore them, and view them now as just playful shadows... a bit of a nuisance but a force that is sharing my space whether i like it or not :-)

The best advice I can give is donít be frightened of them. Show them no fear. Try to accept that they share our space sometimes. And if they overwhelm you when you are feeling a little weak or sad or vulnerable... then say the Lords Prayer... and do the sign of the cross asking God for protection over you and your family and your pets and your household. Also look after you, and if necessary leave the lights on sometimes, this seems to deter them.



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Shield of Light Ė Terrorized victim visualizing a protective light surrounding him in an effort to ward off shadows. This is an indicator that we have more control over our surrounding than we think.