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Are you interested in old VOLKSWAGENS? Visit your Webmaster's OTHER web site project, the Common Gear Antique Volkswagen Web Site: (Common Gear web site link currenly not available) (link added 10/26/98)

Stafford Motor Speedway: (link added 10/29/98)

Connecticut Classic Chevy Club: (link originally added 10/29/98; newly revised URL updated here as of 3/29/2003, as per a 3/27/2003 e-mail heads up from their webmaster Mel Keim, a.k.a:

Connecticut Chevelle Connection: - This is the Connecticut Chevelle Connection's new URL, which we found out via a February 2004 e-mail from their representative Willard Fleming ( (link added 10/29/98; updated URL added as of 3/5/2004)

New England MG 'T' Register, Ltd.: (link added 10/29/98)

This one would also fit under "Travel & Tourism Links," but there's a fun old-car-related aspect, so we listed it here: The Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival (we've been fortunate to be invited to participate in the Jazz Festival's spectacular Antique Auto Parade, which, like the Festival itself, if a LOAD of fun!). Plan to participate with us next year, always a weekend in early August (but not to conflict with Belltown!), at (since the 2001 version) the Guilford Fairgrounds, Guilford, CT! Visit their web site: (link added 11/2/98; web site URL revised as of 6/4/2002)

I found this one while surfing for local Mustang links (since "Time Machines '99" will be spotlighting the Mustang as the "Featured Marque")--The Mustang Car Club of New England, based in Woonsocket, RI: (link added 11/7/98)

Housatonic Valley Region AACA (Newtown, CT area): - Quoting from a broadcast e-mail from HVR-AACA's Dave Coe ( dated 2/27/2009: "...Hi guys, Our new website is very nice - - the guys did a good job of getting it set up. We have some pictures from members about their car projects. These will probably go into our newsletter as well as on the website. It will be great having pictures and writings about members projects...." Looks really nice, Dave and HVR-AACA-ers! Great job; we are happy to update this long-standing local old-car link...check the date as to when HVR-AACA's link was first added here! (link added 11/19/98; updated with all-new URL as of 2/27/2009)

State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles: (link added 11/26/98; this site was a HUGE help to your webmaster yesterday as I needed to scramble to get an out-of-state car emissions tested, safety inspected, and registered, all on the LAST day of it's "temp" plates--there are screens at the DMV site that cover all of these things, plus info on office locations, hours, etc.)

Technically not a car link, but like the Jazz Festival link above, this one has an interesting & fun old car-related aspect: The Klingberg Family Centers of New Britain, CT. You see, several years ago one of our Past Presidents, the late Barry Sullivan helped forge a special bond between the Shoreline Antique Auto Club and Klingberg Family Centers, and we've felt especially close to Klingberg ever since, now making a special club event the annual "Foliage Tour" up to Klingberg's fall Antique Auto Show on their beautiful hilltop campus (which will be held Sunday October 16, 1999 this year, as per a 3/16/99 e-mail from Klingberg Director Mark Johnson, Klingberg has a very fine web site, which, in addition to giving a great deal of information about the nature of the organization, it's history, and it's important mission, also provides info about their car show, with some cool pictures to boot! Please visit:  (link added 3/24/99)

Joe Malec gave me a heads-up this morning on this one, and I must say I can't believe I've missed it until now. Talk about one of the absolute most useful sites for Connecticut-area auto enthusiats! For sale ads, club listings, mega-event listings, and much more. We URGE you to go visit Special Interest Vehicles Online at:  (link added 4/5/99)

Our recent scan of the Special Interest Vehicles event listings yielded another super-high quality local CT-area car club link. This one's a superbly crafted site by Stratford's Mark Edwards ( or, for the Monroe-based Classic Nights Car Club. Mr. Edwards, Public Relations Director for the Classic Nights, has created an attractive web site making excellent use of advanced html features such as frames and thumbnails to allow easy navigation and access to it's many various facets & features. Of particular interest in our recent browse of the Classic Nights web site were the great-sounding events the Classic Nights organize, such as their Friday night Cruise Nights at the Village Square Shopping Center on Route 111 in Monroe (6:30-10:00PM, vehicle cut-off year for cruises is 1978), and their 3rd Annual "CAR SHOW '99" (presented in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Monroe) upcoming on Sunday June 13, 9AM-4PM (rain date Sunday June 20), at Oxford Health Plan Facility, Routes 111 & 25, in Trumbull. Complete details on both the Cruise Nights and "Car Show '99" are available at the Classic Nights web site. Please pay the Classic Nights an electronic visit by surfing over to: (link added 4/8/99)

We are extremely pleased to feature an all-new link to our great "Time Machines Partner Club" for the past two years, the Connecticut Area Classic Thunderbird Club (an official Chapter of Classic Thunderbird Club International). As per a notice that appeared in the most recent issue of their official newsletter "A Bird's Eye View" (March 1999 edition) the CACTC's president Dave Aiken ( announced that the new page was up & running, procured and designed by Carol Stevens, and maintained and updated by "View" editor Paul Bachand ( If you're interested in an enthusiastic & fun organization focused on those classic early two-seat Thunderbirds ('55-'57 that is, though many CACTC members seem to be involved with other old cars as well), you should pay the CT Area Classic T-Bird Club a visit. Here's the (New for 2002) URL to bring you directly there: added 4/14/99; updated URL posted as of 5/21/2002)

The local Clinton, CT-based Morgan School Transportation Technology Program has a fantastic web site that we just heard about, in conjunction with a snail-mailed announcement postmarked April 9, 1999, received from Technology Education Teacher Jay Cole ( about their upcoming Saturday May 8th "4th Annual Car Show" at the Westbrook Factory Stores (Rain date = May 15th). The Transportation Technology Student-organized Car Show itself will be held from 10am to 2pm, and food donations will be collected for local soup kitchens. Students will also be making & selling car show t-shirts at the event to help fund their entries in the Great American Alternative Energy Vehicle Competition. Long-time SAAC-ers may recall years ago when we used to run the 2nd of our two annual car shows at Morgan, on Route 81 just above the I-95, in conjunction with the Clinton Bluefish Festival. Visit the Morgan "Power Shop" site and find out more about their automobile & transportation-related programs, and, of course, the May Car Show, by accesing their fine web site:  (link URL updated 3/20/2000)

Lebanon, CT's Bill Brauch is a man of MANY varied old car (& motorcycle) interests! We recently found out about his fantastic web site, entitled "Bill's Place in the Country," via an e-mail from Mr. Brauch dated 7/26/99. Although there seems to be a slight Model A & T Ford-slant to Bill's family's old car interests, from Bill's list of his own cars owned, past & present, it's obvious he more or less likes 'em all! Check out his interesting & fun web site at:  (link added 8/8/99; link URL updated 3/22/2003)

"The Berlin Turnpike's Home Page" - The name says it all! CT's most famous cruising spot, and a sometimes irreverent home page that takes in all "the action." We heard about it through the December 1999 issue of Car Craft magazine. *4/27/2001 update: Please take notice of the new URL for this fun web site: (link added 11/26/99; updated URL posted here 4/27/2001)

We heard about another great CT-based auto enthusiast web site recently, when Webmaster Tony Carrabino ( from Hebron, CT, signed our Guest Book. Tony's site features many beautiful locally-based auto images, plus interesting listings of local cars for sale, and much more! *9/27/2002 update: Quoting from an e-mail dated 9/27/2002 from Tony ( "Hello...Please update this to reflect AC Enterprise Classics and Streetrods. The URL to my site is now Thanks for your cooperation. Tony" (link added 1/5/2000; updated URL posted here as of 9/27/2002)

Connecticut Camaro Club - Find out about all the local Connecticut-area interest & action relating to this classic GM pony car:  (link added 1/11/2000)

Mid-State Cruisers Auto Club - Auto hobby activities in and around the Southington (Connecticut) area:  (link added 1/11/2000)

New England Muscle - A fantastic source page for all owners & enthusiasts of muscle cars in & around New England:  (link added 1/11/2000)

Cape Cod Classics Car Club - One of the absolute all-time most comprehensive web sites going for all sorts of auto-hobby news & info in New England! *9/23/2000 important update (from an e-mail dated 9/21/2000 from Cape Cod Classics Webmaster Pat Cordeiro, "...The Cape Cod Classic Car Club has a new club email address - please up date your address book. We are moving our web page our new web address will be - it should be up and running at the new address in a week, it will still be available though the old address until year end. please update your bookmarks or favorites. Pat, Cape Cod Classics..." Thanks for the updates Pat--we are BIG TIME Cape Cod Classics web site enthusiasts! (link added 1/13/2000; updated 9/23/2000)

Porsche 356 Southern Connecticut Register, Ltd. - The "356" is Porche's original sports car, manufactured between the years 1948 & 1965, and there is a local group right here in Connecticut dedicated to this historic vehicle; go check out their cool web site (*3/22/2004 update: Here is the new URL for the 356 SCR site, which we just discovered while browsing recently...) at: (link added 1/14/2000; updated web site URL posted as of 3/22/2004)

Connecticut MG Club - This long-established local enthusiast group has recently set up an excellent new web site that does a great job at conveying the excitement of these classic British sports cars. Among the site features are loads of graphics, along with information about the numerous activities this enthusiastic group organizes and attends, and much more (including information on what the various regional groups of the CT MG Club around the state are up to). Please pay a visit to the Connecticut MG Club ONLINE at:  (link added 2/8/2000)

Here's yet another newly-discovered online link to a Connecticut-based auto enthusiast organization--The Connecticut Corvette Club. If you're an enthusiast of this legendary American sports car, you should set aside some time to browse this super-comprehensive web site. Many of their activies are Shoreline-oriented as well (meetings in West Haven, cruise nights in Milford and New Haven, July 9th Corvette Show in Guilford, etc.). Visit "Club Corvette of Connecticut, Inc," online at:  (link added 3/14/2000)

Check out JET Racing's "Classic Cars" page--a great collection of useful links for antique auto enthusiasts. This site is maintained by the multi-talented Jeff Telep (, and I heard about it due to Jeff's involvement with the Stratford Day official web site (June 3rd big event in the CT shoreline own of Stratford). Go visit the JET Racing Classic Cars page at:  (link added 3/16/2000)

