SAAC: A Quick Tour Through the 2009 Hamden/Quinnipiac University Memorial Day Car Show
Monday, May 25th, 2009, Hamden, CT
(this page new as of 5/31/2009; updated with a new additional image as of 6/11/2009)

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Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CTLots happened on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th, 2009. As the weather forecasts were questionable for Sunday the 24th, the big Quinnipiac/Hamden car show had been pushed to its rain date of Monday--which meant I had to scramble to make it out there for at least a little while in the afternoon. I already had commitments with our Boy Scout Troop all morning, which included marching in both the Stony Creek and Branford Memorial Day Parades...

As noted, I really had to scramble to make it to Hamden at all, and regretfully, it appears a good number of cars had already departed by the time I got there (1pm or so)-although there was still an extremely healthy old car turnout, in my view. As my day worked out, I was only able to stay there for about an hour or so (I had family obligations up in Middletown that I had to attend to)--but in that time I am very happy to report that not only did I get Time Machines flyers into all of the cars (all the ones that were there when I was there, that is), but I also got a couple of quick pictures here and there, which I'm happy to feature on this page.

IMAGE AT THE RIGHT: Hudson excellence on display at the Hamden 2009 Show! Closest to the camera is the 1953 Hudson Super Wasp of Dave Kelly, in two-tone green and white. Further from the camera is the sliver 1949 Hudson Commodore of Rich Quercia. Wow, what a pair!

The nature of the Hamden/Quinnipiac show is that of a "festival," meaning in this case, that the cars park as they arrive--there is no attempt to place cars into "classes," or anything like that, so, when browsing through the show, it is not uncommon to see all different types and styles of cars parked together, right next to each other.

The event was advertised as the "15th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Car Show, presented by the Hamden Police Department and the Connecticut Classic Chevy Club (, to benefit Various Local Charities." Pre-registration was allowed, with a $2 saving ($10 pre-registered or $12 day of show). There was no flea market, but there was live music, which, per the flyer, was listed as "The YesterDaze" singing group. The event was listed as being open to "stock, modified, custom muscle, street rods, pro street, and special interest" with a cuty off date of 1980 listed. The awards that were to be given out were listed as "Top 75 Awards," plus "special corporate sponsor awards." We again wish to thank our friend Will Fleming of the Blood Sweat and Gears car club for forwarding a copy of the electronic flyer to us, so that we could get all of the important details posted on our Calendar page.

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CTAs I had no time to spare that day, I opted to drive a modern car, so that I could get in and out quickly. The day was a sunny and hot one, and as I drove, I started to worry a bit about the number of cars that might be opting to pull out of there early (especially since it was an unforseen rain date for this event, meaning that many people probably had other plans), rather than stay on to the published ending time of 3:00pm, when awards were to be presented. Sure enough, as I drove up Route 22 in the direction of North Haven/Hamden, I recognized a beautiful Shoreline-based vintage Buick Riviera heading south. I hoped that there would still be a reasonable number of cars there by the time I got to Hamden...

IMAGE AT THE RIGHT: Sighting down one of the huge rows of show cars revealed this pleasing scene, with colorful multi-hues creating an "automotive rainbow" of sorts.

Upon getting there, the spectator parking lot was about as filled-up for one of these Memorial Day shows as I've ever seen it! I had to drive further west along the little access road to the next large parking lot, in order to finally find a space! It wasn't too bad of a walk, though, and soon I was on the field.

I packed a backpack with all of the Time Machines flyers too, so that I wouldn't have to go back to the car to get more--that turned out to be a good plan, since there was still a HUGE number of cars there on the field.

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CTAmong the many beautiful cars that I sort of rushed by that day, I did enjoy a super-cool pair of vintage Hudsons consisting of Rich Quercia's '49 Commodore in silver and Dave Kelly's '53 Super Wasp in green & white. I had seen Dave Kelly's '53 for the first time (well, for the first time since Dave owned it, that is) at this very show two years ago, and it was great to see it again--and seeing it next to Rich Q.'s awesome silver '49 made it that much of a bigger thrill! I remembered back to when I first met both gentlemen years ago, when they were driving very different antique cars--Dave Kelly with a superb '66 Ford Country Sedan (station wagon) and Rich Quercia with a magnificent '59 or so Pontiac Sedan. Obviously Dave's and Rich's taste in old cars remain at a very refined high levels.

Other familiar faces I recognized on the field included Orlando Amato from the Shoreline with his stunning '62 Thunderbird Roadster, Bob Steller from the Valley with his outstanding Packard hot rod sedan, and Bill Hanks from the Blood Sweat and Gears car club with his -super outrageous yellow El Camino pickup.

The flyer-handing-out task, however, didn't really allow me for a lot of gazing and studying--I felt like I was fighting the clock--trying to get as many handed out before the cars really started to leave. Nearing the end of the hour I was there, when I finally had covered every car on the field with a flyer, it seemed like good numbers of cars were starting to leave. This was about 2pm. I still had some space on my camera's memory stick, though, so I decided to shoot away until I used it up.

IMAGE AT THE RIGHT: Front end detail of the stunning 1941 Packard Model 110 "Woody" Station Wagon of Chris Getman. This car was reported to be one of only 136 every manufactured!

