Suppressed Ruger 22/45

Ruger 22/45 GemTech "Outback"
Caliber - .22LR Length - 5.2"
Capacity - 10+1 Diameter - 1"
Action - Single Action Semi-Auto Weight - 2.5 oz.
Barrel - 4.5" including threads Threads - 1/2x28
Weight - ~33 oz. Suppression - 33dB+


A few pics of my Ruger 22/45 with and without the GemTech Outback suppressor. Gun started life as a 5.5" bull-barreled model P-512. Mike Klos at American Manufacturing cut the barrel back to 4.5", recrowned the muzzle, threaded it 1/2x28 to mount the suppressor, relocated the front sight, and fabricated a thread protector using a piece of the cut-off barrel stub. Quality of Mike's work is first-rate, his price was very reasonable and the turn-around time was less than 2 weeks. Thanks, Mike!

Ruger 22/45 with thread protector in place. You really have to look closely to see the seam where the barrel stops and the cap begins (it's immediately in front of the front sight, of course).

Close-up of the 1/2x28 threads, with the muzzle cap removed. When installed, the cap not only protects the threads, but it also extends slightly past the muzzle crown, protecting it from damage as well.

22/45 with GemTech Outback mounted. Though adding considerably to the length of the gun, the Outback's light weight has very little effect on overall balance. Stock sights are tall enough that they are not obstructed by the suppressor; the Outback's relatively slim 1" diameter is also a big factor here.

Pistol & suppressor combo, side view.

Head-on view of the Ruger/Outback combo.

Class III stablemates - suppressed Ruger .22 pistol, Cobray M-11/9 9mm SMG.

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