For Sale List

All items are "New-Old-Stock", in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted. Prices are in US$, minimum purchase amount is $5. Buyer pays actual shipping (not included in price), which will be quoted on an individual basis. No handling charges.

1. BC-746 chassis - Metal bracket with the dual FT-243 xtal socket, oscillator & antenna coil sockets. Attached to the bracket is the phenolic board with 10 socket contacts to mate with the BC-745 (SCR-511 or "pogo-stick" or "horsie-talkie"). No circuit components or wiring. "Virgin" terminals everywhere. Good for "un-conversion" of a butchered BC-746 unit, or for the parts (dual FT-243 socket). Price: $1 each

2. Rubber Feet - 1.06 inch diameter, .70 inch tall, accommodates #6 or #8 (snug) screw, has metal washer molded in. Pretty hard rubber (Buna-N?), great for heavy radios, won't crack like the molded plastic type. Hole must be "poked out" with a knife, but not difficult. Price: 75 cents per lot of 4 pieces.

3. Jones "type" plug & socket - Marked "Elco Varicon", contacts are bifurcated (split) for improved reliability over "Jones" type flat contacts. 6 circuits in 2x3 configuration, can be stacked for more circuits (2 x n) with addition of a longer #2 screw to hold together, receptacle half has right angle brackets for flush panel mount (removable). Black Bakelite body measures 3/4" x 5/8" x 5/8" deep (incl. solder lugs on back). Price: 25 cents per mated pair.

4. Carbon composition "20k" resistor - 2 inch x 3/8 inch diameter carbon comp power resistor, with "body-end-dot" marking to suggest 20k ohms. Several samples checked 27 to 30k ohms. 1.5" long with unused leads. Price: 50 cents each.

5. Same as item #5, except marked 75k ohms and samples check 100k to 110k ohms. Price: 50 cents each.

6. #43 Pilot Lamps - 2.5 volts, 1/2 amp, miniature bayonet base, tubular bulb (T-3 1/4). Price: $2 for a dozen

7. #1245 Pilot Lamp - 6 volt, standard bayonet base (0.6 inch dia. - larger than a #47 lamp), G-6 spherical bulb (3/4" dia). Price: 50 cents for a dozen.

8. Black Bakelite Handle - 1/2" wide with 3 small ribs (about 1/32" deep) on top side, (2) #8-32 brass threaded inserts on 3.5" centers. Price: 25 cents each.

9. Black Bakelite Handle - same as item #10, except brass threaded inserts on 2.5" centers. Price: 25 cents each.

10. Admiral brand Potentiometer - In original colored Admiral box, measures 1200 ohms, audio taper, 3/8" dia. by 1/4" long threaded busing, 1.25" dia. by 5/8" deep body, brass shaft is 1/4" dia. by 1 5/8" long with knurled end. Price: 50 cents each.

11. Antenna Terminal Strip - 2" by 5/8" oval brown Bakelite strip with (2) 1/8" mounting holes and (3) captivated, slotted pan head screws, threaded into captive nuts with solder lugs on back side. 2 terminals (antenna?) have copper screws and brass lugs, while the third terminal (ground?) has unplated steel screw and blackened lug (light rust on bare steel screw). Price: 3 for 25 cents

12. Felt cushion - 3/4" O.D., 3/8" I.D., 5/16" thick. Dark gray with rubberized washer on one side. Authentic chassis cushions. Price: 25 cents for 8 pieces.

13. Inductor - 2 micro-henry inductance, body is 1/2" long and 3/16" dia., 5/8" long axial leads. Price: 50 cents for 20 pieces.

14. Spherical lens for tuning dials on 1930's style radios - 5.6 inch diameter, with 5/8 inch "height" at center. Price: $5 each.

15. same as item #16, except smaller: 4" diameter and 1/2 inch "height" at center. Price: $5 ea.

16. WWII military aircraft spark plugs in original, unopened tubular cardboard package, B-G Corporation Type L-514. Price: $3 ea.

17. Cable Clamp with rubber cushion - fits 1/2 inch diameter cable.  Price: 10 for $1

18. Spring Loaded military style Latch -   Made by "Corbin", mounts on two 1/8" dia. holes on approx. 7/16" centers.  Latch bar will work with a 5/8" wide "J-hook".  Price: 50 cents ea.

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