Pie goes to India

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Agra | Jaipur | Mandawa

We took the "Government Delux Bus" from Agra to Jaipur. On the day before, we asked the cab driver to take us to buy bus ticket. He tried to con us by taking us to this other bus operator who asked much higher price than what Lonely Planet told us to pay. We argued with him and made him take us to this one on Ajmer road. Thank you, Lonely Planet!

A gentleman helped me put my backpack on the back of the bus where the seat was vacant. After we arrived at the hotel at Jaipur, I found my shampoo/body soap and air freshener that were put in my toiletry bag were gone.... I should have locked my backpack.

The trip to Jaipur was kind of long. It took more than 5 hours, and we saw all kinds of animals, even bears trained to stand up and salute to passers-by... surreal.

I would never forgive myself if I did not go to a Bollywood movie in India. The movie begins at 6:15PM, and we were there 30 minutes before to buy tickets.

Since there was not much time before the movie starts, we had our only MacD experience in India. I had a Chicken Curry Pan and my buddie had a Chicken Maharaja. MacD isn't cheap here but the business is still very good.

We bought the "diamond" seats and enjoyed a great movie starring Sanjay Dudd and Aishwarya. Too bad the plot was way too complicated for us to comprehend. We bailed out during the intermission.

According to Lonely Planet, there is this "Lassiwala" place that sells great lassi and it was right off the corner from the theatre. Much to our surprise, there were FOUR Lassiwala there.

We used our years of gourmet hunting experiences and decided to go to one that 1st, looks older. 2nd, mix of locals and tourists patrons. 3rd, used clay pots.

Our cab driver the next day confirmed that we choice was wise.

We found this lady in Amber. She's one of the maintenance workers.
I don't know what we were thinking, but we hired an auto rickshaw to Amber. The distance was about 11 KM and the ride was not all that smooth.

On the way back, not long after we got into town, our driver told us that the break was broken and we could go no further. He suggested we either get off right there or wait for 10 minutes, and we waited and waited..... Here is a picture of Joseph waiting patiently for the tuk tuk car to be working again.

The hotel we stayed, Arya Niwas, happened to be hosting a cultural event that night. They invited classic music performer to the Hotel and had a small concert/seminar that demonstrated what classic Indian music is all about. It was an enjoyable evening.

Being the largest city of Rajasthan, Jaipur has its share of traffic.

Though the traffic is heavy, holy cows never mind the traffic. They are more like floating dividers.

We took a walk around the old town area after we came back from the fort. There are monkeys all over the rooftop in the old town area. I found this courtyard in the old town off the main street

Agra | Jaipur | Mandawa