Thesis Abstract

Allen Bramhall

This thesis/project examines personal myth and its utility as a tool for learning, understanding and growth. It uses my own visual work as reference point. The project comprises three elements:

The showing and catalogue together highlight creative expression and critical consideration. The paper illustrates how the unconscious, the conscious, and the spiritual together drive personal myth. This paper also discusses how symbolism allows us to voice what we would otherwise fail to speak. Further, the paper considers how method and imagery inform the narrative of personal myth. Carl Jung's writings supply the paper with a theoretical underpinning concerning how the unconscious enters our conscious and our spiritual worlds. Reference to such artists as Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Charles Olson, H. P. Lovecraft, and Friedrich Nietzsche help illustrate the osmotic interrelationship of our unconscious, conscious and spiritual worlds. Shaun McNiff's views of art therapy inform this paper as well.