"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference...
they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." - George Washington

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Glock Pistols

G17 G19 G26 G34
G23 Robar Custom G23 G27 (review coming soon) G35
AA .22 Conversion Kit

Kahr Pistols

P9 K9 P380 (review coming soon)

Other Pistols

Ruger Gov't. Competition .22 Ruger 22/45 Colt Pony Pocketlite .380

AR-15 Rifles

M4 Carbine Recon Carbine The Calvin Project BCM Mid-Length (in work)

AK Series Rifles

AK-101 (Saiga .223 Conversion) "Practical" AK-74

Other Rifles

Custom Ruger 10/22



Title II Weapons

SWD M-11/9 9mm SMG AR 9mm Short-Barreled Rifle
LMT 10.5" 5.56mm Short-Barreled Rifle AK-105 5.45mm Short-Barreled Rifle


GemTech "Outback" .22LR Gemtech MultiMount 9mm (review coming soon)
Gemetch HALO 5.56mm (review coming soon)

A Guide to 5.45mm Kalashnikov Magazine Types
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Gone But Not Forgotten

Future Purchases and Projects

The Holster Page

The Gear Page

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