This one I just noticed via glancing at a billboard along I-95 in New Haven, on the way home from work today: It's a web site for none other than Branford's "B&B Performance" specialty automotive store. Though B&B seems to be a rather high performance-oriented establishment, the antique auto owner will find numerous useful products in the store--many specialty car care items, for instance, that are not available at, say, the nearby Walmart. B&B has long impressed me as a true supporter of the car hobby, as I've often dropped off bunches of the old Shoreline Antique Auto Club's "Rumble Sheet" newsletter with them, and they've graciously placed them out available for their customers, plus they also used to run a fantastic auto show right in their parking lot on Route 1 (though I don't know if they've done it the past few years). I'm a big fan of B&B Performance, and I think it's a special advantage we as Shoreliners to have with such a truly car-enthusiast-oriented business right in our own backyard! Visit B&B Performance online at:  (link added 3/16/2000)

Here's one I found in a recent scan of Hemmings Motor News (within some British car section, if I'm not mistaken?): Stratford, CT's "New England Classic Car Company," at:  They look like an excellent place to check in with if you're into vintage sports & racing cars.  (link added 4/2/2000)

Here's one we heard about via a broadcast e-mail from Carlos M. Burgos (, dated 10/28/2000. Carlos wrote: "Greetings, This e-mail is being sent to you as an invitation to come & visit the new, Connecticut F-Body Association Home Page. The CTFBA evolved from the CT Camaro Club & the site was just completed as our new home on the 'net. Next season will be our 1st under this new "Association" & we hope to build on our past success. Please feel free to offer any suggestions/comments on any part of the web-site as it will continue to grow & meet the needs of CT F-body enthusiast. We hope you will consider joining up with us both on the net & during our '01 season. We have many exciting events in the works!! Sincerely, CTFBA Staff" Sounds good to us, Carlos! Though we haven't had a chance to visit yet, we're looking forward to checking out the new CTFBA site, which is located at:  (link added 10/29/2000)

Today we're pleased to add the web site of the long-standing antique car club that runs the undisputed largest antique auto show & flea market in the state: The Roaring 20s Antique & Classic Car Club. To paraphrase a certain shady Middle-Eastern character, their "Southbury" show (which importantly benefits the Southbury Training School) might be termed "The Mother of all Connecticut Antique Car Shows," and regularly draws in the range of 1000 registered show vehicles. The flea market is also enormous--a virtual "mini Hershey." What got me thinking about the good old Roaring 20s club again this year was the very gracious appearance of the Appicelli's (who run the Southbury flea market), and their magnificent '47 Olds, at the East Shore Regional Adult Day Center antique auto gathering, here in Branford, in early September. It was not a short trip for them, and was really very nice of them to attend. Anyway, not that I ever had any doubt, but with fine people like the Appicelli's involved with the club, it had to be a worthwhile organization, so, I contacted the Roaring 20s to see if they'd accept a "long-distance" and relatively "inactive" applicant (since the advent of a thing called "kids," I've noticed my ability to go places and do things in connection with old cars dramatically decrease!), and also get their link going here on this page. So, I'm happy to say the Roaring 20s has accepted my's their ALL-NEW (for 2002) web site link!  (link added 11/30/2000; revised web site URL updated as of 5/21/2002)

Wow--here's a really eye-catching site focusing on a very active organization--it's Bristol, CT's Bristol Auto Club, LTD. Check out their very impressive web site at:  (link added 4/1/2001)

As mentioned in the July 2001 edition of the Central Connecticut Region AACA newsletter, "The Distributor," on page 6, the club is now officially ONLINE with their own web site--check out:  (link added 7/12/2001; URL for the Central CT Region AACA updated as of 1/9/2009)

I also recently ran across, while scanning the Hemmings web site for Connecticut clubs, a listing for the Connecticut Historical Automobile Society web site. This is a fine organization that I was a member of for a while, and should get around to renewing membership in again. You can visit "CHAS" online at:   (link added 7/12/2001)

A couple of days ago we received an e-mail from John Karavas of the Stratford, CT-based Diversified Insurance Services Corporation that was rather interesting, from an antique auto-oriented point of view. In his note dated 8/13/2001, Mr Karavas ( wrote: "...The other day I had a client keep calling me about getting insurance for different vintage autos. I finally decided to put a Self Quote and Apply classic auto insurance link on my web site (about 2/3rds of the way down). As you know this means that it is available any day, any time. If it is helpful to your members, feel free to link my site on your web page..." I took a look myself at Diversified's web site,, and sure enough, as Mr. Karavas indicated, he's got a link for an "Online Quote" from American Collectors Insurance, which itself appears t o be a rather straightforward thing to go about applying for. The Diversified Insurance Services site provides lots more info on the nature of their business, and might also be interesting and/or useful to you for non-auto-related concerns. Please give a visit to their online home next time you have a chance!  (link added 8/16/2001)

Connecticut Street Rod Association has a beautifully-done web site. Find out what this responsible and active group of rodders is up to at:  (link added 5/17/2002)

Ran across the web site of New Haven's Nizen Motor Parts, Inc., recently, and was impressed with their list of machine shop capabilities, which include antique engine restoration. Their logo states: "Automotive machine shop excellence since 1933." Check them out online at:  (link added 5/17/2002)

Rich Willard's Vintage Motorcars of Westbrook, a complete, one-stop dedicated antique auto restoration facility, was recently featured in a Shoreline Newspapers "Car Care Guide," that we received with our copy of the Branford Review in March of 2002. The article went into great detail about what makes Rich's company such a fantastic local antique auto restoration resource, and we heartily agree! The Vintage Motorcars web site may be visited at:  (link added 5/17/2002)

Connecticut Council of Car Clubs, the hard-working group that represents automobile hobbyists and hobbyist groups in the state, is now officially ONLINE, with a very nicely done web site. We've long been fans and enthusiastic members of the organization, and have had the "4-C's" listed for a long time as a "Non-Link" on this page, way back before they had a web site. Now we're very pleased to list them here too, under "Local Car-Related Links!" Check out their new site for information about the organization and the important work they do representing us, plus, how to join, useful links, and an online version of their comprehensive Connecticut-area "Car Shows" listing also reportedly in the works. Visit the 4-C's online home at:   (link added 5/17/2002; new 4-Cs web site URL posted here as of 1/25/2007)

How about the Golden Age of Trucking Museum, from Middlebury, CT?! Their home page slogan proclaims: "A showcase of the history of the American trucking industry, with a special emphasis on the 1950's Golden Age of Trucking." This is one I heard about earlier this year, when my family and I attended a collie (dogs) show at the Southbury Hilton Hotel on February 9, 2002. In one of those "local tourist attractions" displays with all the brochures, I noticed an interesting brochure for this organization, and it looks like a wonderful future resource for the trucking enthusiast. Among the features you can read about at the web site are a "Golden Brick Campaign," to raise funds for construction of the museum, and a great-sounding way to "memorialize" your own interest in trucking! There are many other trucking-related resources to explore at the site as well. Please be sure to visit the Golden Age of Trucking Museum web site at:  (link added 5/21/2002)

Are you interested in antique Pontiacs? How about Oaklands? If so, you will be interested in checking out the web site of the Nutmeg Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club, International. When recently attempting to circulate a notice of an interesting local antique Pontiac for sale, I started searching around for local online Pontiac-related resources, and was very pleased to run across the Nutmeg Chapter POCI. Their web site features many areas that will undoubtedly be valuable to local enthusiasts of the marque, such as events, membership information, members cars, and more. And here's their link:  (link added 8/15/2002)

Here's a classy site to visit if you're interested in unique antiques, sports & exotics cars for sale: "The Paradise Garage at Lime Rock Park," located at: We received a snail mail note from Paradise Garage's Jim Tisdale (formerly of F-40 Motorsports in Portland, CT) in June of this year, where he wrote: "...Hi, in case you haven't heard through the grapevine yet, in March I officially ended my 11 year partnership at F-40 Motorsports in Portland, Connecticut to start a new venture. Most people know of the historic location across from Lime Rock Raceway known at The Paradise Garage, which was just recently vacated by Cunningham Motors. This landmark building is currently under renovation to provide a showcase for exceptional sportscars, classics, and vintage vehicles. This opportunity allows me to take things to a higher level in quality of inventory and greater purchasing power, while still maintaining the ability to provide for selective consignment vehicles and locates. Since this is an appointment-oriented business, I will mostly be working out of my home/office in Glastonbury during the week and at the showroom on weekends. I look forward to hearing from all of my previous customers so that I may continue to provide my professional expertise in foreign and domestic specialty vehicles. Call 860-435-6444 or email me at  - Jim Tisdale..."  (link added 9/23/2002)

Our good friend Greg Mattesen ( wrote in with an e-mail dated 9/28/2002, where he advised of a very unique automobile-related web site of particular local interest. In his note entitled "Neat website on roads in CT," Greg wrote: "...I stumbled across a very interesting website on the history of CT roads and highways. The address is I found out a lot of neat information about the roads around here, including highways that were planned but never built. Check it out, I think you'll find it interesting..." Sure enough, Greg's right. The site is entitled "Connecticut Roads," and does a great job of documenting a lot of little-known information about the roads in our state. I'm sure you'll find it interesting, as have Greg and myself! Thanks again for the heads-up, Greg!  (link added 10/3/2002)

Being an antique Volkswagen enthusiast, and keeping occasionally in touch with other local antique VW nuts, I received a heads-up recently about a very beautiful 1955 VW Convertible that was for sale locally in Portland, CT. As it turns out, the place that's selling it is one about which I've known for many years, the sports & exotic car dealership known as "F40 Motorsports" (which, as it turns out, was Jim Tisdale's previous affiliation--see the link noted two above from here). Anyway, I took the time to search for their web site link, and found they have a very nicely done site (not to mention an easy-to-remember URL!), with much information about the company, it's inventory, and so forth. Visit Portland, CT's F40 Motorsports online at:  (link added 12/4/2002)

Located right on the shoreline is a wonderful automotive repair business that not only works on modern cars, but specializes in vintage car repairs as well! I am speaking of "Cardone and Daughter Automotive, Inc." of Westbrook, CT (located conveniently on Route 1). I was aware of the company for quite some time, but had never had the chance to really explore what they were all about until I received a heads-up about their web site via a letter from David Cardone, company president, in early February 2003 (I just posted some of the specifics of what Mr. Cardone had to say, including his announcement of their new high-tech custom exhaust system fabrication facility, on the SAAC's "Shoreline Resource Guide" page). The URL for the "Cardone and Daughter Automotive, Inc." web site is: The site is very eye-appealing, and does a great job of listing the many capabilities for car repairs, specific equipment and services offered at the shop, plus, of great interest to us old car people, there is even an image page at the site, where a great array of beautiful and very interesting vintage customer vehicles is shown. "Cardone & Daughter Automotive, Inc.'s" online home is definitely worth a visit, and worth keeping in mind when you need repairs to your modern or antique automobiles. (link added 2/11/2003)

