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Textile Artist, Quilter, Designer

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Trunk Shows, Fashion Shows &Workshops  

"Short Attention Span Quilting" -Talk & trunk show with quilts and garments. More than 25 quilts and 20 ensembles, traditional to contemporary, exhibiting a wide range of styles, techniques, fabrics, patterns and themes. Some poetry, a little laughter, a bit of imagination, and a lot of passion for our craft. Actual quilts and garments shown, not slides. $450

"Short Attention Span Quilting -Quilts Only" - This Show is for Guilds whose main interest is quilts, not garments.  Included with this talk is more laughter, a few tears, a bit of poetry, and many thanks for the quilters who do traditional quilts so that I don't have to.  Over 40 real quilts shown, not slides. $450

"Flamboyancy Rising Fashion Show" - Thirty complete ensembles, from casual daywear to fancy evening wear, coats and jackets, vests and suits - truly wearable art, modeled for you by members of your very own Guild. This show requires that the guild provide 10 models for garments that are truly wearable, slinky to businesswear to everyday.  Especially suitable for ladies luncheons, ice cream socials, and art events.  $450

Down & Dirty Design & Terrific Techniques – This is a combination Powerpoint and trunk show that gives you principles of design you can keep in your head while creating traditional and/or art quilts and shows you shortcuts and techniques to make your quilts come alive!  See how to use fabric paints, fusibles, heat guns, cracked ice, Lutradur, Tyvek, Angelina fiber, Puff Paint, foil, and many other substance to create special effects while remaining true to the quilting tradition. $450


Creating with Cool Stuff (One to two days) - Come and make a series of very small artworks as you experiment with all the cool stuff I have found to create special effects in quilting and garmentmaking:  Bonding Agent 007; Solvy; painted & fused Steam a Seam II Lite; foil and foil glue; Tyvek; Puff Paint; iridescent cracked ice, fabric paints; melted painted cellophane; Mistyfuse, Lutradur, metallic paint powders, Shiva paint sticks, Fiber Etch; Angelina and Tintzl fibers and more.  Come see how this class will expand your repertoire, and come away with waterfalls, clouds, trees, and abstract art!

Miniature Landscapes 101 (One to two days) - The student will learn many fascinating techniques in this workshop, from fabric painting and foundation piecing to burnt-edge appliqué, invisible machine appliqué to free motion machine embroidery on Solvy.  This is a hands-on workshop where the student uses each technique in turn to create their interpretation of the instructor’s pattern, combining construction techniques in a new way to make a beautiful miniature landscape.  The student will experiment with techniques, gain insights into design, value placement and perspective, and gain confidence in their own ability to combine many techniques to create beautiful quilts of all kinds, not just landscapes.  Workshop includes basic insights on color, design and perspective, and extensive handout. (See Miniatures page for sample quilts)

Miniature Landscapes 201 (Two to five days) - In this class, the students work from their own photograph to create a miniature landscape in cloth (in the two-day class), or a large landscape (in longer classes) of their own design, with an emphasis on combining many of the above described construction techniques to achieve a variety of special effects.  On the first day, students will observe demonstrations of many different techniques, then spend the rest of that day planning, drawing, and making workable  patterns for their own creation from their own enlarged photograph.  In the course of the workshop, students will use the wide variety of demonstrated techniques to create their own miniature fabric landscape.  Workshop includes basic insights on color, design and perspective, and extensive handout. (See Miniatures page for sample quilts)

Wonderfully Wearable - Art Garment Techniques (One, two or more days) - In this hands-on workshop, the student will experiment with a wide variety of garment construction techniques such as fabric painting, burnt-edge appliqué, various types of machine appliqué, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, machine piecing, foundation piecing, use of Solvy and other disappearing mediums, fusing fabrics, etc., and learn how theses techniques can be used to create truly wearable art.  In longer classes, students begin work on their own wearable art garment, using the techniques demonstrated.  Workshop includes some basic insights on color, pattern manipulation and garment design and an extensive handout. (See Wearables page for sample garments)

Elements in Fabric – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water – This is a one-day to four-day workshop, tailored to your needs.  Come experiment with a wide variety of products and a simple set of design principles to help you deal with design solutions as you create your own version of the elements.  Play with Fibre Etch, Puff Paint, mica chips, melted painted cellophane, cracked ice, Angelina and Tintzl fibers, metallic paint powders, Bonding Agent 007 and much, much more.  Be a wild woman! 

