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Marilyn Horowitz is at it again--yes, she's at work on a New Sunnybank Calendar for 2010! (this section added 9/29/2008; IMPORTANT NEW UPDATES ADDED AS OF 6/11/2009!)
And for Terhune and Sunnybank Collie fans, there's an exciting new book coming out soon, by Sunnybank Historian Kristina Marshall... (this section added 5/15/2007; important updates added as of 1/4/2008)

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We Support The Animal Haven

Animal Haven's Important Mission is to provide a safe, caring, and humane refuge for unwanted, abandoned and abused domestic animals and provide quality adoptive homes. For more information about Animal Haven please contact:

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Lapel pin purchased in late 2004 from the Collie Rescue of the Carolinas organizationA Couple Other Of Our Favorite Animal Links  (this section added 5/11/2000, in no particular order; latest link added 4/26, 8/28/2004, 1/19, 5/3, 10/29/2005)

Trap Falls Kennel Club Pet Therapy:  (our dogs do this in the cold months; our beloved beautiful 10-year-old rough-coated collie Megan is shown in the 7th picture from top; Mrs. Webmaster is a long-time active member)

K9 Rescue web site:  (collie Megan's breeder maintains this site; important work being done here)

Collie Rescue League of New England:  (a great organization and a super web site; we are members)

American Working Collie Association:  (another great organization that does a ton of good, in conjunction with our favorite canine breed; we are members)

Collie Club of America Foundation - a.k.a. "The Collie Health Foundation" (and please note the revised web site URL that we found as per a Spring 2006 internet search):  (yet another great organization that is dedicated to the health and best interests of the dogs, also prime organizer of the wonderful annual "Sunnybank" summertime collie enthusiast gatherings in New Jersey; we are members)

Collies Online - "The Digital Resource For Lovers Of The Breed":; or go straight to the content page:  (if you're into collies--as we are--this is a great place to visit for news & updates related to collies)

Sarah Garrison's new & very touching "Tribute" page to our big & beautiful smooth male collie "Nick": (Nick is a former standout show winner, originally raised and handled by Sarah, who returned triumphantly to the ring in April 2004, once again under Sarah's expert guidance, for the Collie Club of America Nationals, Springfield, MA--thank you again SO MUCH Sarah!)

Herding Dog Rescue: (dedicated to placing Shepherds and Collies in new homes, when they need them; based in Long Island, NY--they have helped out the dogs of some good friends of ours)

Collie L Group (a Yahoo Group): *2/5/2008 updates - I joined this group in 2004, as it looked like a very good place for collie enthusiasts to share their love of the breed, and for the most part, since then, from what I could see on my limited visits, it has. But every so often things happen that make me question whether or not the internet was actually a positive thing for the world or not. The anonymity permitted by the internet, I think, sometimes robs us of our humanity. The ability to willy-nilly say and post pretty much anything about anyone, with total impunity, I think, has led to a loss of respect for human feelings and human dignity. I also realize that the vast majority of people who participate in internet discussion groups like this are good people with good intentions. But after the recent passing of a friend in the collie & old car world, and subsequent comments & discussions that were made at this group's forum that I considered to be lacking in respect for the feelings of the family (call me old-fashioned), I had to withdraw from membership. I wish all the members of this group who truly love collies and collie fellowship all the best.

Collie Rescue of the Carolinas collie rescue magnet, on the Webmaster's '68 VW, June 2007Collie Rescue of the Carolinas: (We don't live near the Carolinas, but we certainly admire the work they do for our favorite dog breed, AND we also love the fantastic cloisonne Collie Rescue Lapel Pin that they started offering in 2004--as part of their wide-ranging line of merchandise that benefits their cause. The image at the above right corner of this section is a view of one of the ones we recently purchased. It's original dimensions are about 1 3/4" high by about 1" high, and it's very beautifully done. Like our AWCA pin featured near the top of this page, we'll wear our new Collie Rescue Pin also with pride!) *6/16/2007 Update: Being in a "collie rescue state of mind" recently, I was browsing the Collie Rescue of the Carolinas web site again, and ran across some beautiful magnets that encompass a very similar design to the beautiful cloisonne pin that was mentioned (& pictured) above. Well, of course I had to order a couple, and lately I've been displaying one on my warm-weather daily-driven tan '68 VW Bug (not a bad color combo, with the light brown color scheme of the magnet!), and am adding a sample image directly here to the right. Thanks again Collie Rescue of the Carolinas for the work that you do in collie rescue, and also for coming up with these attractive fundraising materials, that help us display our interests so beautifully!

