Glock List Party at FFTC

On Memorial Day weekend, Jeff "Rocketman" Behrnes and his wife have traditionally hosted a gathering of Glock List members at the Feliciana Firearms Training Center, aka "the Playland". 2003 was the first year my wife and I were able to attend, and boy did we pick the right year to start going! It was a great holiday weekend - good friends, excellent Cajun (and not-so-cajun) food, beer, fine cigars, and OH, THE HARDWARE!! Glocks abound, of course, but the real treat was provided by fellow list member and FR&I instructor Todd Dunn, who brought along a few of his Class III toys for us to play with. Unfortunately, the 2003 gathering was also the last for the Playland; neighbors forced Jeff to shut down the training center later that year, and he sold the property shortly thereafter.

Taking aim with "Vasquez", Jeff's Raging Bull in .454 Casull, about to launch a 260-grain bullet at 1750 FPS...

Firing for effect with the .300 Whisper AR-15. No sights are fitted to the rifle; we just fired a few rounds over the chronograph, which can be seen in the background. The .300 Whisper is a 5.56mm case with a .30-caliber bullet stuffed into it. Very quiet, VERY hard hitting.

Letting off a burst with Todd's suppressed MP-5SD 9mm subgun. Two cases already in the air and the muzzle is still on target - proper grip and stance is critical to controlling any full-auto weapon. This particular MP5 has selector positions for safe, semi-auto, 2-shot burst and "let 'er rip!" The -SD has a ported barrel which helps bleed off gas to drop supersonic ammo below the sound barrier for more effective noise suppression. As a side effect, it also gets hot and dirty really fast under prolonged full-auto fire, and must be disassembled for cleaning and cooling every few hundred rounds to maintain reliability. Sound was reduced to less than that of a .22LR - shooting without hearing protection was not a problem.

Lori and "Vasquez" - a couple tough chicks any thug would do well to avoid!

Running the plate rack has never been this easy! Muzzle is on target and the first plate is on its way down! The Trijicon Reflex sight with its orange triangle aiming cue was great for close, fast shooting like this. Later, Todd and Jeff ran the plates in full-auto, shooting with a sideways "gangsta" hold to let the gun's muzzle rise sweep the rack... all six plates down in about 2.5 seconds!

"If it's threaded and goes on the end of a barrel, Todd probably has one". Todd Dunn demonstrates his Colt M4 equipped with an Aimpoint red dot, M3 tactical light and (of course) a Gemtech M4-02 suppressor. We shot the M4 enough to get it smokin' hot, but the suppressor kept on ticking... It is one of the few .223 "cans" that is actually rated for full-auto fire - a feature which has made it especially popular with US Special Forces troops. We didn't have anything to worry about, since Todd's M4 isn't full-auto... yet. (He says a registered auto-sear isn't out of the question, though!) Todd also brought along an upper for the M4 in .300 Whisper, a Benelli 12-gauge, a Walther P22 (which could take the same Outback can as his AA conversion), a suppressed Glock 35 and a suppressed .308 Remington PSS. Todd really likes to shoot, but he doesn't want to disturb the neighbors. ;-)

Mary "FAL Gal" Behrnes fires up an FN P90 brought in by one of Todd's buddies. Unfortunately the P90 and its owner showed up after Lori and I had already left. :-( Oh well, there's always next year!

Lori and I with "Buddy", the Behrnes' lab-pitbull mix. Hey, I thought pitbulls were supposed to be ferocious? :-)

Enjoying a big plate of Looziana mud bugs!

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