People in Places (Two to Five days) - In this class, students complete a small landscape technique sampler, based on one of my patterns, then work from their own photograph or design to construct and embellish their creation, whether it be a landscape, seascape, peoplescape, or garment panel.  This is an artistic adventure – come and explore your creative side, and use whatever technique necessary to create your realistic landscape.  We will explore the possibilities presented by such things as Puff Paint trees, melted painted cellophane waves, foliage made of thread and scrunched fabric, water spray of Angelina and Tintzl, opalescent organdie and sparkle organza, clouds made of sheers with painted batting, and many other esoteric techniques.  Come play with us!

Filament Fantasy (Two days) - In this hands-on workshop, the student will experiment with a wide variety of threads and stitching techniques, learning how to use difficult threads without tearing their hair out, stitching and quilting with metallics, rayons, blending filaments and fine braids in their machine.  In the process, the student will begin to create a lovely quilt-as-you-go heart sampler, and learn more interesting techniques such as cutwork using Solvy, machine appliqué and reverse appliqué, creating one's own fabric, couching marvelous yarns and how to use invisible thread to its full advantage, plus fusing painted Steam a Seam II Lite and using foil.  This is a process class, playtime, a time for learning how to use beautiful threads in a stress-free environment.  Come on, have a heart! Kit fee in addition to supply list. (See Filament Fantasy page for sample)

Threads at Play (One Day) - In this one-day version of Filament Fantasy, the student will jump right into doing appliqué, reverse appliqué, using decorative threads and decorative stitches, two threads through the same needle, using fused painted webbing and foil, doing cutwork and free motion embroidery on Solvy, and experimenting with various other techniques. This is a fast-paced workshop for the adventurous at heart, more of a process than a product class, and some techniques will be demonstrated only. Kit fee in addition to supply list. (See Filament Fantasy page)

Silk Painting - After taking this class, students will be able to use silk painting/gutta resist techniques to paint their own fabrics for use in quilts, garments, scarves and wallhangings.  The supply kit includes enough basic dye colors and supplies for several projects, and enough silk for the class projects.  During class, the student will choose two sample designs to trace and paint onto different weights of silk, and use these designs to explore the infinite variety of colors and the fascinating dimensions of silk painting.  The student will mix their own dye colors, experiment with the effects of salt, alcohol and water on dyes, and gain basic knowledge of the art of painting on silk.  Kit fee.

(See Silk Painting & Essay of the Month page)

3-Hour Workshop - $300
6-Hour Workshop - $500

2-day Workshop - $850
(Plus Expenses, including meals, hotel or private home stay, transport to/from airport, mileage at standard federal rate at time of travel, and extra luggage fee or shipping fees if traveling by air, )

2003 Teacher of the Year - The Professional Quilter Magazine
President 1994-95 Amador Valley Quilters
Charter Member - Network for Wearable Art
Chairman - Alameda County Art Commission 1998 & 1999
Member of the Faculty of
Member of American Quilting Society, International Quilting Association, Amador Valley Quilters
Quilter, quilting teacher, writer, wearable art designer, musician, secretary and mother. Possessor of 4 part-time paying jobs, 3 children, 1 husband, 1 large goldfish, 2 flutes, three guitars, a piano and a suddenly useful B. A. in French.

Linda S. Schmidt, 7695 Sunwood Drive, Dublin, CA 94568 (925) 829-4329
e-mail address:

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Going, Going, Gone & Cool Stuff Resource Guide   Landscape Quilts*Wearables

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