As we are based in Branford, Connecticut, we need to put in a special plug for The Town of Branford Animal Shelter, who do great work with caring for and placing pets. Visit their "Petfinder" site at: , and there is also some basic contact info at this Town of Branford government site: .

Collie Expressions: If you love collies, you owe it to yourself to subscribe to the wonderful magazine Collie Expressions! We've been enthusiastic subscribers for several years, and really appreciate the comprehensive coverage of the world of collie enthusiasm that is contained in 'Expressions. Publisher Nancy McDonald is also a BIG TIME Sunnybank Gathering supporter, and has also recently started running some new articles on Terhune and Sunnybank history from Marilyn Horowitz--great stuff! Collie Expressions also supports the Collie Health Foundation, which we also very much appreciate. Collie Expressions is published ten times a year, monthly except for April and September. Write to Collie Expressions c/o Nancy McDonald, P.O. Box 2708, Sanford, NC 27331, or visit them online at:

The Cassette: Not really a "link" per se, here (because I don't think there is an accompanying web site...*4/4/2006 Update: "The Cassette" does now have it's own dedicated web site, as we found from a recent "google" search--please be sure to visit The Cassette online at: ), but certainly another of the positively fantastic collie-related projects that continually make us aware of what a wonderful breed collies are--and what wonderful people collie enthusiasts are as well! "The Cassette" is a quarterly publication that is all about the "hows and whys" that we love collies, and the many ways they can enrich our lives. Editor/Publisher Anne Lively lives in Maine, and features in her magazine many articles and letters contributed to her by collie lovers from "everywhere." Conformation, pet therapy, agility, and just plain wonderful companionship--these and many other of the wonderful qualities that collies possess--and the reasons that we love them--are highlighted in each Cassette issue. If you haven't guessed yet, we highly endorse The Cassette! Write to The Cassette, c/o Anne Lively, 2 Hemlock Cove Road, Falmouth, ME 04105.

The Mierz's Animal Page - "Jarvis Creek Critters" : We're happy to provide a little highlight about our own beloved animals, and a little bit about the area where we live:  (this is new as of 9/23/2006; last updated 12/10/2007, 9/29/2008; reactivated January 2009)

Terhune Sunnybank Memorial - "The Lookout" : I am thrilled to report our receipt in early November 2006 the premier issue of a wonderful newsletter entitled "The Lookout," that is published by the Terhune Sunnybank Memorial ("Terhune" being the famous collie book author Albert Payson Terhune, and "Sunnybank" being the park located in Wayne, NJ that was the location of the original Terhune homestead--the setting for many of Terhune's books). It focuses on the efforts and accomplishments of the dedicated group of Terhune Sunnybank historians and preservationists, including folks like Judy Leathers, Kristina Marshall, and others. In this issue of The Lookout there are also a review of The 2006 Gathering by Kristina Marshall, a wonderful letter from Ilene Litvag to her Dear Sunnybank Friends, a transcription of the Howard Ball editorial from the 8/20/2006 Suburban Trends in tribute to The Biographer of Sunnybank, an article about the new Irving Litvag display case at the Van Ripper-Hopper House Museum (Wayne, NJ) by Judy Leathers, an article about how the Sunnybank Sundial was restored by Kathryn George, and much more. Reading through it just gives you a warm feeling! You can also contact the staff of TSM/The Lookout by writing to them (this is the official return address printed on and in the newsletter) care of: The Terhune Sunnybank Memorial, Post Office Box 128, Painesville, OH 44077  (this is new as of 11/10/2006)