I ran across this cool new link while browsing the Oldies 102.9 WDRC-FM "Cruisin' News" page--it's the "Over The Hill Gang Car Club - Eastern Chapter," and the URL is: Having attended the Main Street Middletown event they held last year, I was sure impressed with their organizational ability and old car spirit! Check out what The Over The Hill Gang Car Club - Eastern Chapter is all about by visiting their web site: find out about their many fine events (not just the Middletown event, but also others in other towns, planned for 2003), view pictures, and much more--there's even info on how to join this fun-sounding organization!  (link added 2/11/2003)

I think I came across the long-time Eastern Connecticut-based Yankee Yesteryear Car Club web site thru a heads up posted in the Belltown Antique Car Club newsletter, but I can't remember for sure at this point. At any rate, please go take a gander at what the Yankee Yesteryear people are up to--it looks like an active and enthusiastic bunch, and their web site has a great deal of information of interest to antique auto enthusiasts! The Yankee Yesteryear Car Club's URL is:  (link added 3/29/2003)

As noticed on page 7 of the just-received May-June 2003 issue of AACA's "Antique Automobile" magazine, the Connecticut Valley Region -AACA & VMCCA has a fantastic new web site up and running. From reading the many updates about the club that are often published in the AACA newsletter, it's obvious the CVR-AACA/VMMCA, who are appear to be centered roughly around Springfield, MA area (they often organize old car gatherings for the "Big E," that I've observed), are one heck of an active old car enthusiasts group. I took a gander at their new web site and was extremely impressed with the beautiful design and comprehensive features! Find out about this active group's upcoming events, members' cars, leave them some feedback, and much more. The URL for CVR-AACA/VMMCA's great new site is: - drop by and take a browse--I think you'll be impressed!  (link added 6/19/2003)

There's a well-known DJ who plays the music at lots of the best local Shoreline-area cruise nights, such as the Wednesday night "Marty's" cruises in Westbrook, and also the new Monday night (every 2nd & 4th) "Shoreline Diner" cruises in Guilford. He's also reportedly going to be doing the music this coming Sunday (as of this writing, that is), at the big Corvette show at Moroso in Guilford (7/13/2003). I'm referring, of course, to the great "Rockin' Richard." I don't know how many years he's been at this DJ thing, but it's been a while. It's not just "on location" that Rockin' Richard works--he also does a weekly radio show! Quoting from his e-mail (Best DJ or dated 7/8/2003: "...The Rockin' Richard Radio Show every Tuesday!...88.7 FM...8pm - 11pm...(29th continuous year of broadcasting 50's 60's music)...The roots of Rock n' Roll & Rhythm n' Blues...Vocal group harmony!..." Wow--very cool! We discovered, via a link in that same e-mail message, that Rockin' Richard also has a web site, where you can learn more about this wonderfully creative and energetic man, who is such a big part of the Shoreline-area antique auto hobby (which is also a big reason why we decided to put his link here in the "Local Car Related Links" section, rather than the "Local Travel, Tourism, Cultural Links" section). You can also find out about how he can add some special music to your next occasion! Visit Rockin Richard's "Connecticut's Best D.J. & Karaoke Service" web site at:   (link added 7/11/2003)

I have known Mr. Chuck Pisconski ever since the early 1980s, and in that time he's really shown himself to be an absolutely first-rate antique auto enthusiast, antique auto restorer, and antique automobile car show organizer. These days he's branching out once more, adding the title of "antique auto restoration supplies supplier" to his resume. He has been using a product in his auto restorations (both his own and his customers') over the past several years in which he's become such a strong believer, he's now selling it! The product is an anti-rust coating for steel called "Master Series," and according to Chuck it's much better than that "other" similar product (the one that has a name composed of three letters, a dash, and two numbers--I think you know which one I'm talking about). And far from being just a web site, Chuck is accessible to Connecticut antique auto enthusiasts, from his home base in the northwestern part of the state, and his frequent trips to antique auto shows, to showcase his product. The new web site expands his operation, in that now you can also browse and/or order the products online. Learn more by visiting Chuck's "Master Series CT - Restoration Coatings" web site at:  (link added 3/13/2004)

Connecticut Street Croozers - This group of enthusiasts has regular cruises in the eastern CT town of Columbia, as well as many other activities. *1/4/2008 update: The CT Street Croozers' web site is all-new for 2008...Check them out online at: . We heard about the new web site address per an e-mail dated 12/29/2007 from their webmaster Jim Charron ( - quoting from Jim's note: "...Hello, I am the new site manager for the CT Street Croozers web site, and it is all new with many more features and photo's...Please update your link's on your site. We are in the process of linking to many more sites than the old croozers web site, yours included if that's O.K...Thanks...Can't Wait Till Spring...Jim..." Sounds good, Jim, and thanks! (link added 7/26/2004; web site URL updated as of 1/4/2008)

Shoreline Time Machines - Not be confused with the "Time Machines" car shows in Durham, that used to be organized by the (now defunct) Shoreline Antique Auto Club...this group is very active in the West Haven area with regular cruises at the Savin Rock Conference Center, plus they're also involved with an August event at the old Bethany Airport (along with the Bethany Lions Club), to benefit worthy Lions Club charities. Visit the Shoreline Time Machines online home at: (link added 7/26/2004)

Dream Machines Classics - Here is another very active eastern CT-based enthusiast organization, with regular cruises in the town of Norwich. Be sure to visit Dream Machines Classics online at: (link added 7/26/2004)

We first heard about the new Middlefield, CT-based business "E-Muscle, LLC," via a flyer that was placed in our car at the "Time Machines 2004" antique auto show in Durham, CT, in July. Since then we've had some nice contact with their Marketing Director Adam Gootkin, and it sounds like the company is preparing for a big Spring 2005 grand opening bash t launch their expanded operations, including not only parts for classic & muscle cars, but also soon to add restoration work and more, right on site at their Middlefield facility. You can read the full text of E-Muscle's October 2004 Press Release at our Shoreline Old Cars Resource Guide page, and we also suggest you check out their comprehensive online home as well, located at:   (link added 10/19/2004)

Back in November, 2004, we had the pleasure of super-enthusiast Mr. Will Fleming ( from West Haven joining the antique auto contingent of the Branford Veterans Day Parade, in Branford, CT, with his magnificent 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle. Though we had known of him through his long-time affiliation with the CT Chevelle Connection, on that date Will's car was sporting the decal of a new organization, "The Blood, Sweat, and Gears Car Club," and he was eager to tell us about the new organization and some of their plans for car activities in the area (in particular we heard about a cool-sounding new cruise night possibly in the Orange, CT area...definitely looking forward to checking it out in '05!), and also their new web site which was under construction. Sure enough, a short time later, on December 11, 2004, Will Fleming wrote in an e-mail: "...Here it is Steve...A long way to go but we are started..., Will Fleming, President..." I have to say the newly constructed "BS&G's" web site looks great, and provides a nice flavor for what the organization's all about (cruising and generally having fun with old cars!). Be sure to visit "Blood, Sweat, and Gears Car Club" online at:   (link added 12/13/2004)

We were aware that our favorite, and perhaps most notable automobile historian in the state, Mr. Kit Foster, has been working on developing a web site in which to showcase his own personal automobile history interests, thoughts, viewpoints, and ramblings. As per an e-mail message from Kit dated 1/24/2005, entitled "CarPort goes public," it appears he's now ready to share with a larger audience: "...Steve and Diane, Although it's still a work in progress, the CarPort is firmly on the road, offering a new feature every Wednesday. Come back often, and tell all your friends. Links welcome, as well as mentions in print...Kit..." Sounds great, Kit, and happy to help spread the word! Readers please be sure to direct your computer internet browsers to "Kit Foster's CarPort" located at - and tell 'em Shoreline Antique Auto Connection sent you!  (link added 2/4/2005)

The well-known, long-established Belltown Antique Car Club of East Hampton, Connecticut run two of the most popular and well-respected antique car & machinery events in the state, with their popular Spring Gas & Steam Engine Show happening in April and the big Belltown Motorcar Meet always happening the first Sunday in August. The Belltown Antique Car Club now also has it's own beautifully-designed web site, so can learn even more about the organization and their wonderful events--please be sure to visit the Belltown Antique Car Club online at:   (link added 4/5/2005)

The Connecticut Cellar Savers are a local, Portland, CT-based group of antique fire apparatus enthusiasts. They reportedly have a new museum opening soon on Portland too. Please view their web site at:   (link added 4/30/2005)

I ran across The Over The Hill Gang of Connecticut group recently when researching the 2005 Morgan School Car Show, in May. In addition to having a slick web site, they are a helpful and positively-oriented group of old car enthusiasts. You can learn more about them online at:   (link added 5/16/2005)

The Shoreline Recycled Teenage Cruisers are a super-dedicated and positive-minded group of old car enthusiasts who've done a magnificent job of establishing THE Cruise Night on the Shoreline--the weekly "Marty's of Westbrook" cruise, and now have also brought back another wonderful Shoreline Labor Day Weekend tradition, with their 1st Annual Labor Day Weekend Car Show, that was held September 4th of 2005, in Old Saybrook (notably benefiting Shoreline Soup Kitchens). The Shoreline Recycled Cruisers further demonstrate their commitment to civic duty by collecting unwrapped toys to donate to those less fortunate, at their annual Christmas party. Their latest achievement helps to show off all of the above-mentioned qualities--it is their new official web site, which we were very pleased to run across recently, and to strongly endorse here. So, please be sure to visit the Shoreline Recycled Teenage Cruisers online at:   (link added 11/6/2005)

We've only recently heard about the automobile restoration and modification shop in Branford, CT known as The Final Finish, located at 180 North Main Street (Route 1), telephone 203-488-5166...but browsing their web site, we can see they appear to be a very capable and experienced business in the areas of auto body repair, vehicle restoration, auto painting, pin striping, body kit installation, collision repair, and color match painting, and boasting 30 years of experience. Please be sure to check out The Final Finish's online home at:   (link added 8/1/2006)

Our old car friend Ian T. from, from the nearby CT River Valley area, is a real, hard-core dedicated old car nut, who we often run into at car shows, just about anywhere in the state! He has followed his old car interests back to the real "roots," and, in our view, really sets a righteous example of pure, unalloyed, no-b.s. enthusiasm! Ian's new web site really does a great job of conveying this theme, and is a fun place to visit. Ian's site is called "100 Percent Kulture," and is located online at:   (link added 4/16/2007)

