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Come to the Water


This is part of Geissbachfall, the longest waterfall in Switzerland, based on my photo.  This quilt combines many of my favorite techniques – Puff Painted trees; roving, Mistyfuse and Angelina fiber streaming water, invisible machine appliqué, LiquidBeadz, painted melted cellophane, iridescent cracked ice, and LiquidBeadz to make realistic, foaming water.  This quilt took Viewer’s Choice at the World Quilt and Textile Show in 2009.  This piece is 81”w x 67” tall; actually, there are two of them.  The other is just like this, but 45”w x 36.5” tall.



Feeling Flirtatious

I couldn’t help asking for permission to make this quilt from the owner of Macchia Winery in Lodi, California.  They sent out a postcard with a black and white image of this scene, since they were relocating the winery.  I received permission to do this quilt, as the winery owner is a quilter, as well, so I made two of them, and traded one of them to Lani’s mother for two cases of excellent Zinfandel. 


Reflections on a Winter’s Morning


My husband surprised me with a trip to Yosemite the day after Christmas a year ago.  As we slept, it snowed in the Valley, and we were able to get some great pictures of snowy scenes.  My Guild had a challenge to make a black and white and one other color quilt, so since my photo only had black, white, and green, it was perfect for the challenge.  This is the Merced River. I am currently writing another class in how to make snowy scenes.





Winter Wonderland

Here’s a rendition of Yosemite Falls, picture taken the same day and made into a quilt for the same Black, White and One Other Color challenge. You can’t tell from the picture, but this thing SPARKLES!!!  It’s 43”w x 49” t.


Rheingau Tour


We had a lovely time touring Europe – part of that time in a brand new black Porsche Carerra as part of the Porsche Travel Club two-day tour through Germany.  Here we are driving up to the Burg Hornberg Castle.  Another version of this piece was chosen for Tactile Architecture, and will be touring with that show for the next year or so.  The castle is fairly 3-D, since it is made with Puff Paint, mostly, as are the vines.  VERY tactile!  This piece is 53”w x 40”t.



2007 Journal Quilt - Life's a Beach

My son, Justin, went to India for several months as the personal trainer for two billionaires.  As you see, he's hard at work here.  Justin graduated as Philosophy Student of the Year from the University of San Francisco, so the book he's holding is The Meaning of Life, and the title of the piece is "Life's a Beach." 

I hand painted Justin, the chair, and the beach towel with Setacolors and Fabrico inks.  The beach behind him was made with Puff paint, mica chips, glitter, and fabric paint; the waves are Angelina and Tintzl fibers, melted painted cellophane, melted cracked ice, sheer fabrics distressed by heating with a heat gun, all embellished with LiquidBeadz.

Check out the nice compliments from Bonnie McCaffery and Karey Bresenhan on Bonnie's Vidcast of the Houston International Quilt Festival.  Of the over 2000 quilts, Life's a Beach and several others were selected for special comment:


On the Road Again



(On the Road again  52" x 73")


My husband's hobby is taking pictures of his Porsche Carerra 911.  This quilt commemorates a few of his 987+ pictures.  This quilt won Best of Show at the Porsche Parade Art Show in 2006.  My husband's favorite part is that Dr. Porsche signed the front - right in the middle of the steps of the Palace of Fine Arts (below).






Linda and Dr. Wolfgang Porsche

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche - Signature




Carrera - Treasure Island, San Francisco

Carrera - Treasure Island, San Francisco



Carrera - Extreme Engineering


Carrera - Extreme Engineering



Carrera Curves

Carrera Curves




Carrera Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Carrera Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco


Into the Light

This is the Palais des Invalides in Paris, with a superimposed angel and birds, except that the angel is a transparency, not a superimposition. It's done with different colors of fabric, not an overlay, for the most part. There's a bit that's an overlay, a bit that is bias tape painted with iridescent paint sticks, and the rest are all separate pieces of fabric. Great fun and a very interesting challenge.

(Into the Light, 68" x 83")


Yosemite Falls Wedding Quilt

This quilt was made based on a photo I took in March, 2003, of Yosemite Falls.  My son was to be married near Bridalvale Falls, so his request (made 10 days before the wedding) was for a quilt of the Falls.  I'm still not sure how I got this quilt done in time, while working and planning the Groom's Dinner for 65 people!

(60" x 48")



Quilt: Celebrating the City of Newark

This quilt was designed and created for the City of Newark as my second public art commission. The article I wrote about this quilt for American Quilter, "Celebrating a City," was published in their newsletter of Summer, 2001.