The Guilford Veterinary Hospital - We've been taking our pets to the Guilford Veterinary Hospital on Saw Mill Road in Guilford, CT (just off of Route 77, a.k.a. Durham Road, and very close to I-95 Exit 58) for approximately the last 25 years, and have seen their facility grow from a humble little house to a big & modern (yet still tasteful & fitting-in with surroundings) facility. But it's not the building that makes Guilford Vet Hospital special--it's the people. There is a special caring spirit there that seems to encompass everyone, from front desk receptionists, to animal room technicians, right on through the doctors. While I don't mean to take away from any other vet hospital practice (I'm sure anyone who has a favorite vet hospital they like to bring their pets to feels the same way as we do), I do wish to make our happiness with Guilford Veterinary Hospital clear! To find out more about Guilford Vet Hospital, please be sure to visit their comprehensive online home at: - and of course you can also contact them the "old-fashioned way" by dropping in, writing, or calling: Guilford Veterinary Hospital, 81 Saw Mill Road, Guilford, CT 06437, phone 203-453-2707, fax 203-453-2709. (this is new as of 2/5/2007)

The Collie Rescue Foundation is, I believe, new for the year 2007, and, like the Collie Health Foundation, is a sub-group of the Collie Club of America. As we love to do whatever we can to help the general cause of collie rescue--that is, helping to place collies in good new homes when, for whatever reason, their current home situation isn't working out--when we heard about this new organization dedicated to collie rescue, we made sure to send in a donation as soon as possible, and are also looking forward to becoming members. Please be sure to visit the Collie Rescue Foundation online at:  (this is new as of 6/16/2007)

Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue - I am so pleased to add the link of this fine organization today, thanks to the pleasant recent contact from fellow collie enthusiast Ellen Anderson of Milwaukee, WI, who is an AWCA official connected with the "Collie Rescue" and "Compassionate Care" funds (she had written to us initially to acknowledge a donation we had made). Aside from being a wonderful person, she was also happy to pass along some good words about the MN-WI organization; quoting from her e-mail (dated 1/27/2009): "...I know of a wonderful organization -- the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue - - They are wonderful...this is a great group! ..." Sounds great, Ellen, and thanks again for the reference! As a side note, I've already ordered one of their "I Love My Rescue Collie" license plate frames that are among the many fun & collie rescue-oriented fundraiser items offered at their web site!  (this is new as of 1/29/2009)

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What's the connection between old cars and animals, anyway? (this section added 1/23/2005; with updates added as of 7/12/2007, 9/1/2008)

To answer that specific question, we're not sure, but speaking for ourselves, we love our animals, and our old cars too. In 2004, I had the opportunity to purchase a very wonderful calendar for the year 2005, commemorating the historic home (and history) of the author Albert Payson Terhune, known as "Sunnybank." The calendar is called "Sunnybank - Looking Toward The Future Through The Eyes Of The Past," and was produced by Marilyn R. Horowitz. The calendar contains reproductions of many old photos of Albert Payson Terhune, his wife Anice, and many of their well known collie dogs, in and around their New Jersey home (located in Wayne) known as "Sunnybank" (now a Wayne municipal park property, on the edge of Pompton Lake). Quoting Marilyn Horowitz's production notes on the back of the calendar: "Unless otherwise noted, pictures are from the Collection of the Terhune Sunnybank Memorial Fund, the Library of Congress (Prints and Photographs Division) and Private Collections." Though all the photos in the Sunnybank calendar are wonderful to look at, the November photo has special relevance to this discussion, as it shows Albert, Anice, and two of the famous Sunnybank collies, riding in their vintage automobile! The caption for the photo, which is presented below (scanned from the calendar), reads: "Anice is behind the wheel, while APT checks on passengers Bruce (l) and Wolf. This picture was taken in front of the house. The kitchen end of the house is at the left." A letter from Harrah's Automobile Collection in Nevada, dated January 11, 1975, to Marilyn Horowitz, is also reproduced on the page; it reads: "We believe the car in the photo to be a 1917 Franklin Series 9A."

