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Are there any brands of suits that are certified shatnez-free? 
This is a misconception that many people have about "kosher" suits which are supervised and guaranteed non-shatnez.  All men's suits and coats are manufactured in large factories that produce clothing for many companies at once. Accidental use of shatnez is unavoidable in such situations.  Regrettably, many stores perpetuate the myth of "kosher suits" by telling their customers that, "we make them ourselves, so they can't be shatnez."  

Are Shomer Shabbos tailors reliable for shatnez testing?
No. Your clothing needs to be checked by a trained and reliable shatnez laboratory.

Can garment and fabric content labels be  relied upon?
No. Garment labels cannot be solely relied upon to accurately identify fiber content.  According to National Trade Law, companies are not required to list fibers that comprise less than 5% of the finished product.  Accordingly, a factory could produce a wool garment with only a 4% linen content pass it on as a pure wool garment, but would be shatnez. In addition garment labels only contain information regarding the garment material and sometime the lining and do not include materials of construction inside the garment.

Do Women’s clothing need to be checked for Shatnez?
Many women are under the misconception that only men's clothing need to be checked for shatnez.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This mitzvah is also applicable to children's clothing.  

Do Children's clothing need to be checked for Shatnez?
Yes. See above.

How long does it take to test a suit?
It can take 5 to 10 minutes to check a suit depending on the material and type of suit.

How do I get my carpet or sofa checked?
Most shatnez labs make house calls by appointment.

If shatnez is found, can my garment be repaired?
In most cases the shatnez can be repair by removing the shatnez followed by some minor tailoring. There are some rare cases where the wool and linen are woven together and the garment can not be repaired.

When checking a suit, do I also have to get the pants checked?
Pants should be checked with the suit.

If I buy a few suits from the same manufacturer, can I just get one tested and assume the rest are OK?
Not always. Therefore it is recommend that all suits be tested.

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