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Where should local old car people go for parts, service, restoration, what-have-you? This is intended as Shoreline-area-oriented information page (but you don't necessarily have to live in the Shoreline area to utilize it!). Send your recommendations for additions to this list to the Webmaster, and we'll get 'em posted next chance we get.

THE FINE PRINT: This list compiled for information purposes only. Inclusion on this list implies no guarantees of satisfaction.

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"...A New Driver In The Race To The Top Of The Muscle Car Industry...Middlefield, Conn... October 20th 2004..." -- So started the Press Release we received via an e-mail from E-Muscle, LLC's Marketing Director Adam Gootkin ( dated 10/13/2004. We're pleased to present the rest of the text of the release, which we think provides very exciting news for local area antique & muscle car enthusiasts: "...E-Muscle, LLC has opened the doors for their new Muscle Car restoration facility on 24 West Street Building 4 in Middlefield Connecticut, to service the east coast's growing market of muscle and classic car enthusiasts...With the focus being on complete frame up restorations, body work, and custom paint jobs, the level of quality work from the owner of this new facility, Brian Chaffee, is well known throughout the New England area through having won many trophies at regional car shows for work on his own show cars. "Our goal, is for E-Muscle to become the one stop location on the east coast for the full restoration of any custom, muscle, and show quality car," says Mr. Chaffee. One benefit to working with E-Muscle is the exceptional attention to detail and one on one project attention each client receives for their show car, along with a complete photo album record of the exact process of taking their car to that show quality level. 'I want to fill the void in this industry of unclean shops, unprofessional attitudes, and unhappy customers,' says Chaffee. 'We are committed to being the best in the muscle car business through use of the best products, latest technologies, and a workmanship level that is second to no one,' says Mr. Tarantino, creative manager for the custom body work division of E-Muscle. The E-Muscle dream team is completed with Chris Marrell, an ASE Master Tech that has chopped custom rides and restored Indy race cars. With the website launching in early October (, a grand opening/muscle car expo/car show planned for spring of 2005, and a large marketing plan set for 2005, E-Muscle, LLC has no doubt that they are about to take the muscle car industry by storm in this upcoming year...E-Muscle, LLC is currently accepting tours and appointments to see the new facility and discuss projects with potential clients. E-Muscle merchandise as well as muscle/classic car parts can be purchased via the website...About E-Muscle, LLC: E-Muscle started in January of 2001 selling muscle and classic car parts through E bay. In 2002, the business expanded into a larger building to incorporate larger shipping and storage stations. As of 2004, the business was restructured to focus on the actual application of parts to the cars in restoration process, and expanded to include paint, body refabrication and repair, mechanical/engine work, and interior designs and conversions...Contact Information: Adam Gootkin, Marketing Director, E-Muscle, LLC, 860-349-4570 (office), 860-349-6393 (fax)..." (Source: E-Muscle Press Release; Posted: 10/19/2004)

"Stop Rust Permanently"--it's no longer a pipe dream for the antique automobile restorer! Northwestern Connecticut resident Chuck Pisconski has the auto restoration rust solution for you. His "Master Series" coatings combine superior performance with reasonable prices, and Chuck himself is an avid auto restorer, so you know he's tested the products and swears by them. His business is called "Master Series CT", and you can contact him in Plymouth, CT, by e-mail at or visit his new web site to learn more about the products and how to purchase them, at:  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 3/13/2004)

Thanks are in order to Mr. Robert Carbone of "Branford Auto & Marine Cover" (28 North Main Street, Branford, CT 06405, 203-488-5900) for getting the rear window of The Mrs.'s '73 VW Convertible installed recently after we had acquired (but were unable to install ourselves) a new window gasket, to deal with some rain water leakage issues. I had remembered Dave Hackett mentioning that Mr. Carbone's company did the very nice-looking convertible top on his '62 Triumph TR-4 (a car that I was absolutely bowled-over by upon seeing it at this year's "Time Machines" antique auto show in Durham, 7/27/2003), and that Dave was very pleased with the work (thanks for the recommendation, Dave!). Let's see, looking at the business card I picked up for Branford Auto & Marine Cover when we went to pick up Diane's car, it lists the company as having been "established 1961," and specialties are listed as follows: "Customized enclosures, mooring covers, bimini tops, camper backs, cushions, automotive tops & interiors, canvas winter storage and cleaning." So anyway, now we also, though our direct positive experience, are able to recommend Branford Auto & Marine Cover as well!  (Source: Dave Hackett and also Webmaster; Posted: 8/29/2003)