November photo from Marilyn Horowitz's 2005 Sunnybank Calendar - Anice and Albert Payson Terhune, with Bruce and Wolf, in their 1917 Franklin Series 9A automobile

Sunnybank has a very special meaning for my family, as we've been attending a wonderful summertime "collie culture" gathering there each year for the past several years, known as "The Gathering." It is a relaxed weekend of collie learning, historical remembrance, and just plain collie brotherhood/sisterhood. The daytime activities are all based at the Sunnybank grounds, and there is also a host hotel nearby, where all the collie folks (human and canine) stay, plus a wonderful Saturday evening dinner at a local restaurant, where even more collie socializing takes place. I had mail-ordered my calendar from Marilyn Horowitz earlier in the year, but remembered to bring it with me to Sunnybank '04, where she autographed it for me! Looking around online, we found an excellent collection of Sunnybank Gathering photos at: (photo credits mostly to Collie Expressions magazine, - and from that same site, we found a great picture of none other than Marilyn Horowitz signing her calendars! The URL for the photo is: and the caption for the photo read: "Marilyn signing a copy of her calendar at the Gathering, 2004, Photo by Robin Borck-Sturgis"

Gerri Oliver of the Collie Health Foundation is the main organizer of the Sunnybank Gatherings, and does a great job. CHF has a dedicated page where you can learn more about The Sunnybank Gathering also: - I can assure you we're all looking forward to returning!

And if you're a member of the "CollieL" Yahoo group (, you can go to the photos section, and within the "2004" folder (be sure to "show all" to find it), you'll find a selection of Sunnybank 2004 photos by yours truly!

*NEW UPDATES as of 7/12/2007: Another Old Cars & Collies Connection Discovered!

Wanlass "Five Miles to the Gallon" sculpture at Blackhawk Auto Museum, Danville, CA, July 2007In the summer of 2007, a unique set of circumstances presented themselves to our family, such that it was deemed "do-able" to take a cross-country car trip! Much of the trip was to center around exploring old Route 66--kind of a natural for us, really, given our strong interest in American Roadside Culture. While I may some day put something together for the SAAC web site about our Route 66 travels, the thing I wanted to talk about here today was a really unique and beautiful piece of automotive artwork that was discovered upon our visit to Danville, California's fantastic "Blackhawk Auto Museum" (

The date of our visit to the Blackhawk was Saturday, July 7th, 2007--the very day that I was going to be flying back to Connecticut--and the rest of my family continuing on with some Pacific Northwest exploration, followed by more cross-country sightseeing on a more nothern return route (which is still ongoing as of this writing, and with all reports being positive about the experience). What a phenomenal place is the Blackhawk! And phenomenal cars too! Anyway, I don't know if it was a special event, or whether they normally display this much "automotive-related art," but there was a fantastic display of all sorts of pictures, sculptures, memorabilia, and "what-not" on display in the museum, including several wonderful automotive sculptures by one Stanley Wanlass, who apparently is an artist based in Utah (reference:

Nearing an alcove off to one side of one of the grand staircases in the museum, where an elevator was located, we poked our heads around a corner and noticed a most interesting sculpture that appeared to incorporate two people and a dog--and, what do you know, the dog was a collie! Looking at the small metal tag attached to the base of the sculpture, it was labeled "Five Miles to the Gallon," and was by Stanley Wanlass. The scene depicted appeared to be from some time in the very early history of the automobile, with the couple carrying an old-fashioned gas lantern, as well as their spare gas can, and with the collie walking along dutifully at their feet. The entire sculpture stood about 2 feet tall or so. There was an old-fashioned automobile depicted on the base of the sculpture. I took pictures knowing that I might want to share one or two here. I also took some time when I got home to do some internet research. Stanley Wanlass' web site had a couple of nice pictures of it (note also the prices):

I found a page with a description of "Five Miles to the Gallon," and will quote from it ( below:

"...The bronze sculpture, titled 5 Miles to the Gallon, was produced by Stanley Wanlass, who was a professor at the European Art Academy in Paris and the University of Grenoble in France. In 2005, he headed a design studio based in Oregon. Wanlass is an internationally known automotive sculptor and painter. Five Miles to the Gallon was sculpted and cast by Wanlass in 1985. The scene depicts a wealthy couple who have run out of gas in their automobile and are forced to head for the nearest gasoline seller some five miles away. Their faithful Collie dog leads the way as their journey is illuminated by their oil lamps taken from their abandoned car. It is cold and they hold their coats close to themselves. Their journey will be long and difficult, and the gasoline they so desperately need, has just risen to 6 cents a gallon! This bronze has a circular base, there are four scenes of ancient motor cars encircled thereon. Presenting at the NM plateau, the item is numbered "FC/35" thus identifying this as a first casting. Weighing 50 pounds and measuring 26-1/4" x 17-1/2", it is also signed "Wanlass" at its rear. The remarkable piece of artwork rests on a 15-1/4" marble base..."

Please enjoy the pictures I took of this beautiful sculpture. If you click HERE or directly on the overall view of it on the left below, it should bring up an enlarged, higher-resolution view of the sculpture. The view on the right below is a close-up shot of the collie that I specifically took--I would say Mr. Wanlass did a positively masterful job capturing the beauty and "spirit" of this wonderful canine breed. You never know what you'll find around the next corner!

Wanlass "Five Miles to the Gallon" sculpture at Blackhawk Auto Museum, Danville, CA, July 2007 - click to bring up larger version of this image Wanlass "Five Miles to the Gallon" sculpture at Blackhawk Auto Museum, Danville, CA, July 2007

*NEW UPDATES as of 9/1/2008: Another Old Cars & Collies Connection Discovered!

Scan of page 17 of the March/April 2008 edition of Antique Automobile magazine, featuring "Collies and Cars" article by Kim MillerIt was the March/April 2008 issue of the Antique Automobile Club of America's official magazine "Antique Automobile" in which a very interesting and very applicable addition to the overall discussion of "collies and cars" appeared, and we do do wish to specifically credit AACA (we are long-time members) for the inspiration for this particular update. On page 17 of that particular A.A. issue, AACA's librarian Kim Miller wrote an interesting article documenting her interest in antique automobile advertisements that featured collies. As she wrote in the article, she was fortunate to have a collie in her family, and like us, appreciates the breed greatly. Being also interested in old cars, of course, she was drawn to areas of crossover appeal.

Kim Miller also mentioned in her article that she had run across an old article or two written by the famous collie author Albert Payson Terhune (all Sunnybank fans will certainly recognize that name), so there was yet another interesting connection! It was Diane who ran across the article recently, and pointed it out to me, and you ca imagine how excited we were to "discover" it. The image at the RIGHT is a scan of the entire page 17 of the March/April 2008 Antique Automobile, in which Kim Miller's entire article was contained (both text and no less than six accompanying illustrations, which were reproductions of antique auto ads that featured collies; one of the illustrations is also scanned in higher resolution and presented BELOW; it is for a "70 Willys-Knight Six"--it was the ad featured at the lower right corner of the A.A. March/April 2008 page 17 feature).

I am pleased to be able to transcribe the text of the Kim Miller Antique Automobile article (hand-retyped, from my own copy) here for your reading pleasure:

"Collies and Cars

All of us in this hobby are, by our very nature, collectors. One of the things I collect is car ads or references that contain a collie. As many know, I share my home with a rather large Blue Merle collie named Ollie. I grew up with collies and have rarely been without one. When I started here at the Library and came across that first ad showing a car and a collie, I realized I had found something else to collect!

"70 Willys-Knight Six" ad from page 17 of the March/April 2008 edition of Antique Automobile magazine, featuring "Collies and Cars" article by Kim MillerDuring the last 28 years I have found ads from Packard, Peerless, Baker Electric, Willys-Knight, Maxwell, Studebaker, and others that contain a collie. The ads often appeared in publications such as The Ladies' Home Journal, McClure's, and Country Life in America. The 1912 Maxwell catalog's cover illustration by Coles Phillips showed a collie apparently being given instruction by its mistress to move away from the front of the car. On the title page, there is a small illustration showing the collie looking on as its mistress motors away. Most of the collies shown in these ads are the familiar sable (Lassie-like) collies; however, the 1910 Peerless ad does show a tri-color (black & white) collie.

