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In Memoriam
At each class reunion we've had the solemn task of announcing classmates who were reported as having passed away. If you know about any other individuals who have passed away and are not on this list, please contact us with any details you might have. Thank you!
5 year - 1976 10 year - 1981 15 year - 1986
James Armstrong
Allen Shafer
Thomas Sites
Dennis Turner
Jeffrey Penrose
20 year - 1991 25 year - 1996 30 year - 2001
Sandra Rouzer Gay Burgan
James Fazenbaker
Russ Okal
Holly Anderson
Carolyn (Eckard) Irby
Allan Goslin
Diane Jones
Mike Kolich
Brad Shingler
Roxanne Young
Mike Ziegler
35 year - 2006 40 year - 2011 45 year - 2016
Gary Lee Rice
Alfred L. Stotelmyer, Jr.
Jeffrey L. Williams
Patricia J. (Wood) Morris
Warren K. Durbin
James E. Reading
Roger Winton
Sondra (Gilmore) Butler
Kenneth Hoffman
Linda Lou Hadley
Gail Darlene (Rice) Pittsnogle Wiebrecht
Charles Victor Rowe, III
John Michael Burik
Richard T. "Rick" Brunner


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