Jane and Dave Hackett, August 2008Speaking of Mr. David Hackett, we would also like to pass along a well-deserved recommendation for Dave's top-notch antique auto repair & restoration business "Hackett Motorcars" which is located at 381 Middlesex Turnpike, Old Saybrook, CT 06475, 860-388-1082. We've known Mr. Hackett for many years, have visited his well-organized shop, and have seen many of Dave's own cars, plus many of his customer's cars--and it's obvious that Dave is fanatical about doing the job right! Additional info/updates: At this past August's (2008) Westbrook Labor Day Weekend car show (produced by the Shoreline Recycled Teenage Cruisers car club; I believe the actual date of the show was Sunday, August 31st, 2008), I was admiring the beautiful burgundy & black vintage 1950 Citroen Model 15/6 "Traction Avant" of Old Lyme's Didier Rocherolle. As it turns out, our long time old car friend (from way back in the Shoreline Antique Auto Club days--it is worth noting that the club valued Dave's expertise and he was perenially elected as Chief Judge for the car shows run by the old SAAC back in those days) Dave Hackett was the meticulous and talented restorer of Mr. Rocherolle's car. And that day I was very happy to be able to snap a picture of Dave, posing with his better half Jane, standing in front of Mr. Rocherolle's Citroen (and we thank them once again for graciously posing for our picture; I admit that it's been cropped from the original--I think you can make out a slight bit of the Citroen's front grille at the left edge of the shot), which I've added here. You can also click HERE for an image of that magnificent '50 Citroen of Mr. Rocherolle from the 2008 Westbrook show (though pictures don't do it justice--this is a car that must be seen to be believed!), and, as luck would have it, I also managed to take a picture of Dave's own 1947 Cadillac, which was also displayed at that very same car show--click HERE to see it! (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 8/29/2003; a few additional updates and new accompaying image added here as of 1/27/2009)

Chet Balint ( or from the Connecticut Street Rod Association speaks very highly of "Barry's Garage" in Preston, CT. Quoting from his e-mail dated 7/22/2003: "...Bob Barry runs a street rod fabrication shop and everyone stops in for shows and events info...Bob and I are also half the CT State safety inspection team for the NSRA..." Sounds good, Chet. Here's the contact info Chet Provided for Barry's Garage: Bob & Mary Anne Barry, Barry's Garage, 308 Route 164, Preston, CT 06365, 860-889-7684. (Source: Chet from CSRA; Posted: 7/23/2003)