Researching cars has led to other discoveries, such as articles by noted author and collie lover Albert Payson Terhune ("Lad, A Dog," and others). I have found articles by Terhune in the Jan./Feb. 1926 issue of The Lincoln and the October 1923 issue of MoToR. The artricle in The Lincoln was specifically on collies, but the article in MoToR, while illustrated with pictures of collies, was on dogs as motor companions.

Collies don't appear all that often in car ads, so when they do it is a pleasant surprise for me. In many early car ads, when a dog does appear, it is usually a lady's lap dog or a hunting dog. Some of the ads and references I have found illustrate this article.

Happy Collecting.

--Kim Miller"

Hats off to AACA Librarian Kim Miller for the really interesting article combining our favorite dog breed with old cars!

We later wrote directly to Kim (via the AACA Library web site--, and exchanged some very pleasant correspondence about our mutual appreciation for collie dogs. During one of those correspondences, I happened to mention that our friend Joel (who also enjoys both collies and old cars) had once shown us a more recent (yet still fully "antique") Studebaker advertisement from the '60s he had, which also featured collie dogs!

1964 Studebaker magazine ad: "It's A Stopper," with colliesI don't recall that Kim mentioned that she was familiar with that particular one (though she did mention in her AACA magazine article that Studebaker was among the auto manufacturers who did run collie images in their early-era ads), so I took the liberty of googling a few variations of word strings, including the words "Studebaker" and "collies," and what do you know, I ran across not one, but two separate people selling copies of the 1964 Studebaker magazine ad that featured collies! Even better: I was able to contact one of the sellers, and as of this writing, I have sent funds out to them for the purchase of a copy of the actual ad! So, stay tuned for a more detailed review of the ad also!

For now, I can report that the theme of the ad's two (upper half of page and lower half of page) visuals is a view of the rear of the car at the top, with two clear black skid marks on the pavement (my brother-in-law was of the opinion that the road surface was dirt, and that the black skid marks were an example of great artistic license--he may be right...), and the nose of a full-size mahogany sable rough-coated collie just slightly visible crossing very close at the front of the car (presumably the driver of the car had to stop really fast, creating the skid marks; the word theme of the ad is also "It's A Stopper," so that of course also ties in).

Then in the bottom image, we see a view of the front of the sporty '64 Studebaker convertible, with the same full-size collie walking across the road in front of the car--being trailed by collie puppies! The occupants of the car all look surprised and pleased to see the collies (and also relieved to know that they hadn't run any of the collies over--thanks, we assume, to the '64 Studebaker's superior brakes, of course!).

Anyway, as noted, I'll be eventually including a much more thorough review/documentation of the 1964 Studebaker ad, when I am able to aquire my own copy, and "spend some quality time" studying it. For now, please enjoy the crummy-quality/incomplete (note the full-size collie in the lower image is partially cut off in the scan above) images from the two different sellers' online ads for the 1964 Studebaker printed advertisement, that I am also very pleased to include here at this time.

As Kim says: "Happy Collecting!"...and to which I'll also add: "Happy Collies!"

1964 Studebaker magazine ad: "It's A Stopper," with collies

Calvin is not impressed with the 1964 Studebaker ad - click on image to bring up a larger view from same photo session, 1/29/2009*1/29/2009 Updates: As was noted in the section above, I was indeed able to track down & purchase an original copy of the above-described 1964 Studebaker ad, and it arrived at my home i nSeptember of '08, from "Village Ads And Prints" of Florence, SC. I've only recently gotten organized enough to do some examination and scanning of the ad, and since I was adding another link to this page today (the MN-WI Collie Rescue site, thanks to Ellen Anderson), I thought this was also a good time to follow up on the Studebaker ad.

