Conversations and Reactions (A Catalogue of Visual Works)

Allen Bramhall

The following catalogue was written in conjunction with a showing of my visual works at the Pond Circle Gallery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, January, 2007. This showing was part of my Masters thesis/project. Along with these listed pictures, displayed on the gallery walls, I also included, as ambiance or context, countless other works. My intention all along was not simply to show my best work, but to admit to the difficulties and failures that are inextricably entwined with the creative process. I would like to include scans of each work with this presentation of the catalogue but that will have to wait. Many of the works are too large for my scanner, and time to produce the scans is not readily available. In writing this catalogue, I endeavoured to present a sense of each picture. I hope that the reader gets a sense of the works.

Catalogue of Works