Cardone & Daughter Automotive logo on 1974 VW Super Beetle at Madison, CT antique car show, April 2007We are pleased to say that we've have had a wonderful relationship with Mr. David Cardone, President of the very popular and highly-regarded "Cardone & Daughter Automotive, Inc.", in Westbrook, for many years. *3/20/2008 Update: Here are excerpts from a very nice note postmarked March 14, 2008 from Mr. David Cardone of "Cardone & Daughter Automotive, Inc." (177 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT 06498, phone 860-664-0727, fax 860-664-1966): "..."Dear Steve, Hello, we appreciate your regular mailings of the Shoreline Antique Auto Connection with it's musings, photos, and events... A reminder for your readers (if you have the space) about our operation on Route 1 in Westbrook...'We service and repair all Vintage, special interest & contemporary vehicles, any make and model, import and domestic. We cover all mechanical areas of repair including electrical, fuel system (carb. & injection), engine and driveline, all major & minor general repairs, AC, emissions (State Certified Repair), and advice anytime. Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm, and Sat. 9am-12pm. 860-664-0727...Thanks, David Cardone" In a follow-up e-mail from Mr. Cardone dated 3/21/2008, he added: "We do a lot of Vintage, British, German & american vehicles, 50's & 60's thru today's vehicles. Including air cooled VW's. Also we are presently redoing our website...." (webmaster's note: We've told Mr. Cardone that we'll be happy to pass along his company's new web site info as soon as he is able to pass it along to us--so stay tuned!). I've also taken the liberty of adding an accompanying image here of the driver's door of a 1974 VW Super Beetle that Mr. Cardone drove to an antique auto show in Madison, CT, held in April of 2007--it features, of course, the distinctive artwork logo for "Cardone & Daughter Automotive, Inc." *2/20/2009 Update: Here are excerpts from a nice note received from Mr. Cardone, dated 1/27/09: "Steve...Our compliments to you on your 'artsy' front page photo appearing in the 9/04/08 newsletter, of a 'real' Mini (and your VW) which included the Cardone and Daughter Automotive logo on the front of our building on Route 1 in Westbrook--nice touch. No slight intended to 'new' Mini owners--we work on those too!... Also, enclosed is a photo of 'a half dozen Bugs' for repair here, along with my '74 Cardone and Daughter Automotive Super Beetle. I've always loved air cooled Volkswagens. I worked at a VW dealership for years in the early-to-mid seventies as a mechanic and engine rebuilder (did some 200 engine rebuilds or thereabouts during those years). So it's been quite nice that the interest in these simple cars has continued through the years... Cardone & Daughter Automotive, "Bugs Array" - click directly on the image to bring up a larger, higher-resolution version of the imageOther news: - our web site is up and running. It offers information on what we do, and some of the vehicles that have been here. If you could pass it along to your readers, and a reminder to all vintage car owners: even though there is still snow on the ground, now is a great time to get things done on your vintage car before the yearly 'spring rush' of vintage vehicles here. People are invited to stop in anytime to see our operation or just talk. Keep up the good work, Steve... Thanks, David Cardone" (webmaster's note: Wow, very nicely-done new web site, Mr. C.! Thanks so much for the heads up about it--along with the very thoughtful advice to area old-car enthusiasts to think ahead about getting their cars ready for the upcoming 2009 driving season! Oh, and speaking of that "half dozen Bus" photo that he mentioned in his note, I'm inserting a slightly cropped and reduced version of it here, and if you click directly on it (or HERE), you'll be taken to a nice, larger, higher-resolution version of the same great shot. And, yes, the car at the far-left end of the Beetle array is indeed Mr. Cardone's well known two-tone green & ivory '74 Super Beetle, which is featured in the shot from the '07 Madison car show that's shown at the very top of this section. (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 2/11/2003; Updated: 3/20, 3/26/2008, 2/10/2009)

I just recently needed some brake parts for my 1970 VW Squareback, and was happily pleased to deal with Fred at "Snitzel Brothers Foreign Cars Parts, Inc.", 161 W. Main St., Clinton, CT 06413, 860-669-5733, or toll free 1-800-303-0780. Fred's an "old school" parts guy, and knows what your foreign car needs!  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 5/17/2002; revised street address posted 1/31/2006)

I wanted to pass along a couple of quick "good words" about an unusually talented service technical expert, Steve from "Import Specialist," now located in Branford (*New-for-2008* location and phone: Import Specialist, LLC, Branford Business Center--this is the industrial condo complex that's at the corner of Route 1 and School Ground Road; right near "Willougby's Coffee & Tea," and the famous "Chowder Pot" restaurant--street address: 540 E Main St. #17, Branford, CT 06405, 203-488-9954...yet an even more convenient new location for Import Specialist--two enthusiastic SAAC thumbs up!), who dealt with some rather complex modern automobile repairs for us recently. Without going into the "gory details" of the problems he solved for us (I barely understand some of it myself--let alone try to explain it to you!), I will say that he is extremely competent, has a well-equipped shop, and seems virtually "fearless" when it comes to taking on complex automobile problems (including, but not limited to stuff like: ABS systems, ignition systems, transmissions, air bags, other "driveabilty" type problems, and so on). He also does restoration work, and currently has an interesting Honda "600" coupe in the shop on which he's about to embark. Steve was recommended to us by another trusted automotive friend: Silvio Colagiovanni of "Silvio's Auto Body" nearby in Hamden, and he stands by his work (as we can attest-thanks again Steve!)   (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 5/17/2002; latest updated location & telephone posted 5/21/2008)

Rich Willard's "Vintage Motorcars" world-class antique auto repair and restoration establishment recently moved from Old Lyme to a wonderful sparkling-new new facility in Westbrook, where he and his staff continue their absolutely phenomental work bringing the old "classics" back to life. Vintage Motorcars is located at 2000 Boston Post Road (Route 1), Westbrook, 860-399-2311, e-mail, and a web site too: Find out what Vintage Motorcars can do you for you and your old car!  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 5/17/2002)