We were so pleased to hear recently from a car club called the 'Round Town Cruisers, who run a weekly Monday night cruise during the season at Marisa's Restaurant in Trumbull, CT (see our Calendar page for more info); you can bet that'll be on my list of cruises to hit this year! Their web site does a great job of showcasing not only their own events, plus many of the other events that the club members travel to and participate--you'll have a great time browsing the 'Round Town Cruisers online home at:  (link added 3/30/2007)

The Coachmen Rod & Custom Car Club are a very well-established and long-running old car organization from around the Norwalk, CT area, and have a super-informative web site showcasing not only their very popular Wednesday night summer events (monthly Calf Pasture Beach car shows, and also weekly cruise nights at Hank May's Tire & Auto center). Their VP & webmaster Mark Milosky was very gracious to send along recently a helpful compilation of Coachmen Rod & Custom 2008 events listings that were ready-made for adding to our own Calendar page, which we were pleased to do. There are many other areas of the Coachmen site that are a lot of fun to check out, such as the interesting "special features" page, and much, much more. We are very pleased to call the Coachmen Rod & Custom folks our friends, and recommend their web site highly:  (link added 3/30/2007)

I was at the Branford Main Post Office the other day, and stopped to look at the outside bulletin board to see what people were posting there lately. I found a small business card on the board for an entity called "Eastern Fabrications, LLC," which had a name (Lock Baker) a number, and a web address--but no obvious description of what sort of company or organization it was (aside from what appeared to be a scorpion shape design in the middle of the card). When I got the chance to fire up my internet browser, I plugged in the web address on the card: - wow, some extremely creative custom motorcycle building goes on there! And right in little old Branford too! I highly recommend checking out Lock Baker's Eastern Fabrications site next chance you get! (link added 1/9/2009)

If you've been to any of the fantastic Guida's of Middlefield cruise nights in recent years, you've experienced an event produced by The Thunder Rods car club. I recently had the pleasure of making contact with Thunder Rods President Audrey Fitting (, and am pleased to included some excerpts from Audrey's very nice note, dated 11/15/2009: "...We are a small club and have a website as well. . I do all of the collage's photos on the site, and some of the text, and we put our cruise nights we had at Guida's on there up to date for this rainy year. I am the president of the club. I started the club in memory of my late brothers Fred & Mike Appell, my late Husband Richard Fitting, and my late dad, Merwin Appell. I know they are all watching me bring back to life this car club from the 1950's. There are a few original members still around, but they didn't want to join any clubs. We have no dues, no fighting, and only hold 9 cruise nights twice a month a Guida's in Middlefield on RT 66..." I greatly admire what Audrey has done and her great sense of family tradition--I have also been a spectator at one of their club's fantastic Guida's cruise nights up in Middlefield, with which they do a superb job. I am sure you'll enjoy browsing the Thunder Rods car club's web site - - with its many interesting facets and wealth of historical information about the local-area (North Branford and surroundings) hot rodding/car club scene. Thanks very much Audrey and keep up the great work with Thunder Rods!  (link added 11/15/2009)

Be sure to check out Rhode Island's famous "Cruisin' Bruce Palmer," online at his official web site: . I recently discovered this tremendous web site and had a ton of fun checking out all the old-car-stuff Mr. Palmer's involved with--and not to mention what a loyal and dedicated friend to our hobby that he is! Much of his site's event info is applicable to us here in Southern CT, too as he's based very close to the CT line in Rhode Island! Keep up the great work Cruisin' Bruce!  (link added 2/12/2010)

Today I am very pleased to add to our recommended links a great new web site just launched by our long-time good old car friends from the Meriden-Wallingford area, the "Saturday Night Cruizers" car club (formerly the F.O.R.D. club). Good guy Jack Danovich from the Cruizers just sent me a heads-up about it just a few days ago, and I am extremely impressed with their superb new site! Please be sure check out the Saturday Night Cruizers great new online home at: - it is very nicely done, and tells you a lot about this great, positive-spirited group of folks who produce many of their own super-well-run old car events during the season, and support all the many other event that happen in our area. Thanks again Jack, for the web site heads-up, and congrats once again to you and all your fellow Cruizers!  (link added 12/12/2010)

Who knew that "The Bug Eye Guy" was based right here in Branford, CT?! I guess it should not be too surprising, actually, since, for anyone who keeps their eyes open while driving around town will eventually notice a guy who drives vintage Austin Healey Bugeye Sprites around, in pretty much any weather, at pretty much any and all times of the year! The Bug Eye Guy happens to be David Silberkleit, and he is the foremost authority on Bugeye Sprite automobiles in the United States! Bugeye cars, parts, accessories, knowledge, and more: David's the Guy! You can check out The Bug Eye Guy's online home at: (link added 4/6/2011)


Antique automobile folks in the southern part of our state have grown to depend highly on the comprehensive coverage of the local old car hobby presented at the"Connecticut Seaport Car Club" web site, which is located online at: . I visit the CT Seaport Car Club's site very often (especially their excellent upcoming car events & cruise nights info page: and really appreciate all the impressive work that our old car friend Mark Milosky puts into building and maintaining this fantastic old car resource for Connecticut! Bravo Mark! (link added 8/1/2013)

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LOCAL TRAVEL, TOURISM, CULTURAL LINKS - Latest Link Addition(s) appear at the bottom (click HERE to go directly to the latest-added)

Shoreline Trolley Museum (East Haven/Branford, CT): (link added 10/29/98)

Sea Mist Thimble Island Cruises (Stony Creek, CT): (link added 10/29/98)

The Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival (we've been fortunate to be invited to participate in the Jazz Festival's spectacular Antique Auto Parade, which, like the Festival itself, if a LOAD of fun!). Always a weekend in early August (but not to conflict with Belltown!), at the Sunrise Resort in Moodus, CT. Visit their web site: (link added 11/2/98) *4/2/2000 update: Finally got around to adding the JazzFest's new-for-Y2K site URL, which is: (however the original URL also still works, and directs visitors properly to the new site).

Connecticut River Valley & Shoreline Visitors Council: (link added 11/7/98)

Branford, Connecticut Chamber of Commerce (Webmaster's home town--Stony Creek's a part of Branford, y'know; good local info about the town & businesses): (link added 1/16/99)

Guilford (CT Municipal Public Access Initiative) (Guilford's the next town east of Branford, on the Shoreline; this site has a ton of useful info and links):  (link added 1/10/2000)

The Galvanized Jazz Band. We first "discovered" this amazing local group of musicians a few years ago when we first attended the "Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival." I don't think we've ever encountered a more talented & entertaining group of musicians, and the music they play is positively uplifting (not to mention just plain fun!). We most recently got to enjoy the great "Galvanized" when they played at this past September's East Shore Regional Adult Day Center Open House. These first-rate Shoreline-based entertainers play regularly at the Chowder Pot Restaurant in Branford on Sunday evenings--we heartily suggest you check 'em out! And please also check out the latest Galvanized Jazz Band News at (link added 1/10/2000) *4/2/2000 update: We discovered a new URL for Galvanized--apparently the original one is still active, but here's a new easy-to-remember one to access as well: And for fans of "Connecticut's Best Jazz Band," who also happen to be antique auto enthusiasts, please take a gander at the September 10th East Shore Adult Day Center (Branford) event listing on our Calendar Page--none other than the great GALVANIZED will be in performance--plan to be there to display your antique auto, and enjoy ALL the festivities!!

WTNH News Channel 8 ONLINE. This fantastic site for the local New Haven-based television station and ABC affiliate has been recently revamped & dramatically upgraded, and is now better than ever! If you are looking for one place to go for all your world, national, and local news, this is it! Of particular interest is the fantastic "Traffic Cam 8" feature, which allows for your choice of many views of good old Interstate 95 from various locations around the Shoreline. Find out about current weather conditions...check the sports scores...these and MANY other features are waiting to be checked out at WTNH's super site. Surf to:  (link added 2/1/2000)

Here's one I found while browsing through some local Shoreline-area web sites for some other non-auto-related purpose today: The Main Street News web site. This is a web site concerned with the independent Shoreline newspaper of the same name. Quoting from their web site: "...The Main Street News is a weekly, community-oriented newspaper serving the towns of Chester, Deep River, Essex, Lyme, Old Lyme, Clinton, Old Saybrook, and Westbrook. We are one of the few independent newspapers left in the state..." I've got to admit that as far as I know, I've never held a copy of The Main Street News in my hand, but on the strength of their comprehensive web site alone, I've already sent in my check for a year's subscription to this interesting & fun-sounding publication. Check The Main Street News out at their super web site:  (link added 3/21/2000)

It was through browsing the most recently added Travel/Tourism/Cultural Link addition above (The Main Street News publication out of Centerbrook) that I ran across the site for a wonderful-sounding Chester-based based business "One Of A Kind Antiques" (21 Main Street, Chester, CT 06412, e-mail: All I can say is WOW--if you're into antiques, One Of A Kind's super site is a must-visit! I can't imagine the amount of work it took to build up this super-comprehensive site! Take an online stroll through Chester's One Of A Kind Antiques at: And to find out more about the beautiful town of Chester, visit: . Oh, and to find out more about the beautiful general "Lower Connecticut River Valley" area (Clinton through Niantic along the shoreline, and as far north along the Connecticut River as Haddam & East Haddam), which of course includes Chester, check out the informational web site "Rhythm of the River" at: (link added 3/25/2000)

Several years ago when we bought our first house in West Haven, we were faced with the task of going out and buying our first lawn mower. A fair amount of research (mostly by Mrs. Webmaster) was put into the project of selecting the right mower and also the right place to purchase it. The year was 1988 and the place was Gargano's Sales & Service on Hemingway Avenue in East Haven. We purchased a "classic" John Deere green walk-behind mower from Gargano's, and I'm here to say that we've been completely satisfied ever since. We've going back to them every year since for the off-season "early bird special" maintenance on the unit, to keep it in top operating shape, and in subsequent years have also purchased a chain saw (a superb Stihl unit), and also a fantastic backpack-style John Deere leaf blower. Even though we no longer live in West Haven, we are happy that we've been able to stay "in the area" and continue to do business with Gargano's. Anyway, the reason they're appearing in this section is that they have their own fantastic web site! Click on to read about their extensive selection of top-quality power equipment, and if you're into personal watercraft or snowmobiles, Gargano's is also your place! Thanks to Gargano's for years of great service--and looking forward to many more to come!  (link added 4/17/2000)

Although I've known about their existence for many years, it's only recently that I've begun patronizing the fantastic Printko Photo & Imaging Center on 1060 West Main Street (in the BranHaven Plaza--where the Super Foodmart, and now, the new "Kohls" are both located), in Branford (203-488-4457). I've been dealing with Printko a lot lately on speedy photo developing (that is: when I didn't want to send it out by mail to get developed--with the associated several-day turn-around time--even for the best of them). I must say, the work that Printko's been doing for me has been great. The photo developing & printing has have been both quick and excellent quality (for an example of their work go to the Alfredo Izzo Benefit Car Wash/Bake Sale page--the pictures there were same-day processed by Printko). Also, I've recently noticed that you can purchase 10-exposure rolls of film there, which, for me, are perfect when I want to get a few photos of a specific subject, and then send them back immediately for developing (and not worry about wasting a 24 or 36 exposure roll for such a "small subject"). I also noticed on a recent visit that Printko's a major sponsor for the upcoming "Branford Road Race 2000," to be held Sunday June 18th in town. The Branford Road Race is a 5 mile competitive run, with associated 1 Mile Run Run and 2 Mile Health Walk (add'l event info at: Anyway, the reason I bring that up is that the event is also a fundraiser for the Volunteer Services Center (of Branford), which does a lot of good for those in need. Hats of to Printko for supporting this event! To visit the online home of Printko Photo & Imaging Center, go to:  (this link was originally added to the "Non-Links" section on 4/17/2000, HOWEVER, as per the pictures I just picked up from them the following evening, I noticed the Printko web site address printed on the envelope--so happy to add them to this section today, 4/18/2000!)