(City of Newark, 72" x 60")

The City of Newark City Council decided they wanted to have a quilt made for their Community Center. They thought it would be impossible to make a quilt to show the City of Newark as a place to “live, work, shop, play and pray,” a place where “retail business, library, recreation, schools, church, commerce, culture, volunteerism, and family combine to create a unique place to live.” They wanted the quilt to show the “fabric” of Newark as intertwining all of these components; represent all of these things in a realistic manner; show the integration of a varied ethnic population; represent the feel and function of the active, warm, energetic, and family-oriented Community Center; stand the test of time, and contain the City’s logo. Preposterous. . .Difficult. . . Challenging. . . Irresistible.



I am the Alpha and the Omega...

My son, Justin, has some friends that started a new church in Las Vegas. So, for Christmas, Justin asked for me to make his friends a wallhanging for their church, showing Jesus dressed in white robes, with fire coming from his eyes, his feet glowing like bronze, a silver sword coming from his mouth, seven silver stars in his right hand and seven gold lamp stands around his feet. Oh, and it had to be done within a couple of weeks. Here's what I came up with - a nine-day wonder!


Monet Memories

This quilt is based on a photograph my husband and I took across the street from Monet's Garden in Giverny. There, artists came come for several weeks to stay and paint in the private garden, where Monet's students used to live. Peering through the wrought-iron fence, we could see an artist and easel in the distance, surrounded by flowers. The flowers at the top and bottom of this quilt are actual silk flowers, each leaf and petal individually sewn to the background, and each petal glued to each stamen. It probably would have been easier to appliqué them, for all the trouble it took. This quilt was accepted to travel for a year in the "Crossing Boundaries" Quilters Newsletter Challenge.

(Monet Memories,  47 " x 53")



Lady of the Lake

Suppose somebody gave you a whole heap of hand-painted fabric and asked you to create a quilt from it? Jennifer Priestley of Fabrics to Dye For did just that. I was taking a class from Joan Colvin at the time, and what started out to be a little boy fishing in a mountain pond turned out to be this lovely damsel on the shore of a sunset sea.

Guess that's what happens when you just start with an idea, a heap of fabric, and no drawn out plan. Overall, though, I think I like this better. You can sometimes see this quilt in Jennifer's booth at Houston and other major quilt shows.

(Lady of the Lake, 36" x 42")


Jardin à Giverny

Once again, this quilt was based on a photograph taken in Giverny, across the street from Monet's Garden. This quilt is fairly small and took about a week to make.

Much of it is slapdash appliqué, but the bushes in the background are made of thread, the statue is hand painted and hand appliquéd, and the stones in the walls are invisibly machine appliquéd.

(Jardin a Giverny 29.5" x 36.5")





City of Dublin Quilt

This is a commission quilt for the City of Dublin, and hangs in the City Hall at 100 Civic Plaza, Dublin, California. It is much like the one I created for the City of Newark, but with images from Dublin instead of from Newark. I began this quilt at the beginning of November, and completed it in time for the City of Dublin's 20th Anniversary on the first of February, 2002.  Across the top and bottom borders are the names of all of the City Council members over the first 20 years, stenciled in fabric paint.  The background is a map of the City at the time, and in the compass rose is the City seal.  The scenes are all linked together with floating ribbons from many countries, and in the four corners are people holding hands.  Along the right and left borders are the significant events in the history of the City.

(City of Dublin Quilt, 90" x 65")




Fantasy Falls

This photo was taken hanging over a balcony on a windy day. It now hangs from the third floor to the second floor of a nursing home in Tacoma, Washington, called The Villages.  They're very nice there, they'll let you in to see it, if you ask!

In the photo on the bottom left, you can see it suspended over the sliding glass doors of my studio, since the whole thing needed to have flame retardant sprayed on the front and back, before it could hang in the nursing home.  They got the dimensions wrong, but it's still an interesting picture!



(Waterfall, 12' x 14')


In the photo on the left, you can see it suspended over the sliding glass doors of my studio, since the whole thing needed to have flame retardant sprayed on the front and back, before it could hang in the nursing home.  They got the dimensions wrong, but it's still an interesting picture!

(Waterfall, 12' x 14')





I created two Cascade quilts simultaneously (see above) because I knew I could not part with it.  The one I sold is 9 ft tall, as it was designed to hang on a 40 ft brick chimney in an upscale rehab center in Utah.  The other I divided into two sections, one 3' section hangs above my piano, and the 6' section hangs beside the piano.  Works for me!


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