Victory Automotive Engineering, Inc., 3 Research Drive #3, Branford, CT 06405, phone 203-488-6777, fax 203-488-9666, e-mail We were unaware of this company until we rec'd a snail mail package from them postmarked April 16, 2001. The package contained a cover note, an interesting & very detailed brochure about the company, and a business card. The cover letter, from Victory Automotive Engineering President Mike Vendetto, dated April 13, 2001, read as follows: "You love cars. So when it's time to freshen up your engine, do some additional modifications, or build a new engine, why not have the work done by a company that shares your lust for performance? I've recently opened a new automotive machine shop to specifically address the needs of area racers, street-enthusiasts, and classic auto restorers. Victory Automotive Engineering is unlike other machine shops. We specialize in custom machine work and building distinctive engines to customer specifications. We're practically fantatical about cleanliness and precision. State-of-the-art specialized machinery, unsurpassed quality standards, and meticulous attention to detail allow us to ensure that your engine produced maximum performance and durability. You can take advantage of my years of experience in the automotive industry and meet with me to discuss exactly what you want your new engine or engine components to do. We'll select the appropriate machining operations and parts so you can be confident that you'll get the performance you expect. Please take a moment to look at the attached flyer and get an idea of the wide range of Victory's capabilities. Feel free to visit the shop anytime to see the caliber of work produced here. I would love to work with you on your next engine project. Best regards, Mike Vendetto, President, Victory Automotive Engineering, Inc." The flyer that was also enclosed in the package was very impressive, containing views of the immaculate shop, and more details about the capabilities of the company, and services offered. Of particular interest to antique auto enthusiasts, the flyer highlights one of Victory Automotive Engineering's stated specialties: "Classic Engine Restoration." It appears that Mr. Vendetto and his company are a valuable area resource for precision automotive machining and engine work, including cylinder block machining, balancing, assembly and flowbench work. We are happy to add them to the Resource Guide.  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 4/27/2001)

Silvio's Auto Body, Inc., 1899 State Street, Hamden, CT 06511, 203-624-1551. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get "Silvio's" added to the Resource Guide. This establishment, owned and run by a true old-world craftsman, Mr. Silvio Colagiovanni, does truly first-rate work. We've had direct dealings with Silvio's, when one of our beloved VWs (a '90 Corrado) was severely damaged in an accident a few years ago. Silvio literally made the car like new again, cutting no corners, and completing a really as-originally-manufactured-standard restoration. At the time our Corrado was in for work, we also observed serious antique restoration work underway on a valuable vintage Alfa Romeo sports car. It was obvious that "Silvio's" shop was quite capable at restoring older cars to the same high standards as later models. Mr. Colagiovanni is a very easy man to work with, very polite and courteous, and we could not recommend him any more highly.  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 7/20/2000)

Stony Creek Auto Service, as photographed on Sunday, August 26, 2007Stony Creek Auto Service, 417 Leetes Island Road, Stony Creek, CT 06405, 203-488-7868. Maybe it's because I live so close to these guys and deal with them so often that I almost take them for granted, but Gary and John (and I definitely should not fail to mention their gracious & friendly employee Ray too!), of Stony Creek Auto Service (the "Mobil" gasoline & service station that's just east of the 4-corners stop at the corner of Leetes Island Road & Route 146, they also do emergency towing, and of course all sorts of automotive repairs, plus tire work & spin balancing, etc.) have pulled me out of a jam more times than I can remember! These guys know cars and will not "b.s." you--they also care about your equipment. I've already written in detail a couple of anecdotes about my dealings with them, over on the "Links Page" (in the "Non-Links" section, since, as far as I know, they don't have a web site yet), so I won't attempt to duplicate that here. These guys positively RULE. The image at the right shows my old '68 Bug parked in front of Stony Creek Auto Service, on a Sunday (when the place was closed), since most days the place is a beehive of activity! (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 2/11/2000; accompanying image added to this listing as of 8/30/2007)

Bob's Foreign Auto Service, 230A Rowe Ave., Milford, CT 06460, 203-876-2500 or (in CT) 800-339-3270 , M-F 8:30 - 6:00, Saturday 8:30 - Noon, e-mail:, web site: Bob's specializes in the restoration, maintenance and repair of pre 1980 British sports cars.  (Source: CT MG Club; Posted: 2/8/2000)


