40th Class Reunion

The South Hagerstown High School, Class of 1971, held its class reunion on 1 October, 2011, to celebrate our 40th year since graduation.

To start the festivities, on Friday, September 30, South High’s Homecoming was held.  The Rebels played Poolesville High School and handily won the contest 53-20.  Miss Alexis Small was crowned "Queen"and on the next night at the Homecoming Dance, Mr. Umar Mahmood was crowned the "King".   Before the game a number of classmates turned out for a tailgater. Each year South High's Alumni Association organizes the tailgating activities before the game.  About 20 people from our class, plus some guests came to socialize.  Sherry Gilliam Itnyre and her husband Dave, cooked hotdogs and hamburgers and the table was filled with tasty items that classmates brought to share.  Afterward, Buffalo Wings and Beer, located in the South End Shopping Center, became a meeting spot for those that didn't attend the game or left it early. 

Saturday, October 1 was a cool, rainy evening as classmates began arriving at Beaver Creek Country Clubhouse to reconnect, reminisce, and enjoy each other's company.   Greeting classmates at the main table were reunion committee members Sandy (Grove) Anderson and Dianne (Kronawetter) Snyder and Dianne's daughter, Tara.  Tara was also kind enough to help out with our silent auction.   A number of people seemed grateful for the name tags this year!    Who didn't have to sometimes do a quick glimpse at the name tag?  The memory cells have gotten a little "rusty"and  it's been years since some classmates attended a reunion and not everyone's appearance is what it used to be!   There's no shame in a little forgetfulness - recollection suddenly came back in an "Ah hah" moment.  Also, a number of classmates were able to have a short video call to "visit" with Betty (Johnston) Hill in Winter Haven, Florida.  Janet (Dorsey) Brakenwagen brought her iPAD and the SKYPE conference application was used.  A table of Remembrance was set up for classmates that have died since our graduation. We are sad to tell you we have lost 30 of our classmates. 

A silent auction was held to help with boosting our treasury.  Many nice items were donated and every one was greatly appreciated.   Peering at the items and deciding on what amount to bid was a fun event.  Items included a leather purse, birdhouse, baskets, jewelry, candles, wines, and some gift certificates.   As classmates found their tables, a tasty buffet was then served.  Live music by local musician, Lynn Routzahn, wafted throughout the room to create a pleasant ambience for dinner.   After the dinner, time for more socializing and then the silent auction, led by our Master of Ceremonies, Vickie Martin Layton.  The highest item bid for was an art work made by Janet (Dorsey) Brakenwagen, which was purchased by Chuck Sweigert.  Dennis Ruth started a small bidding war for it, but Chuck's "deeper pocket" and friendly persuasion during a jovial conversation eventually won out.  In the end, a total of $1507 was added to the treasury.

Although no prize was awarded, the classmate who traveled the fartherst was Susie Zook Ajello from Honolulu, Hawaii.  Classmates also traveled from Washington (state), Oregon, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia, plus a number of Maryland "out-of-towners" as well as classmates that have stayed in the local area. 

Classmates, spouses and guests that attended the reunion are as follows:  Kevin and Debbie Phillips Adasczik, Susie ZookAjello,  Henry and Jo Ellen Beckley Allenberg,  Kim Anderson,  Sandy Grove Anderson,  Terrie Karn Angle,  Rick Beard, John Binau, Marvin Bowers,  Janet Dorsey Brakenwagen, Jean Ohler Clark, Rick and Cindy Hutzell Dawson, Buddy Decker, Tom and Rose Dilworth,  Dennis and Susan Finfrock Lane,  Blake and Marion Smith Gelwicks, Ron Gochenour,  Mike and Vickie Hammond, Jeff and Julie Harrison, Suzanne Downey Hayes, Judi Head Rice, Kevin and Jackie Weller Hemphill, Allan Hoffman, Teresa Bowman Hoffman,  Curtis and Becky Hutzell, Sherry Gilliam Itnyre, Larry and Kay Burgan Izer, Dave and Chris Jeter Bowen, Bob and Susie Bishop Katz, Tim and Vickie Ebersole Kay, sisters Patti and Karen; Merrill and Vickie Martin Layton, Jeff Lescalleet, Debbie Guyton Linafelter, Ying Louie, Philip and Candy Hoffman Lowery,  Jim and Becky Anderson Madsen, Philip and  Becky Bloyer Masters, Carol Minnich, Sue Minnich, Randy Moats and guest Betty Marshall, Mike and Anne Mowen, Rhonda Munson, Mike Parrish, Bob and Jenny Palla, Gary and Debra Paulsgrove, Steve and Debbie Reichard, Bernie and Wendy Troxell Ricedorf, John Roney, Dennis and Tara Ruth, Morris and Judy Dean Shank,  David Shindle,  Jack Shrader, Bob and Dana Gruver Smiles,  Roy and Dianne Kronawetter Snyder and daughter Tara, Doug and Stephanie Miller Stone, Rick Stotelmyer,  Ken and Joanie Rutherford Stremmel,  Matthew and Valerie Fuscick Summerlin,  Charlie Sweigert, Denny and Debbie Rowe Tedrick, Jim and Roxanne Brumfield Thompson, Danny and Beth Watson,  Bill and Leslie White, Fred and Paula Baker Williard, and David Yonkers.  

As the evening wound down, the good-byes started and classmates began to slowly drift homeward.   All in all, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.   We're not getting any younger and we are already looking forward to the next time we gather. One classmate remarked, "I really think we went to school with a sincere group of people who I am proud to have called my friends."  Another said, "We are so fortunate to have been in a class with everybody being so terrific and fun and great to be around !!!! "

We agree.  Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to attend and to all who helped in so many ways.  Please send any corrections to our Web Master at the link provided in "Contact Us" below.  Foremost, take every opportunity to keep in touch and share your latest news!

Photos for the Tailgater on 30 September       Photos for the Reunion on 01 October         
 The Daily Mail -  Monday, June  14, 1971

Best regards from your Reunion Committee,

Teresa (Bowman) Hoffman
Sandy (Grove) Anderson
Mike Mowen
JoEllen (Beckley) Allenberg,
Vickie (Martin) Layton
Dianne (Kronawetter) Snyder                                                                             
Dennis Ruth (Web Master)


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