Shepherd's Wishing Well, LLC
A Warm Water Wellness Facility where Your Wellness is Our Wish!

The Big Project
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The Training room & Office Construction

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The Pool Building Construction

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We're nearing completion.
The building & pool temperature is now in the upper 80's
and we're doing our final trim and painting.

Road sign on Baldwin Rd.

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Entry and Training Room Areas

Main Pool Area

Men's Dressing Room

Women's Dressing Room

Care Giver's Dressing Room

Our resident construction Inspectors seem to approve of our work
Photos are from just outside the windows.

Our Primary Construction Crew
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My Husband John
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John's Brother Steve    &    His son Jerry    
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My Dad Bert                                              The Kids       
                                                              David, Amber & Matt
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Keeps track of  Everyone

New Facility Floor Plan

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