F.O.R.D. Club of Wallingford: No web site (yet), but here is a really nice overview of this fine Ford products-focused local organization, as provided via an e-mail from their rep Jack Danovich (, via an e-mail dated 5/13/2004: "... Thanks for asking, here is some general info. Our club was founded back in 1991 by a group of folks who met at one of our local cruise nights and decided to turn their mutual interest in Ford's into an organized club, as there was no general 'generic' Ford oriented club in this area . We currently have around 20 active members, and I have been in the club since 1992 and am the club's spokesperson. The 'work' portion of the club is the 11 cruise nights we run at the Wallingford Wal-Mart and over the past 4 years we have also run an annual car show in the Wallingford area. We have hit a bump in the road this year as we just found out our usual location will not be available, but are on the hunt to see if we can come up with a new location in time to pull one off this year. We are a non-profit group and while we do not generate a huge amount of annual income the excess money that is left after covering our normal operating expenses, we do donate back what we can to local charitable organizations. For example, we annually donate prepared holiday meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families in the area and make donations in the clubs name at various charity-themed shows and cruises when funds permit. The cars in the club are of various types and years. I have a 65 K-code Mustang hardtop and an 87 5.0 Mustang LX coupe. Examples of other cars are a beautiful pair of 55 Fords (a stock sedan and a great looking custom), two 70 Mach 1 Mustangs, a 5.0 powered, 5 speed fuel injected 64 Comet, a beautiful 66 Cobra replica, a mint 82 Mustang T-Top GT, a 97 Tarus SHO and there are other projects being worked on. We do not have a cut off year for members cars and all Ford and Ford family products are welcome. The general idea is to get together and have fun with the cars and try to do our part thru the cruise nights and show, to give people a fun event to come out to and expand interest in the hobby that we enjoy. We do run a annual prospective members night at our monthly meeting site in Wallingford (the Polish VFW club, which is usually held on a Thursday night in June or July. We supply the pizza and soft drinks and give's anyone who may be interested in the club a chance to meet some of the members, get information on the club and just shoot the breeze. I will e-mail over some info on this when I get it. Thanks, Jack..." Quoting from the F.O.R.D. Club's for-publication Wallingford-WalMart Cruise Night listing (2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month in the summer--see our Calendar page), here is contact info - write: F.O.R.D. Car Club, 19 Pequot Rd., Wallingford Conn. 06492, (203) 265-6945.  (Source: F.O.R.D. Club; Posted: 6/10/2004)

CT GTO Club:   (Source: CT GTO Club; Posted: 5/1/2001)

CT MG Club:  (Source: CT MG Club; Posted: 2/8/2000)


Yet another local-to-CT antique auto appraiser was heard from via a 24 February 2005 snail mail correspondence we received. Like those below, not exactly "Shoreline," but we still feel worth listing as they're local to the state. Mr. Larry Boardman sent a very comprehensive informational package about his business as an International Vehicle Appraisers Network Certified Appraiser, and it appears he's very active in the old car hobby, as per the many organizations he's a member of. You can contact Larry Boardman at 22 Adams Road, Simsbury, CT 06089, daytime/cell 860-658-7878, evenings 860-658-4646, or email to Be sure to also visit the main web site for International Vehicle Appraisers Network for more info at: (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 4/5/2005)

Here's another antique auto appraisal service run by a local Connecticut man, Mr. Tom Jakups, who's active in various auto enthusiast organizations, both local & national: Classic Car Appraisals, complete with an informative web site:  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 5/17/2002)

An old car friend recently inquired about recommended local antique auto appraisers, and though I had no direct experiences to pass along, here's the info that I was able to find in my files to pass along to him...Here is one who placed an ad in the show booklet for this year's (event date: 6/10/2001) Central CT Region AACA show in Glastonbury: Charles W. Clarke Collector Car Appraisals, 17 Saddle Ridge Drive, West Simsbury, CT 06092, CT licensed MVPD Appraiser (#800004975), 860-658-2714...Here's another one from a flyer that I think came in last year's "Time Machines 2000" goodie bag: Landry Classic Motorcars Professional Auto Appraisals, Gerard (Jerry) J. Landry, CT Lic. #961716, 413-592-2746, 34 Goodhue Avenue, Chicopee, MA 01020. I haven't dealt with either company, so again, I have no direct experience to pass along. It goes without saying that we welcome any input for the "Resource Guide" on this or any other topic within the antique auto hobby.  (Source: Webmaster; Posted: 7/12/2001)

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