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Presented by:   Ron Chisholm - a dedicated hockey fan, parent of four players, and past player and coach of many years.

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High quality, consistent skate sharpening does not mean that you must pay high prices for the service!  My prices shown below are the lowest (by far) in the Salem, NH area.  Due to the ever rising prices for the consumable items that are required (grinding wheels, diamond dressing tools, hand stones, electricity, etc.), as well as costly upgrades to my equipment, I had to increase prices in October 2009 for the first time since September 1993.  The game is expensive enough (transportation, equipment, ice time), so I still attempt to control this one facet of the cost. 

Regular (Information on Radius of Hollow) $3.00
Flat Bottom Form Dressing (Information on Flat Bottom sharpening) $4.00
Custom Radius (First time on blades w/sharpening) (Information on Blade Contouring) $9.00 (Regular Sharpening)

$10.00 (Flat Bottom Sharpening)

Custom Radius (Refresh w/sharpening) $6.00 (Regular Sharpening)

$7.00 (Flat Bottom Sharpening)

Goalie Skates $3.00
Rivet Replacement $1.00 per Rivet
Eyelet Replacement $1.00 per Eyelet
Skate Baking $5.00 per Pair


Regular Sharpening 10 For $25.00
Flat Bottom Sharpening 10 For $35.00
Goalie Skates 5 For $13.00

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The information on this site has been collected from official scoresheets and from on ice observations.  As such, the final statistics are not to be construed as official or sanctioned by the Salem High School Athletic Department or by the NHIAA.  However, much of this information is not available from any other sources.

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