I'm not sure if I've ever been aboard Capt. Bob Milne's "Volsunga IV" for a cruise of the scenic Thimble Islands, but I can definitely say without reservation that (like Capt. Mike Infantino's "Sea Mist Thimble Island Cruises & Charters" which is linked toward the top of this section) this is one of the most enjoyable ways possible to spend a few hours on a sunny day in a truly beautiful part of New England! I also can't remember where I ran across this web site link, but I checked it out, and it's definitely worth adding here under the local travel, tourism, & culture section! There is a lot to read about at this web site regarding the service that Capt. Bob Milne provides aboard his ship, information about the Thimbles themselves, plus there are also some interesting other local Branford-area web sites in his "Links" section. Visit Capt. Bob's Thimble Island Cruise at:  (link added 5/19/2000)

Our favorite Connecticut Fair--it's upcoming on September 22, 23, & 24th of this year: The Durham Fair. Check out the details of the Durham Fair online at:  (link added 8/19/2000)

Being Branford residents, we are very interested in the preservation of the unspoiled natural features of our town. The Branford Land Trust is a great organization dedicated to this very cause, and they now have a comprehensive web site:  (link added 8/19/2000)

Here's a superb new Connecticut web site guide that I just ran across while surfing recently. It's called, and it features a ton of news & information for computer-connected people. Give it a browse and I think it'll open up a lot of opportunities for things to do & places to go in the state, and much more:  (link added 8/19/2000)

Browsing thje Durham Fair web site recently, I came across one of the all-time BEST informational resources for the local New England area I've ever seen: ("The Portal to New England"). This New London, CT-based site, run by the multi-talented Peter Roberts (, is a virtual goldmine of local links for just about ANYTHING you might be interested in. Mr. Roberts keeps his finger on the pulse of New England, and is constantly updaing with any and all news & links of interest in just about any category you can imagine--from arts, to clubs, to travel, to theater, to good causes, to history, to--well, you get the idea. If it's New England-oriented, chances are it's covered in I'm still having a whale of a time exploring all the various categories that Mr. Roberts covers in this super-comprehensive informational resource. And what do you know?--Webmaster Roberts is an old MG sports car fan from "way back!" Gotta love a site that's run by a fellow antique auto enthusiast! The "New England Wow" main page addres is: The New England Auto Clubs & Racing Links page (on which we're now listed!) address is:  (link added 8/23/2000)

Being Stony Creek residents ourselves, it was with understandable excitement that we ran across a link to our village's own Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library web site, during a recent surfing session. The site encompasses not only a load of information about this wonderful local resource (including online browsing of the library catalog), but also has sections with information on the local Stony Creek & Branford communities, and numerous links to other valuable internet tools for gathering information (what a library--and a library web site--should be good at--and Willoughby Wallace's web site is indeed!), and more. Located on Thimble Islands Road right in the heart of Stony Creek Village, the Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library is a must-visit if you're in the area, but if you can't get there physically, please don't miss the chance to visit this great institution online at (their fantastic, all-new-for-2005 web site!):  (link added 9/2/2000; new URL for their web site updated as of 10/9/2005)

We feel especially fortunate to live on the CT Shoreline, and to be able to be geographically close to some of the area's finest eating establishments--specifically *seafood*-oriented eating establishments. One of our all-time favorites for many years has been Westbrook's "Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale" restaurant, on Boston Post Road (Route 1). The combination of great food, generous portions, and reasonable prices was a winner in our book, and we've been semi-regulars. It wasn't until just a week or so ago, however, that we finally took advantage of Lenny & Joe's Madison location, and discovered a "whole new world" of Shoreline dining enjoyment! Actually, the Madison restaurant was recommended to us by friends, who raved about the wonderful casual, outdoor-oriented theme of this particular location, including the festive outdoor carousel for the kids, and also the ice cream bar! We ate there this past Saturday evening, and it was every bit as great as predicted--the super-high-quality seafood we'd become acustomed to from Lenny & Joe's--combined with a whole new "vacation-flavored" dining experience, as we sat outdoors to enjoy our dinners. The kids loved the carousel, and we all enjoyed ice creams afterwards. We'll be back to Wesbrook for sure, but Madison's also now on our "must do" list--especially on a summer evening! To find out more about the world of Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale restaurants, including their history, location details, and much more, visit their comprehensive online home:  (link added 9/2/2000)

Here's another superb online resource for Connecticut-oriented news & information I recently ran across: "CT" I've spent a good deal of time browsing this comprehensive site recently, and am very impressed with it's clarity and ease of use. It's broken up into several categories, and is made to be very easy to search and browse (we even made it into the Regional/Clubs section recently!). CT is a production of the western Connecticut-based News-Times company (home page: Please take the occasion to visit online at their home address:  (link added 9/12/2000)

Here are not one but two superb Guilford-related links that we recently ran across when researching how to write up our experiences participating in the recent "Guilford Citizens Day Parade," on Saturday September 16th, 2000. The first is a super-comprehensive site about the Town of Guilford:  A virtual ton of useful & entertaining information about his very beautiful and very historic Shoreline town can be found by browsing this informative web site. The other site I wanted to mention in connection with my Guilford Citizens Parade (a.k.a.: "Guilford Fair Parade") research was a web site dedicated to the Guilford Fair itself:  Even though the Guilford Fair is now over as of this writing, it's still a fun & interesting site to visit; if you like agricultural fairs with a New England small-town flavor, you'll enjoy a visit to the Guilford Fair web site.  (links added 9/23/2000)

I found out about this link on a recent visit to the main Post Office in Branford, where I saw some brochures for the organization and noticed their web site listed on the copy I picked up for myself. If you are a concerned animal lover in or near the town of Branford, please visit the Branford Compassion Club online at (*2/1/2002 update: that's a new URL, as per a 1/6/2002 e-mail message from Branford Compassion Club Secretary/Treasurer Donna Lorello,, to read about their important mission, benefitting abandoned animals.  (link added 9/23/2000; updated URL posted as of 2/1/2002)

Being Stony Creek residents ourselves, we were understandably excited about this most recent surfing find: Jerry Shaw's ( tremendous site: Stony Creek Info - A Community Web Site for Stony Creek, Connecticut. Virtually everything you could possibly want to know about this interesting & historically significant section of the town of Branford can be found here (or at least a good start on finding it, as there are also several excellent local informational links also provided). From historical information such as the state charter that established Stony Creek Village, to information about what makes Stony Creek tick today, including a very comprehensive listing of the many & varied businesses based right in Stony Creek, you'll certainly find lots of interesting information about "The Creek." Check out Stony Creek Info online at this easy-to-remember new URL (as per an e-mail dated 10/29/2000 from Mr. Shaw):  (link added 10/26/2000; URL revision 10/29/2000)

Taking note again of this historic institution and great local resource just last weekend, when we drove past it in the November 12th Branford Veterans Day Parade, I thought it would be very worthwhile to add the James Blackstone Library's web site here. Visit the extremely comprehensive online home of Branford's James Blackstone Library at:   (link added 11/18/2000)

We recently discovered that another fine Shoreline-area Connecticut town has an excellent web site--visit the Town of North Branford online at:  (link added 11/18/2000)

I read recently in the Main Street News that there is a new "I-95 Transportation Program Website" (story on page 5 of the 11/30-12/6/2000 MSN issue). If you commute daily on Interstate 95, as I do, you may be interested in checking this site out, which reportedly will provide regular updates on all the (very ominous-sounding) planned work upcoming, including the "new 10-lane new Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, and reconstruction of a 7.2-mile stretch on I-95 between New Haven and Branford to increase capacity and reduce congestion." I haven't checked it out myself yet, but I suspect, if the work sounds like it'll have as dramatic an effect on my daily commute as it sounds like it will (sigh), I'll probably become a regular visitor. Here's the URL:  (link added 1/13/2001)

"Recipe for an American Renaissance: Eat in Diners, Ride Trains, Shop on Main Street, Put a Porch on your House, Live in a Walkable Community" - so says the masthead of the wonderful "Roadside Magazine," that comes out of Worcester, Massachusetts, founded and edited by the energetic and multi-talented Randy Garbin. Our good friend Greg Mattesen (click HERE to see Greg's most recent work of documenting unique & historic CT roadside architecture) many years ago discovered this beautiful publication, devoted to remembering, appreciating, and even promoting the preservation of the American Diner, and other old-time roadside culture & institutions, and at that time Greg gave us a gift subscription, which we've enjoyed tremendously and maintained. Most recently Roadside Magazine has gone through some ownership changes, and is just recently out with a spectacular new edition (Issue 31/Winter 2001), which just arrived a few days ago (request your free copy at 1-800-554-7470, or go to the page: for more info). The appearance of "Roadside Magazine" on the SAAC's Links page, however has to do with their superb online presence, masterminded by talented Webmaster Jerry Soucy ( The richness and personality of "Roadside" comes through strongly in this attractively designed and easy to navigate web site. Read articles, add your input in forums, find out about diners and other intersting places to visit, and so much more. The Roadside site is a definite must-visit for fans of traditional American roadside culture. The Roadside Magazine header reads: "Explore the Back Roads and Main Streets of America," and you can virtually do so by visiting Roadside online at:  (link added 2/13/2001)

