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Greg Mattesen's Spring 2004 Visit to an old Gas Station on Route 66 in East Hampton, CT
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As part of a correspondence dated 7/22/2004 from our good friend Greg Mattesen, an interesting picture and description were enclosed that do a nice job of documenting more old-time "Connecticut Roadside Culture." This one's particularly old-car-related as it relates to an old gas station--and features a beautiful old car in the scene as well. Quoting the applicable part of Greg's accompanying note:

" was taken on the ride home (from the Connectict Volkswagen Association's Spring Dust-Off, April 25, 2004, in Mansfield, CT). The weather had turned cloudier and much cooler by then. This old service station is on Route 66 in East Hampton. Perhaps it was a Sunoco station--the yellow and blue light pole seem to suggest this. This station was still servicing cars until a couple of years ago. It used to have a great porcelain-lettered sign over the garage in yellow that read "LUBRICATION." I've meant to take a picture of this garage for years, and I'm glad I finally got the chance..."

Thank you Greg for the interesting picture and description! The hand-written caption on the back of Greg's photo read: "'69 VW @ Old Gas Station, East Hampton, CT, 4/04" Scrutinizing the photo closely, it appears there is lettering in the window that reads: "DIXIE COFFEE HOUSE RESTAURANT," and there appears to be a number "55" on the building (possibly incomplete due to being partially obscured by the light pole in the image). Greg's pale yellow/black top 1969 VW Beetle Convertible is also indeed a "looker!"

Greg Mattesen's 1969 VW at an Old Gas Station on Route 66 in East Hampton, CT, April 25, 2004

And what do you know... We were browsing the internet and noticed a familiar-looking structure in the background of one of the photos on this page: (it's the "sepia-toned" photo at the top left). And here's the link to just the photo: . If you study it really closely, I think you can make out that "LUBRICATION" lettering over the garage door that Greg mentioned...I guess the "DIXIE COFFEE HOUSE RESTAURANT" felt they didn't need (to advertise) that on their storefront!

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