The ad as I received it, came in two pieces, as it appears it must've been two adjacent pages originally in a large format magazine, such as Life or Look or Saturday Evening Post (there are no date or page markers to indicate specifically what magazine it came out of); and since it obviously wasn't the centerspread of the magazine, it necessarily had to come in two pieces. The pages are about 13 1/2" high by about 10" wide. There is also small print between the two big pictures on the left page, which reads: "The beautiful new Daytona Convertible in Moonlight Silver." Close examination of the big color images on the left pages suggests to me that the collies were not part of the original shots, and were "photoshopped" (or whatever the equivalent of "photoshopping" in 1964 was). The "skid marks" emanating from behind the rear tires on the car were also obviously (to my view) "photoshopped" in. You can click HERE for a detail view of the upper image and HERE for a detail view of the lower image (please excuse the "moire patterns" in the images which are a typical result of computer-scanning something that's already been halftoned--I tried to "soften" the effect as much as possible, while still retaining decent sharpness).

I also had thoughts of presenting to you a photo of the two spread-out pages, with a coffee cup (one of my old Animal Haven fundraiser cups of course) as a size reference--however Calvin the Cat decided he wanted to help out, and so I ended up with another (large) size reference to go along with the photo, as you can see at the upper right--and if you click HERE or directly on the picture, you can bring up an even more "impressive" (subjective word there...but he is a handsome cat, I think you have to agree) view!

Anyway, now that I have my own copy of the ad, I am also able to transcribe the full text of the 1964 Studebaker ad, including the top headline and right side text (after Calvin moved, of course). All of the underlining was as done in the original ad:

"It's A Stopper!...The Beautiful New '64 Studebaker!...Pretty? You bet! So what's unusual abou;t a gorgeous convertible? this one!... Want stopping power? On the '64 Studebaker you can get Disc Brakes which at 40mph stop you in about half the distance of ordinary brakes--when soaking wet. And they never 'fade' or swerve. Great for your peace of mind and puppy dogs, too... Want comfort? This car has chair-high seats that support your back and legs--and they're filled with foam. Take a look at the floors. Flat. No sills to trip over, no wells to collect puddles... Want more? An engine that just broke the record bank at Bonneville. An Armor Guard frame that circles you with steel. A fully padded instrument panel, complete with vanity and beverage tray... This car is ' Design,' from all the others, and with it you get traditional Studebaker economy, durability and performance. Stop in and see this Stopper today at your Studebaker dealer... different by design...Studebaker Automotive Sales Corporation"

*2/4/2009 Updates - You can imagine the shock we felt when we heard about the recent passing of our collie & old car friend Joel Rosenberg. Joel was the original inspiration to us for, among many things, the discovery and appreciation of the 1964 Studebaker magazine ad that is discussed in the above section. In going through some of my old Joel photos today, I came across one that I took when we ran into Joel at the 2004 Collie Club of America Nationals in West Springfield, MA. I'm going to guess (memory is hazy) that Joel had very recently discovered the Studebaker ad, and had brought it along with him to the collie event, to show to his friends. Being also old car (as well as collie) enthusiasts, we thought it was the coolest thing, and snapped THE BELOW PICTURE (sorry for low-tech, low-res. image--I think I took it with my very first digital camera, which, in today's light, was pretty darned rinky-dink). I also found a better-quality 2006 photo I took of Joel, with some collies, at the big "Sunnybank Gathering" (weekend-long collie cultural event) in Wayne, NJ, where we'd also always run into Joel, and you can click HERE to view that one.

Joel Rosenberg with 1964 Studebaker magazine ad - 2004 photo, CCA Nationals, West Springfield, MA

I'll close with a transcription of the online guest book entry that Diane wrote today, at the memorial web site for Joel:

"...We first met Joel at the big fall car meet at Hershey back in the early '90s. We were with our collie Megan and he with his constant companion Robbie. Joel was the only person we've known with the combined passion for antique cars and collies and we hit it off immediately. He introduced us to Sunnybank - I had read most of Terhune's books as a child but wasn't aware it really exsisted. He introduced us to many of the wonderful people that make The Gathering happen. We looked forward to seeing him each year at Hershey and enjoyed his company at our Thursday night BBQ. Last year Kathy and Forrest joined in and it made it complete. Joel, we'll miss you always. You helped me though some difficult home renovations (I wouldn't have been able to install my wood floor if not for your guidance) and always knew the right thing to say. Kathy - words cannot describe how sad we feel - if we can help at all in any way, please let us know. Forrest - You're a little miracle - beautiful and sweet and your Daddy loved you more than anything. He's inside of you and will always be a part of you and no one can ever change that. Much love, Diane and Steve Diane and Steve..."