Here's an extremely useful site we just heard about recently, with a ton of statewide Connecticut info & links--it's called "See-Connecticut dot com," or, in URL-speak, it's "," with the actual link: . Webmaster Dan Uitti ( keeps himself busy tracking down & cross-categorizing an amazing array of Connecticut resources, searchable by towns or by categories, and with many interesting other options and features, such as coupons, videos, services, and much more. Dan's enterprise also offers very affordable business web site services, which look to be a very quick & easy way to get yourself or your company an "internet presence," which is so important in these times. "See-Connecticut dot com" is definitely worth checking out!   (link added 10/5/2001)

Find out what's going on in Branford community access television, and the many opportunities to get involved! Check out Branford TV online at:   (link added 5/17/2002)

The awesome Branford Festival is also now ONLINE, with a beautiful web site. Find out what makes this one of Connecticut's best and most fun town festivals. Visit the Branford Feestival online at:   (link added 5/17/2002)

Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut, established for many years, and based in Windsor, CT, is now officially ONLINE, with a very nicely done web site. We've long been fans of the organization, and have had them listed for a long time as a "Non-Link" on this page, way back before they had a web site. Now we're very pleased to list them here too, under "Travel/Tourism/Cultural Links!" Check out their new site for information about their history, how to find them, visiting hours, how to become a member, and much more. Visit the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut's online home at:  (link added 5/21/2002)

Here's my eight-year-old son's new web site dedicated to his interest in Lego building projects: "Matt's Lego Building Tips and Models." It's a joint father-son project. Admittedly rudimentary at this time, but with many possibilities for future development. Click on this link to check it out:  (link added 6/4/2002)

Well, your old buddy Steve recently decided that too many hours in front of the computer screen, and not enough hours doing physical stuff, has kinda taken it's toll (in a dimensional sense, if you know what I mean), and so he has decided that it's time to start integrating some purposeful exercise into his daily routine. With that in mind, I've taken up early morning jogging. And in the interests of safety, while pursuing this activity in the early pre-dawn hours (when it's still pretty darned dark outside), I realized that I should have some sort of reflective gear, so as to make myself a little more visible to oncoming automobile traffic. What an eye-opener searching for that turned out to be! Local sporting goods "superstores" were visited, plus considerable time spent on the internet searching thru various "runners supplies"-type web sites, and all with less-than-satisfying results for a good, basic reflective vest. Finally, some sensible thinking set in, and, what do you know, I picked up my local phone book yellow pages, and came across the "Sound Runner" store on Main Street in good old Branford. I called & inquired about reflective vests, yes they carried them, and did I need directions for how to get there? The gentleman I spoke with on the phone patiently gave me detailed directions, even suggestions on where to park, and the business hours of the store. I headed there on the way home from work, and found a wonderful store packed with all sorts of running supplies, including shoes, apparel, books, and more, and reflective vests too, of course, in a variety of sizes. I picked my size, and upon paying, found it was more reasonable than even the internet "mega" runners supply web site price! I'll certainly be back, and I recommend the Sound Runner to anyone in the Shoreline area looking for quality running supplies, with excellent service, advice, and prices too! Visit Sound Runner's web site at:   (link added 9/23/2002)

If you're in the area, I recommend your stopping in to Martha Link Walsh's new store, the "Martha Link Walsh Gallery," located in the old "Paine's Store" storefront, at 124 Thimble Islands Road, in the Stony Creek Village. I stopped in just today, looking for some interesting & "local-flavored" stationery, and found an excellent selection in the store. Martha Link Walsh has long been a Branford cultural icon, and with good reason: she does fantastic work! I noticed Martha's web site URL on her business card that I picked up during my shopping trip:  (link added 9/23/2002)

Our friend Mike Ryan has recently set up his own web site, which does a great job of highlighting his most impressive musical resume, which bears inclusion here not only because he's a local guy, but also be cause he's a local old car guy (he owns and drives antique air cooled Volkswagens, including his early '70s Beetle Convertible, and late '70s Campmobile). We first met Mike when he participated in the "Time Machines" antique auto show a couple of years ago with his VW Convertible. Later we had the great pleasure of seeing him perform with his amazing musical group, The Reilly Clan, which unfortunately is breaking up--their last show is scheduled for later this month (February 21st to be exact) at Toads Place in New Haven. The URL for Mike's new site is:, and on it you'll find out a lot about the various groups he's played in, his list of equipment (he's a drummer), plus even some music download offerings, and a list of his favorite links (thanks Mike for including SAAC!). We are thrilled to be able to call this very talented man our friend, and we wish him all the best in his future musical endeavors!  (link added 2/11/2003)

There is a very unique and wonderful cultural resource right in little old Stony Creek village that has a wonderful web site that we're very pleased to add to our Links page today. The organization is called "The Puppet House Theater of Stony Creek," and it's web address is: Take a browse through the Puppet House's site and find out about it's interesting history, upcoming performances, how to support this amazing nearly 100 year old non-profit cultural organization, and much more! *8/6/2010 Update - As of the late summer of 2010, the Puppet House Theater is under new management, and is beginning a grand reinvigoration project, leading to a projected Spring 2010 re-opening--please see the new official web site for the operation located at: - and also see the entirely new section on this page where the new link is featured (as of 8/6/2010), along with a link to a news article giving many more details about the Theater and its new manager! (link added 7/23/2003; updated info added as of 8/6/2010)

The fact is, we've been fans of Gabel's Wine Shop in Branford (located in the Super Stop & Shop Plaza, exit 56 from I-95, 22 Leetes Island Road, Branford, CT 06405, 203-488-1072) way before we ever heard that the owner, Ken Coleman ( was an antique automobile enthusiast! Quoting from his "Gabel's Tasting Notes for July 31-Aug 2" broadcast e-mail (which comes out about mid-week, and provides a preview of the interesting wines that will be available for in-store tastings): "...This weekend I'm taking my '66 Austin Healey north to Mt.Washington for the annual show of man-hood. That's as in "raise your hood (called a bonnet in England) and show off your beautiful engine" at the Saturday car show. Some may call that insanity. Lisa, my wife, is among them. However, we persist in our quest to relive the youth we imagined we might have had..." Keep on drivin', Ken, keep on drivin'! But anyway, with regard to his business, you won't find a nicer, more helpful place to shop for wines, beer, and spirits, anywhere. And Gabel's Wine Shop also has an online information page where you can find out more about their range of products and services--visit:  (link added 7/31/2003)

Here is the wonderful community resource located at the northeast corner of the Guilford Green that, in addition to being a wonderful library, has also hosted cultural events we've enjoyed in recent years such as a vintage automotive toy display by local collector Jack Konz and a display of travel and nature photos by local photography expert Bob Rattner. The Guilford Free Library web site is very useful for finding out just about everything you'd want to know about their history and capabilities, plus useful links to the community, statewide library resources, and much more. Visit the Guilford Free Library online at:  (link added 9/24/2003)

Since we're in "excellent local library mode," it seemed appropriate to also add a link to Madison's E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, which is located right on Boston Post Road, on the corner of Wall Street across from the Post Office (right at the western end of Madison's main "downtown" Rt. 1 shopping area). The Scranton Library web site provides an excellent resource for exploring the library and the community. Explore their collection, find out about upcoming library events for adults, kids, and teens, find out more about the historic town of Madison, and much more--it's all available at the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library web site located at:  (link added 9/24/2003)

Jerry Walthall's a long-time local old car friend, and also owner of a very popular local-area taxi service known as "Heritage Taxi." We were very pleased to find his business's web site listed in a Heritage Taxi ad that appeared in a recent Branford Chamber of Commerce town business guide, and also very pleased to add it here! At the well-designed Heritage Taxi site you can check out his rates & service area, read a glowing newspaper article about him, and more--even view a picture of good-looking old Jarry himself! Visit Jerry and Heritage Taxi online at:  (link added 12/2/2003)

I was also very pleased to run across our good friend Nancy Riccio's new web site, for the very creative enterprise that she and Dave Sayad run over in Guilford known as "The Studio at East River Road." Browsing their comprehensive web site, it is amazing to see what beautiful works of rustic art & furniture they create! Many examples of their beautiful work are shown, from chairs and dressers to wall hangings and coat racks, to actual artisitic services they will come & perform in your home. Please be sure to visit Nancy and Dave's "virtual studio" at:  (link added 1/4/2004)

My son, who is now 10 and a half years old, is, probably like most boys his age, BIG TIME into collectible cards, such as "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh" (don't yell at me--I didn't make those names up!), and "the word" among his "crowd" is that a store in East Haven (right there on Main Street) called "The Cardmiths" was THE place to go to shop for them. Little did I know how right they were when I stopped in there recently! I was not prepared for the sheer magnitude of this card-collectibles store--it was phenomenal! Any, and I mean ANY type of collectible card that you may be into, including all sorts of sports collectible cars (baseball cards, basketball cards, football cards, etc., etc.), appears to be on the shelves at "The Cardsmiths." And collectible cards accessories too--the reason I went in there was to purchase some of the recommended plastic protective sleeves that my son wanted for his "most valuable" cards--yes, there were many types of those items there as well. The service was EXCELLENT--prompt and courteous, to show me what was available, and to process my purchase quickly and efficiently. I was more than impressed and satisfied with the buying experience at "The Cardsmiths" and recommend them without hesitation! Be sure to visit "The Cardsmiths" online at:  (link added 2/10/2004)

If you are a follower of popular cinema, you are undoubtedly aware that the movie "Sideways" is very hot right now (as I write this, in the short time leading up to the 2005 Oscars), and you're also probably aware that it has a wine-enthusiast type of theme or plotline. Being the "Shoreliners" that we are, we naturally had to go to see it at the "Madison Art Cinema" on Main street in the town of Madison, and it was a pleasant experience. The movie is set in California "wine country" (including, I believe, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Buellton, and other towns), and really seems to offer a bit of an insight into the minds of wine-lovers. Being in a kind of "wine state of mind" after seeing that movie, I thought back to the old days of the (now-defunct) "Shoreline Antique Auto Club" (where this web site sprang from--and with yours truly as the originator and webmaster), and one of the old club tours we had, which was a sort of "Connecticut Wine Tour"--and a really enjoyable, memorable experience! Yes, Connecticut does indeed has it's own great wineries, and they make a most wonderful excuse for taking an old car tour (or modern car tour, for that matter!) in the countryside. When I did some "googling" for Connecticut wineries, I came across this excellent site, which offers a comprehensive guide to Connecticut wineries (some of which are Shoreline--and others which are not). I'm sure you'll be inspired to plan your next road trip in Connecticut after you visit the "Connecticut Wine Trail" web site, which is located at: (link added 2/4/2005)

