Hail the Goat (Album, 2006.06.06)

1. We Hate the Sun (Stankiewicz)
2. Will of the Goat (Stankiewicz)
3. Derka Derka / Sacrifice Unto Nessie (Stankiewicz/Carnbro)
4. The Instrumental Adventures of Mr. Howard G. Oat (Carnbro)
5. Life Support (Stankiewicz)
6. L.P.H. (Stankiewicz)
7. Hail the Goat (Stankiewicz/Carnbro)
8. Beekeeper (Stankiewicz)
9. Shit Goat (Shit Goat)
10. We Love Satan (Shit Goat)
11. You Smell Like Rotten Meat (Shit Goat)

Shit Goat (Single, 2005.02.08)

1. Shit Goat
2. We Love Satan
3. You Smell Like Rotten Meat

These tracks were included on the Hail the Goat LP.

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