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Marilyn Horowitz is at it again--yes, she's at work on a New Sunnybank Calendar for 2010! (this section added 9/29/2008; IMPORTANT NEW UPDATES ADDED AS OF 6/11/2009)

Cover of the new Marilyn Horowitz Sunnybank Calendar for 2010 - click directly on the image to bring up a larger version of this image*6/11/2009 UPDATES - Per an announcement in an e-mail dated 6/10/2009 from Marilyn R. Horowitz:

Update from Marilyn R. Horowitz re the new 2010 Sunnybank Calendar: The new calendar has been printed and you can place your order by writing to me at and requesting an order form. As soon as your check clears, the calendar will be on its way to you. This calendar is larger than the previous two and, for the first time, features color pictures of Sunnybank. This is a limited edition and copies are selling quickly. Don't miss out on owning this new calendar - it's bound to become a collector's item as were the previous two. Order your copy soon - you won't be disappointed.

webmaster's note: And speaking for myself, I am positively bowled-over by the copy of Marilyn's new 2010 Sunnybank Calendar, my own copy of that I just received in the mail (having sent in my paid pre-order back when the announcement about the new project first came out). It's a really nicely done production on heavyweight high-quality paper, with beautiful sharp & clear graphics. The overall size of the folded-closed calendar is about 8 1/2" x 11", and so, opened up for viewing (in conventional calendar fashion), it's roughly double that (11" wide by about 17" tall). The small accompanying image shown here, by the way, is a scan of the cover of the 2010 Sunnybank Calendar, that was provided by Marilyn. You can click directly on the image (or HERE) to bring up a larger, more detailed version of the image--it's beautiful! I recommend this beautiful calendar, that is chock-full of information and images related to Sunnybank and Albert Payson Terhune--and also recommend that you do not wait to order yours--these things sell out quickly! Congratulations and thanks again Marilyn for the great job with your new Sunnybank Calendar! The Sunnybank enthusiast world thanks you!


(the following is based on an approved-for-publication press release dated 9/29/2008 from our friend Marilyn Horowitz,

New Sunnybank Calendar! At the recent Gathering, Marilyn R. Horowitz said she's going to produce a 2010 Sunnybank Calendar. This one will feature beautiful color pictures of Sunnybank taken in recent years as well as priceless black-and-white pictures of the Terhunes and their Collie chums. Only 500 will be made, so don't miss out on what looks to be another great calendar from Marilyn. Contact her at ASAP to request an order form.

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Spring 2007 Update: New Terhune & Sunnybank Collies Book Coming Out Soon by Kristina Marshall - You May Order Yours Now (this section added 5/15/2007; important updates as added as of 1/4/2008)

(We thank Marilyn Horowitz,, for this update, as per her e-mail message dated 5/12/2007)

Kristina Marshall, author of HIS DOGS, has just finished writing another book on the Sunnybank Collies called FOREVER FRIENDS. It's all about the Sunnybank Collies and is delivered in an encyclopedia-style format to make things easy to look up. Like HIS DOGS, this is going to be an awesome book (which will go into print as soon as production costs are met). Here's a link to the ad - you can also download the order form (click on the link in the lower right-hand corner).

Forever Friends: A Guide To The Dogs Of Sunnybank by Kristina T. Marshall -

This book is limited to 750 copies - order yours now before they sell out.

*1/4/2008 Update - Thanks again to Marilyn Horowitz for the heads-up!

(the following was from Marilyn's e-mail message dated 12/17/2007)

Great News! Kristina Marshall's latest book, Forever Friends, has just been nominated for an award in the 2007 Dog Writers Association of America Writing Competition in the Non-Fiction category. Forever Friends is an incredible reference book on Albert Payson Terhune and the wonderful Sunnybank Collies, filled with facts and information about each of the dogs, and featuring some awesome pictures. Make sure you order your copy before this book sells out. We all wish Krissy much good luck in February when the awards will be announced!

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