Deciding what to take pictures of in such a short and hurried manner, was no easy task. I decided to run around and try to find cars that looked fairly stock, and which I didn't recognize. Happily there were good numbers of cars still there that fit the bill. One car in particular that really gleamed in its "basic blackness" was a 1923 Ford Model T owned by Jeff Adams. Not only was the car stunning, though--a two-seat roadster--but it also had a great story board that was displayed along with it, documenting how it had been in the same family since new! I'll relate some of the additional interesting details gleaned from the car's information board in the captions of the pictures of that car that appear below in the photos section of this page.

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

Another vehicle that caught my eye strongly was a fantastic maroon 1941 Packard Model 110 "Woody" Station Wagon, owned by Chris Getman of New Haven, CT. Like the "Adams Family's" '23 T, this car was also in positively spectacular condition--it shined like the proverbial jewel. It also had an interesting story board displayed next to it that related many interesting facts about the car--many of which will be included in the corresponding photo caption in the section below.

Anyway, there's really not much more to report, other than, after the quick photos, I was on my way to my other responsibilities. Even though I was only able to stay a very short time this year, I still had a great time and am already looking forward to next year's (when hopefully I'll be able to stay a little longer)! Thanks to the Hamden Police, CT Classic Chevy Club, and everyone who made this fine event possible...

*6/11/2009 Additional Information - My Co-worker Neil had his beautiful '31 Hupmobile at the show--and I missed it!

IMAGE BELOW: Thanks Neil for the great shot of your magnificent '31 Hupmobile, as it appeared at the 2009 Hamden/QU Car Show! And Neil says that's his daughter posing next to the car.

On to the photos!

IMAGE BELOW: Here's the scene upon walking up to the spectator admission gate, with the show car field just beyond--what a sight!

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: There is a hill at the north side of the show car field (left side of the view in the above shot), where you can walk up and get sort of an "overall" type of view of some of the cars--impressive!.

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: I think I stood up on top of a base of a light pole for this photo--an overview from the east end looking west (the spectator admission gate that was shown at the beginning is at the far distant end of this shot).

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: This is another shot from up on the hill, but a slightly different view than the previous "hill" photo--it helps to illustrate once again what a fantastic turnout there was this year at Quinnipiac!

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: This is the phenomenal 1923 Model T Ford Runabout of Jeff Adams that was mentioned in the text section--one family owned since new! The display board that is just to the right of the car in the shot documented a fascinating family history of the car. The car was purchased new in 1923 by the owner's great grandparents, Delbert and Blanche Adams, who were hard working dairy farmers. Prior to the purchase of this car, the horse and buggy was their only mode of transportation. Delbert Adams was born in 1891 and was thirty-two years old when he purcchased this, the very first automobile in the Adams family. The car was purchased new from Sherman Motors in Salem, New York, in June of 1923. The purchase price was $416, which included an electric starter. They drove it for eight years and then the car was retired to a barn on their farm where it sat for nearly 40 years.

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: Rear view of the Adams '23 Ford T. Following the 40-year dormancy mentioned in the previous image caption, the car was brought back to life in 1970 via its first restoration, performed by the owner's grandfather, Frank Adams. Frank's son LeRoy Adams (the owner's father) received the car upon Frank's passing in 1996. The owner received the car from his father in November 2004. In the spring of 2005, a frame-off restoration was done, followed by an engine overhaul in April of 2008, completed two days before LeRoy Adams' passing. The owner's sons Tyler and Jason will be the fifth generation of Adams' to drive this vehicle. What a great story and what a beautiful car!

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: This is a 1929 Model A Ford Speedster, and it is owned by Ed Ginter.

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: This is the spectacular 1941 Packard Model 110 "Woody" station wagon, owned by Chris Getman of New Haven, CT. The display board visible at the left side of this picture provided many interesting facts about this very beautiful vintage automobile: "This original Model 'one-ten' is one of only 136 ever manufactured. Its production date was June 6, 1941, from the Packard Manufacturing plant in Morristown, New Jersey. The body's wood components are crafted from solid birch and ash woods, including the interior roof made of tongue and groove ash strips and cross members. It was hand assembled with hidden fasteners and glue. The metal fenders and running boards are comprised of solid steel. Its total weight is 3,280 lbs. It is 20 feet in length, 74" wide, and has a wheelbase of 127". Originally purchased as the family 'workhorse,' the Packard One Ten 'Woody' has become a desirable collector's vehicle significantly increasing its present day value from its original purchase price of $1,436 (with all options)... Engine: Straight 6-cylinders, 282 cubic inches, with 120 horsepower... Tires: 8.25x15 4-ply, 4.5" wide whitewall... Wood restoration: by Jack Kennelly, Hamden, CT... Owner: Chris Getman, New Haven, CT..."

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGES BELOW: The super-cool Hudson duo of Dave Kelly's green & white '53 Super Wasp, and Rich Quercia's silver '49 Commodore (front and rear views).

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

Hamden/Quinnipiac Memorial Day Car Show, 5/25/2009, Hamden, CT

IMAGE BELOW: And for our final subject of this very brief overview of Hamden/Quinnipiac 2009, here is the super-clean 1956 Chevy Model 150, 2-door sedan of Matt Wilk. It features a 235 cubic inch 6-cylinder, and is as clean and understated as they come, in basic black--wow, we love it!

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