Caliber - .22LR
Capacity - 10+1
Action - single action
Barrel - 6.75 inches
Weight - 40+ oz. with empty magazine

Ruger's MkII is a classic design, dating from 1949. It is currently available in 18 different versions, with variations in barrel length and design, finish and sights. There is even a version with a polymer frame that mimics the grip angle and controls of the Colt 1911A1. The "Government Competition" model features a 6.75" slab-sided barrel, adjustable sights and walnut grips with thumbrest. The receiver has already been drilled and tapped for a scope mount. I bought this gun for my girlfriend at a gun show in October 1997. It is all stainless, and came with two magazines, scope base and rings in a locking case. I paid $307, which according to an FFL-holding friend of mine is just a shade above dealer price.

Fit and finish
As expected, this pistol is gorgeous. The wood grips are nicely textured and complement the stainless frame and barrel. The black sights, trigger and magazine floorplate provide nice points of contrast. The stainless finish, rounded contours and long, slab-sided barrel give this version of the MkII a decided edge over its kin in the looks department.

Range testing
We initially put about 500 rounds through the gun, including both cheapo lead solids and Federal copper-plated HPs, without any kind of malfunction. Simply put, this thing is solid and reliable, and should shoot accurately all day long with anything you choose to feed it.

The factory sights are nice, with the rear being click-adjustable for both elevation and windage, and the whole unit can be drifted in its notch if need be. The rear sight on this particular gun seemed offset slightly to the right, so I just removed the retaining screw and tapped it back over to center. Problem solved. The only thing that gets me is the all-black sight picture; it's hard to get used to not having any dots to line up, once you've been weaned on combat-type sights.

Being a single-action design, the trigger pull on the MkII is very light. Some say it has a lousy pull for a target pistol, but it's way nicer than any of the combat pieces I own, so I'm not about to complain. And the recoil, well... it's a 42-ounce gun shooting .22LR. "Nonexistant" would probably be a good word. :-)

The Tasco ProPoint
Lori fell in love with her new gun the first time we took it out, but she has problems aiming with both eyes open and thus wasn't hitting as well as she'd have liked. I decided to help her out by topping the MkII with a red-dot sight. I got a great deal on a Tasco ProPoint 2 from Midway USA. Being that the PDP2 is a 30mm sight, and the MkII Target comes with a proprietary mount and 1" rings, I had to get a new sight mount. Weigand Combat makes a nice Weaver-style base in stainless for the MkII, and it only cost about $20 from my local shop. The nice thing about this setup is that the mount itself does not interfere with the gun's iron sights, and you can remove the PDP2 - rings and all - quickly, without disturbing its point of aim.

I can see why competition shooters love these things... just put that little red dot on the target, pull the trigger, and you're done. LOADS of fun on the steel plate tables!

Overall Impressions
Having shot MkIIs before, there were really no surprises here. The gun is pretty, reliable, and more accurate than I am, and the ProPoint is the perfect way to top this outstanding piece. A .22 like this DEFINES the "fun gun" category!

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