Allen Bramhall's Writing Portfolio

I have been a writer all of my life. Writing is not just a form of expression, it is a field of study. By writing in many genres, I learned to understand different aspects of the modality. This understanding has given me great versatility and grasp. I turned to technical writing as a natural outgrowth of my interest in communication, collaboration, research, and education.

My graduate work in creative learning at Lesley University bolstered my sense of how disciplines can merge. As author of three published books, editor for a small press, and writer of a popular informational newsletter for a retail store, my writing experience is varied and extensive. In addition, I have taught and tutored students between the ages of 2 and 80. The diversity of these experiences can be usefully applied to future projects.

This portfolio shows some of the work that I have done, both technical and academic, using various documentation tools, including FrameMaker, Word, Dreamweaver, HTML-Kit, NoteTab Light, and Filezilla (FTP client). I am developing my knowledge of XML and DITA. Learning new tools is a continuing process.

Technical Writing