We participated in a wonderful (not to mention educational) Guilford Land Conservation Trust trails hike on Saturday April 30th, covering lots of beautiful "Westwoods" trails, also traversing through the old "Red Hill Quarry," which is just across the border in Branford, and even including a brief viewing of the currently-operating commercial granite quarry at the north end of Quarry Road in Branford (I believe this is or was known as the "Castelucci Brothers Quarry"?--though it may now be under new ownership?--reportedly was also known as the "Norcross Brothers Quarry" at some time earlier in its history). Not only did the walk include interesting commentaries from people knowledgeable about the geological features of the area, and the history of the old Red Hill Quarry, there was also a mention of an interesting ongoing (locally-based) art project that has used that current operating quarry as a venue for "art & science" performances that include music, lights, and more. Apparently there is a new one of these performances upcoming at the quarry, scheduled for the end of May/early June. The group that produces these art projects is called "Projects for a New Millennium," and has an interesting web site at: (thanks to the Guilford Land Conservation Trust mentioning that web site on their literature that advertised the 4/30 trail walk). Getting back to the Guilford Land Conservation Trust, you can also read more about this fine group dedicated to preserving nature, open space and historical places at: and I also noticed another excellent web site link dedicated specifically to the Guilford "Westwoods Trails," at: (links added 4/30/2005)

What a wonderful, friendly local package store we are fortunate to have located right in Stony Creek! The Stony Creek Package Store is located right at that well-known intersection of Leetes Island Road, Thimble Islands Road, and Stony Creek Road-- and it also happens to be located on that scenic and well-traveled CT Route 146--so, it's impossible to miss. What a nice surprise it was to find their new business cards, with a web site address noted, during a recent visit. Please do check out their web site to find out more about the many fine selections of beers, wines, and spirits they carry:  (link added 2/12/2007)

After first hearing them several years back at the Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival, we've been fans of this southern-CT-based jug band. In fact, we'd go so far as to call The Bluelights (formerly Washboard Slim and the Blue Lights) our all-time favorite jug band! They're always playing at local venues in our area, and seem to have become "fixtures" at the Jazz Festival over the years also, much to our delight! Please be sure to visit this fabulous and fun musical outfit's online home at:  (link added 2/21/2007)

We recently heard about a new series of "cabaret" shows happening at the "Chow Dim Sum Wine Bar" in New Haven (, called "Chow Cabaret," via a flyer that showed up in our mailbox recently. Wouldn't you know the production was organized by some neighbors of ours, "Bisno Productions!" It's amazing to see the array of interesting artistic talent and connections "right in our neighborhood!" To find out about these and many more "art and performance" connections, and especially the professional consultation and production services that are offered, please be sure to visit the online home of Bisno Productions at:  (link added 2/27/2007)

Since our kids have been playing instruments--in our case, string instruments--I can't count the times the good people at A Sound Choice (267 East Main Street, Branford, CT 06405, 203-315-8663) have helped us out! From selling us a top-quality used electric guitar & amplifier setup, to repairing & restringing it numerous times, and to several repairs as well to a used violin we had purchased elsewhere, the people at A Sound Choice are always there and always willing to do whatever they can to help us out. From what we can see, they sell a great variety of new & used electric & acoustic guitars and bass guitars, also amplifiers, drums & accessories, parts, sheet music, and much more. We highly recommend Ken and his crew at A Sound Choice, and are thankful they're located right in our town (though in our opinion, they're worth a drive from just about anywhere). Learn more about A Sound Choice at their web site:  (link added 3/8/2007)

The URL may appear slightly misleading, but make no mistake, Gabel's Wine Shop in Branford (in the Leetes Island Road Stop & Shop shopping plaza right at I-95, Exit 56) does a great job with wines, not to mention all other sorts of beers & spirits, with a friendly and courteous staff:  (link added 4/16/2007)

If you live on or near the Shoreline, and enjoy the outdoors, I'm sure you are a big fan, as we are, of Hammonasset State Park, in Madison, CT. Speaking for myself, I "grew up" going to Hammonasset, on countless trips "to the beach," from our home in the central part of Connecticut. Now more than ever, I appreciate this fantastic, wonderfully natural piece of land, that we are all able to enjoy as a multi-faceted state park. In doing some online research about Hammonasset, I was most pleased to run across the official web site of Friends of Hammonasset, which is an organization dedicated to the history, ecology, and preservation of everything that is Hammonasset. I've already sent in my membership application, and feel good to be doing a small part to help preserve this wonderful natural resource. Visit Friends of Hammonasset online at:  (link added 5/23/2007)

What a wonderful & multi-faceted organization we have right here on the Shoreline dedicated to promoting the Arts! I am speaking of none other than the Shoreline Arts Alliance, based in Guilford. I feel bad that it's taken me 'till now to "discover" this fantastic Shoreline-area "arts resource!" A scan of their web site reveals they are a very active in all sorts of arts, including visual, performing, music, and much more. What specifically got our attention here in the Spring of 2007, however, was the flyer we recently ran across for the "2007 Shoreline Arts Showcase" that will be happening on the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd, at the Guilford Fairgrounds--including a Classic Car Display on Saturday the 2nd. Check out the "Showcase 2007" dedicated event site at: and/or the main Shoreline Arts Alliance web site, located at: - where you can also find information about how you can join, and get involved! (link added 5/23/2007)

If you live on the Connecticut Shoreline and enjoy nature and the unspoiled outdoors, you should definitely check out the Shoreline Greenway Trail--it's worth supporting! (link added 1/4/2008)

Ok, so we're slightly biased about Stony Creek-based entities! We recently ran across this great one, which, it turns out, is run by a local mom who we've known for many years thru our kids' attending the same schools. Rachel Peck of "Peck Tech Designs" has a super-comprehensive web site describing the amazing multitude of custom computer software and web site services she is able to provide. And what a good idea it is to deal with a local company like Rachel's when you're looking for these sorts of products. We highly recommend checking out the online home of Pech Tech Designs at, and see what they can do for you! (link added 7/27/2008)

We saw a notice posted on a public bulletin board in downtown Branford recently, which looked interesting, talking about a web site of general interest to the Branford, CT community. It was called "," and we were quite impressed when we tuned it in on the computer browser when we got home. There was loads of info of all sorts pertaining to the town there--not just government and not just business (like the focuses of the town's official site or the town's Chamber of Commerce sites), and also "interactive" areas where citizens could post notices or participate in forums, and more. I thought it looked pretty neat, and also took the time to contact the site to see if SAAC could possibly be added to their "Branford Community Links" page, and received this nice notice back from their rep Steve Potter (, dated 8/19/2009: "Hi Steve, Just a short note to let you know I added SAAC to our Branford Community Links Page. Thank you very much for finding us. Please tell your family and friends about our new site... Let me know if I can assist you in any other way. Thanks again and have a great day! Best Regards, Steve Potter, (203) 315-4878," Sounds cool, and thanks Steve and! Check out this useful site online at: (link added 8/19/2009)


I was out jogging around local streets recently, and happened to jog past the old Puppet House Theater in Stony Creek (actual street address: 128 Thimble Islands Road,Stony Creek, CT 06405), and looking at it, noticed a banner affixed to the front of the building that seemed to indicate that something new was going to be happening with this historic local cultural institution that has sat idle for the past several years. I made a mental note of the web address that was shown on the banner - - and next chance I got, tuned it in on my computer browser (the link defaults to: What I learned was that the revival of the old Puppet House Theater is being spearheaded by an ambitious & talented local young man, Greg Nobile, with a projected re-opening for the Spring of 2011. Much fundraising and renovation work is planned to take place leading up to the grand re-opening, but Mr. Nobile appears to have lots of local support, and we would not be at all surprised to see a huge success on this project, given his history of other community and cultural project successes. A little googling led me to this Branford Eagle article about Mr. Nobile and his Puppet House Revival project, which is a must-read, with lots of interesting history about the Puppet House and Mr. Nobile himself: . We congratulate Greg Nobile on this wonderful project he's undertaken, and wish him much success! (link added 9/6/2009)

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OTHER LINKS OF CAR-RELATED INTEREST - Latest Link Addition(s) appear at the bottom (click HERE to go directly to the latest-added)

This one I found out about by reading the latest issue of American Station Wagon Owners Association's newsletter, "Wagon Roundup," Spring '99 edition (your Webmaster's an enthusiastic member, by the way!): Steve Manning's excellent "" - The Online Home of the Station Wagon ("Dedicated to preserving information about the classic station wagon," here's the complete link URL: ). If you're an enthusiast of station wagons new or old, you owe this site a visit! ASWOA President Ken McDaniel (e-mail: endorses, and there's complete information on how to join ASWOA posted at the site also (or click directly here: (link added 3/24/99)

Here's a fantastic new site I discovered via the "Imus in the Morning" radio program recently: one of their advertisers called "The Mining Company." There's a huge vintage cars section, which you can access by going straight to, and the main address for the overall site is: (link added 4/5/99)

We recently received a very nice e-mail from the webmaster for the Havertown, PA-based Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania, Bud Pendergrass (, advising that the Shoreline Antique Auto Club Region had been added as a link at their web site, "Spoke 'N Wheel." Made a point of going over to view their site, and can truly say it's a great honor for our site to be linked there! For one, it's one of the most impressive, professionally-constructed old car web sites we've ever had the pleasure of visiting: very readable and attractively laid-out. There are also a "ton" of other old car links to be explored from their site. Quoting from their home page : "Founded in 1949, Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania (HCCP) is one of the oldest independent antique automobile clubs in the United States..." Reading through their list of officers past & present, it's obvious that in addition to being a very long-established club, the southeastern PA-based HCCP's had some VERY distinguished people in the antique auto hobby involved with their organization. We are very happy to pass along this suggestion to go visit the HCCP and Spoke 'n Wheel at:  (link added 5/23/99)

Association of Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights (DRL's) "Are Daytime Running Lights Really Necessary?" URL:  Local source of info on the issue: Dave Coe  (link added 2/7/2000)

I am a long-time subscriber to the fine "Cruisin' New England" magazine, that is published out of Sandwich, MA. This is a very high quality publication that covers the New England car hobby scene, from antiques & classics, to street rods & muscle cars, to lead sleds, and beyond. Each issue is packed with car events (shows & cruise nights), features on notable cars and car clubs from the New England area, and much more. It was through our recent association with the New England Car Club SiteRing, however, that we discovered that Cruisin' New England has a very fine Internet presence as well! "Starlight Designs" web creations (and super-talented Webmaster Linda, is responsible for it and it's an absolute work of web site art! Check out Crusin' New England's super-impressive online home at:  (link added 7/11/2000)

Here's a cool link I kind of stumbled across when doing some web surfing recently, and it struck me as something that perhaps a lot of antique auto enthusiasts might find interesting. I know from my experience in editing the old "Shoreline Antique Auto Club" newsletter that we've had at least one feature article (courtesy of good friend and fellow collector Greg Mattesen) on the subject of...vintage road maps! The organization is called the Road Map Collectors Association, and their web site address is:  Check them out for a unique & interesting focus relating to the history of automobiles!  (link added 11/8/2000)

If you have an interest in the history of the automobile, and/or consider yourself an "automotive historian," I would like to recommend your considering becoming a member of the Society of Automotive Historians. This is a long-established group with excellent publications (including the excellent "SAH Journal" publication, under the direction of recently-new Associate Editor Tom Jakups,, who himself happens to be a Connecticut resident!). Your Webmaster recently joined the S.A.H. (I'm member #2491), and I can't believe I waited this long to join! And for the connection to the Society of Automotive Historians' appearance on our "Links" page, they also have an excellent web site, where you'll find out a lot more about the organization, useful resources & links for the world of automotive history, and info on how to become a member yourself. Quoting from Mr. Jakups' e-mail of 7/31/2001: "...I, too, am a new member and have found the Society to be a fine organization full of great people..." Sounds good to us, Tom! Visit the Society of Automotive Historians online home at:  (link added 7/31/2001)

Here's a neat old car-oriented online resource I ran across recently while surfing: "" ( It's got good classified sections, plus club & event listings, and more, all oriented toward old cars (as implied, I guess, by the name!). Take it for a spin!  (link added 9/7/2001)

Randy Garbin's Back! If you, like me, enjoyed the old "Roadside" magazine, and were bummed when it got "the rug yanked out from under it" (by it's ruthless publisher), you'll be very pleased to know that the "creative genious" behind that publication, Worcester, MA's Randy Garbin, is back with an all-new publication venture known as "By The Way" (and you can visit By The Way's "online arm" at: ; quoting from their release: "...BTW online is the companion website for By the Way Magazine, a publication that explores the back roads and Main Streets of America..." Our good friend Greg Mattesen sent along the heads-up on Mr. Garbin's new pubication (thanks again, Greg!), and you can bet that I've already sent in my subscription request!  (link added 2/1/2002)

In early of 2003, I received a postcard in the snail mail advertising called "CruiseNights.Info." Reading the details on the postcard: "...Now on-line, www.CruiseNights.Info, the cruise night information source. View Cruise Nights, Car Shows, and Automotive Event listings by state. Buy or sell in our on-line classifieds. Discuss automotive topics in our forum boards. Cruise Reviews and more. Club members: List your club's events in our database free of charge. Add your club's web site to our weblinks area. Coming soon! CruiseNights.Info magazine..." So, I took a gander at the web site, and was most impressed with CruiseNights.Info--it was all they said, and more! I may be wrong, but it appears CruiseNights.Info may even be based in Connecticut (supporting this is a Hartford, CT postmark on the postcard). Anyway, I strongly urge you to check it out--it looks to me like CruiseNights.Info will be an excellent place to visit often for car event info and more! That URL is: http://www.CruiseNights.Info/  (link added 1/15/2003)


"Mag-Neto" - "The Hot Rod Mag in the New England Tradition" - I ran across their link recently when browsing the "Rockabilly Rumble" web site (July, East Hartford, CT), and thought their concept looked interesting, so I sent in my money, and a few weeks later my first issue arrived (Issue 13, Autumn 2003). Very cool--lots of pictures of unique, authentic, "roots" hot rods from various events around New England, with interesting, descriptive commentary. The format is small (about 5" wide by about 8" high), just like those "old time" hot rod magazines from the '40s, '50s and '60s, and the printing quality is extremely attractive and of a very high quality. Hot rod magazines don't get much cooler than this! Be sure to check "Mag-Neto" out online at:  (link added 2/10/2004)

I also have to put in a "plug" for my favorite AACA Region outside of Connecticut--and that's the Indian River Region AACA, based in the Vero Beach, Florida area--and I am proud to say that I'm a dues-paying member. I got interested a few years ago in what-all organized old car stuff there might be going on in that area, since my family likes to take a wintertime vacation in beautiful Vero Beach. What a pleasant surprise to find such a fine, well-organized, and active car club, and an official AACA Region yet, as well! Though I have yet to make it to an Indian River Region function, I am very pleased to be a member in good standing, and enjoy their newslettter tremendously, not to mention checking out their interesting web site from time to time. Please be sure to visit the Indian River Region AACA online at:  (link added 2/10/2004)

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Connecticut Council of Car Clubs (a.k.a.: "The 4-C's") A hard-working group that campaigns with & monitors the state on issues affecting old car hobbyists; a watchdog on new laws affecting hobbyists, publishes informative regular newsletter to keep members informed about issues affecting the old car hobby, and much more. Individual as well as club memberships are available (Shoreline Antique Auto Connection Webmaster is a long time member!). Write (*new mailing address for 2002): Connecticut Council of Car Clubs, P.O. Box 1433, Avon, CT 06001. *5/17/2002 update: The 4-C's web site is up and operational! Go visit Connecticut Council of Car Clubs ONLINE at:

Time and time again these guys prove what a truly VALUABLE local auto-related resource they are... The most recent dealing I had with Stony Creek Auto Service (Route 146, Leetes Island Road, Stony Creek, CT) was Monday 11/9/98. I had just finished a fairly involved refinishing project on a set of antique aftermarket VW wheels for my '68 Bug. The wheels were Empi "Sprint Stars," a styled steel "rally"-type wheel, which originally was available in either a silver painted or chromed finish, with black-painted relief areas to highlight the prominent "spokes." Anyway, this isn't meant to be a commentary about antique VW wheels. What I did want to bring across was that I had a LOT of time invested in masking those wheels in preparation for spraying the Eastwood "Rally Wheel Black" onto those relief areas, over the previous coat of "Eastwood Rally Wheel Silver." And if you've purchased Eastwood's rally wheel paints in spray bombs, you know they ain't cheap either. And then there's Eastwood's "Painted Wheel Clear" to go on top of everything... Suffice to say, the investment of time & money in this wheel refinishing project was substantial (to say nothing of the cost of finding & purchasing these relatively rare wheels in the first place!). The LAST thing one wants in a situation like this is to have a careless shop install the tires onto those "precious" wheels (the thought of having to strip, repaint, remask, repaint, etc., made me shudder). Having had the pleasure of dealing with Gary & John of Stony Creek Auto Service many times over the past few years, including the mounting of several sets of tires onto valuable (to me anyway!) antique VW wheels rims, there was no hesitation in bringing these newly-finished Sprint Star wheels, with the new set of "classic '60s skinny-look" Michelin XZX radials (@ 165R15 size--no cheap tires themselves these days) to Stony Creek Auto for tire mounting. I picked the wheels/tires up later that same day, and the results were typically *fantastic*--a PERFECT job. My relating of this (long-winded!) recent experience is meant to provide an example of the kind of skill and care that Gary & John apply to ANY auto-related project (and goodness knows, we've provided them some "interesting" ones over the years--we don't want to even start relating all the "fun" they've had with our trusty/rusty '82 Ford pickup...). It goes without saying that I heartily endorse Stony Creek Auto Service for any and all types of auto repairs, plus Mobil gas, Interstate batteries, emergency towing, and on and on. You can reach Stony Creek Auto Service at 203-488-7868, and their full address is: 417 Leetes Island Road, Stony Creek, CT 06405. Tell 'em Steve "the VW guy" sent you! *11/26/98 update: What do you know--the Stony Creek Auto Guys "came through in the clutch" for us again BIG TIME over the past couple of days in helping "avert disaster" with some timely help on a car we were scrambling to get registered as it's temp plates slowly ran down to "T minus zero" (your Webmaster's new cold weather daily driver: a beautiful silver '92 Taurus wagon, purchased from Mrs. Webmaster's sister's family on the west coast, and driven cross-country by Mrs. W. and her mom over the past two weeks). Not only did Gary & John find me an exact match for the the tires on the car (needed just one), but when the DMV inspector found my center brake light out, guess where I went in a panic...and guess who calmly and efficiently got me fixed up and back out to the inspection station to finally get the car officially signed-off--that's right: Stony Creek Auto Service!  

The folks at Middlesex Magazine & Business Review have been *tremendous friends* to the Shoreline Antique Auto Club over the past several years. Whenever we've sent them press releases about our "Time Machines" antique auto events (which are staged annually in Durham--in the heart of Middlesex County), they've been sure to feature the announcements prominently in their publication, with beautiful, eye-catching layouts. We're certain that the great turnouts at our show in recent years have been very positively influenced by Middlesex Magazine's generous help. We *suspect* there's antique auto enthusiast or two on the staff also...judging by the slick *1932 Ford Pickup* that's featured on the *cover* of the October 1998 issue(!). Having grown up in Middletown, your Webmaster has been a particularly enthusiastic reader of Middlesex Magazine also, given all the fantastic local Middlesex County area civic, business, recreation, tourism, and much more-type coverage that is always contained in the publication. Anyway, the very LEAST we can do in return is to make sure our web site visitors find out about Middlesex Magazine & Business Review. You can write or call them at: Middlesex Magazine & Business Review, 615 Main Street, Cromwell, CT 06416, telephone 860-635-1819, fax 860-632-7203.


Are you interested in antique radios, televisions, motion picture and telephone equipment, related advertising and memorabilia? I've been carrying around this flyer picked up at last September's "Big E," where we found the fantastic exhibit in the Connecticut Building for East Hartford's Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut, Inc. ("An organization dedicated to the preservation of old time electronic communication history," 1232 Main Street, East Hartford, CT 06108, 860-675-9916). We've yet to find the chance to visit the actual museum, but judging by their Big E display and the super-enthusiastic staffers, we'd bet it would be a great way to spend a few hours (not to mention to join & support--individual, family, and senior citizen memberships are available). As per their flyer, the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of CT is a "non-profit organization totally supported by admissions, memberships, and public contributions." *5/21/2002 update: The Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of Connecticut's web site is now up and operational! Go visit them ONLINE at:

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