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You've found the home of the Doomtown Card Explorer!

This is a resource for Doomtown players and collectors to inventory cards, build decks, and keep track of the Doomtown world in general!

Please read the entirety of this site before you download the program.


I have been only a recent convert to Doomtown (probably since about April 2000), but being the anal type I am, I like to have my cards inventoried.

I had tried One Eyed Ike's Deckbuilder but the Excel spreadsheet was too much scrolling for me. Then I tried Markus Seger's Doomtown Card Manager but it didn't have the flexibility in searching that One Eyed Ike's did.

So I decided to write something that tried to combine the best of both of them. Of course, it's freeware.

All I ask is that you email me and let me know that you are using the software. This is for my gratification only - I will *not* ever hand out your email address to anyone else. You may occassionally hear from me if I've an update to a program but beyond that, you'll not be spammed by me. That's a promise!

The program is a 32-bit Windows applications. You need Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP to run this program. I developed it under Windows XP and do not have access to the other environments. The programs should run there, but no promises.

Also, I'll try to fix any bugs as they are reported, and implement enhancements as they are suggested, however since this is freeware, I can't make promises as to turn around time. Real Life Happens. Bug reports and comments can be made at either of the addresses listed at the bottom of the page.


Welcome to the home of the Doomtown Card Explorer!

This page was last updated Friday, May 28, 2010! Welcome!

This is the newest resource for Doomtown players and collectors to inventory cards, build decks, and keep track of the Doomtown world in general!

The program is finished primary development! Version 2.0.0 is now ready for download!

*Use at your own risk!*

Comments ? Questions ? Write me.
Stephen Wales

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Original website & Logo designed by: Housefly Word Ink
Site redesign and update by MatB of Fuzzyduck

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This program is written with Borland Delphi 5 Professional Edition. It uses Paradox tables for their database. As such, you need to have the Borland Database Engine (BDE) installed on your machine to use these programs. The BDE Version 5.10 takes up about 4.5 MB of space. Since I have several programs on this site, rather than include the BDE in all of them, it is a separate download - you need to download it here first before downloading the program itself.

Once you have the BDE on your machine from some other program that uses it, then you can get the program, database and help files download here. Unzip it, starting at the directory you want to install the program in and keep the internal directory structure (1,921,024 bytes). This full install will take you to version 2.0.0.

After doing that, download the patch for it here.

There's an updated version of the database in this release, adding a field to support online play via CCG Workshop's Gatling Engine. Make sure you backup your existing database before installing this if you want to keep your inventory! It's available here (1,205,154 bytes), along with an inventory conversion tool. Instructions for running it will appear on screen when you go to run it - but....copy all your old datafiles that start with doomtown.* to olddata.* (from DOS: copy doomtown.* olddata.*). Extract the datafiles in this zip into the directory with the olddata.* files. Run the Inventory Conversion program. It's that simple.

Tim's friend Brenton Whitney has made a nice selection of Doomtown Icons. I liked them so much I used one of them in the program!

Download the icons


Possible Future Enhancements

Still to come in version 2.1 or later:

  • Anyone got any suggestions?

Revision History

Changes made for version 2.0.5:

  • Have/Want/Comment fields were not setup correctly in Inventory screen.
  • Clear Inventory function was not working, was generating an Access Violation.

Changes made for version 2.0.4:

  • Finally worked out how to make the MouseWheel register and make all the grids in the program respond correctly to the MouseWheel. Now works on the grids on the following forms: Master Card Maintenance, Inventory, Review, Deck Builder.

Changes made for version 2.0.3:

  • I think I have finally fixed the error that appears when updating inventory where it occassionally issues a "Could not find record" error, but still appears to update the database ok.
  • If you changed the Master data (including inventory), the review data wouldn't change until you did a manual refresh. Changed it so that any time you visit the Review screen after a Master Data update, it issues a refresh of the query data.

Changes made for version 2.0.2:

  • Slight change to a couple of Outfit Card names to match the actual card names meant I had to recompile the code that checks for initial reduced upkeep.
  • When doing Outfit breakdown in Analysis, only count Dudes, not Outfits or Outfit Weapons.

Changes made for version 2.0.1:

  • If using the Quick Filter field on the Review form, every time you entered a character, you'd get an error about a badly formed SQL condition. Really it was bad code on my part (Oops!). Fixed that.
  • Auto Timer wasn't timing out when doing the quick search by typing in the grid on the review screen. Fixed that.
  • Clicking on Heading Columns in the Title of the grid on the Review screen did not invoke a change of sort. Fixed that.
  • Sorting by title click seemed to lock up the mouse until you clicked somewhere (anywhere) again. Fixed this.

Changes made for version 2.0.0:

  • Updated Copyright Dates to 2004.
  • Updated author's contact email address
  • Increased minimum resolution to 1024x768 from 800x600.
  • Inserted menus on the top of most screen in order to make Help more visible. Help for the screen is now invoked by hitting F1 - the table of contents by hitting Control-F1 - this also gives immediate access to the rules and FAQ's as well.
  • Increased size of Master Maintenance form.
  • Placed Have and Inventory Comment fields onto master Maintenance Form.
  • Placed in code to bring up the Font Menu for the Card Text and Flavor Text fields by hitting Control-F while in these fields. Select all first (Control-A) and then Control-F to apply the change.
  • Added the contents of ther Grid Right Click Menu to a File form menu.
  • Added "Add Qty of Card to Deck" option to the Deckbuilder.
  • For PC's that don't have any printers installed, it wouldn't let you open the DeckBuilder. Fixed that.
  • Sometimes after applying a filter, the first card's details weren't showing. I think I fixed that one here.
  • Added Column to Review screen to show current inventory of the cards you're reviewing.
  • When Saving a Deck in Apprentice Format, if the Apprentice name was blank, it would write out a blank record into the Apprentice format deck. Made it so that if the Apprentice Name is blank, use the card name.
  • After importing a Deck into DCE that was in Apprentice Format, enable the
  • options to add a card to the deck.
  • When saving a deck, if there is a deck name entered, use that as the default file name for the deck.
  • Importing a deck from Apprentice would perform irregularly if there was a filter turned on in the Review Form. Ask if it can be turned off before doing the import
  • Also, when saving the list of review cards displayed to a file, check if the file exists and if it does, prompt about an overwrite and ask if that's OK.
  • Added a counter of the number of cards displayed at any one time on the review screen.
  • Added functionality to clear the current inventory for all cards to zero for the current user.
  • Further enhanced the quick locate in the grid search. With the focus fixed in the grid. You can start typing and get to the name of the card you type. It accumulates the string of what you type for x seconds and then clears it. If you need it cleared sooner, click the TimerClear button, type Alt-T or hit ESCAPE. The Value of x is configurable via the options screen.
  • Added new fields: GEngine_Name and Copy_Flavor Added code to export your DCE deck in the format required for CCG Workshop's Gatling Engine.
  • Expanded the size of the Master Details Update form to fit some extra info on it.
  • Copied data from the Flavor_Text RTF field to the new Copy_Flavor Memo field.
  • Enabled searching Flavor Text
  • There was an error where Flamethrower and Giddyup (cards with the same name and different values) wouldn't both appear in the deckbuilder - one would replace the other. Fixed that bug. Also, will still only allow you 4 copies of any one card in the deck, regardless of the values of the cards. If they have the same name, then it's 4 in a deck only. Guess that includes Pinned Down
  • Updated the gEngine Name field with the XML appropriate names for the cards

Changes made for version 1.7.3:

  • Enabled Cut to Clipboard from Help

Changes made for version 1.7.2:

  • Search for Deeds with 0 control returned nothing. Fixed that search.

Changes made for version 1.7.1:

  • Changed the shuffle algorithm in the draw simulator to try for more random results.
  • Added a Lowball simulator, for 10,000 opening lowball hands.

Changes made for version 1.7.0:

  • The long awaited Draw Simulator is added.

Changes made for version 1.6.6:

  • Added into the help system a copy of a lot of the files from the Gamesmeister site.
  • Added a new button to the menu for Help & FAQ.

Changes made for version 1.6.5:

  • On the Review Cards screen you can right click on the results list and save to save the card list to a text file.
  • Added Filter on the Simple Filter form for base set rarity
  • Updated a few of the rarities in the database.
  • New Sort option in the Sort Cards By dropdown on the Review screen: Suit/Value/Name

Changes made for version 1.6.4:

  • If you save an Apprentice Deck as a text file we can now import that and create a DCE deck from it.

Changes made for version 1.6.3:

  • For some reason in the DeckBuilder, Convert an Old Deck to Apprentice Format was doing nothing. Added that code in.

Changes made for version 1.6.2:

  • Added further filter to Inventory Screen so that as well as filtering by Name and Set, you can also filter by Card Type.

Changes made for version 1.6.1:

  • Right click on Inventory and then Review was not picking up the right card on the review screen. Fixed that so that the review screen goes directly to the correct card.

Changes made for version 1.6:

  • Implement a new field in the database for Apprentice Name, to make creating Apprentice Decks for online play easier.

Changes made for version 1.5.1:

  • Help did not appear when you pressed F1 on the Review Form. Fixed that.

Changes made for version 1.5:

  • Fixed several errors in the database. Many cards were missing certain traits, particularly Non-Unique, Private, Public and Strike.
  • The auto create of the BDE Alias for the Database was not working and was causing an error. Fixed that by moving the code that creates it over into the Splash screen code.

Changes made for version 1.4.1:

  • When building a deck, wasn't counting the number of deeds in the deck for Sweetrock WCO
  • Inventory never reset index to default if you'd changed the sort order on another screen.

Changes made for version 1.4:

  • Export of the Want list from Maintain Inventory screen would freeze up the screen and produce an error. Fixed that.
  • On Maintain Master Card List form, the value field in the grid was blank - it was not picking up the value from the database.
  • Added a field for Rarity (originally released rarity) into the grid as well.
  • Right Click on a card from within the deck builder and you are able to select an option to reset the display in the review card form to the card you have just selected in the deck Builder.
  • Changed the default home page to
  • Changed contact email address to
  • Allowed the deck builder to hold more than 52 cards while developing the deck. Must have 52 cards plus outfit and optional jokers at save.

Changes made for version 1.3:

  • Added 2 new indexes to the database and appropriate sort options to the Maintain Inventory screen (Suit/Value and Suit/Type/Value
  • Modified print out of the inventory to include suit and value as well as put underlines out there when printing. Also, if you have 0 cards, it leaves the number blank instead of printing '0'.

Changes made for version 1.2:

  • Fixed an access violation fatal error in the deck builder. If you went to Review Cards and selected deck builder and then closed the Review Cards form without first closing the deck builder, the next time you went to open the deck builder, it would error.
  • After searching on review screen, do a call to Application.ProcessMessages in order to atempt to speed up refresh of card information for card displayed
  • After saving a deck, have that deck file name come up as the default next time you try to open a deck.

Changes made for version 1.1:

  • Added new sort option to Deck Builder - Suit/Value
  • Several data changes in the database.
    • Lord Grimeley's (Exp)
    • San Simeon
    • and more
  • Fixed display of deck in deck builder - if you load a deck, cancel and then build a new one, cards are randomly being assigned as starters - hang overs from the previous deck that weren't cleared. This has been fixed.

Changes made for version 1.0:

  • When clicking on Reset Filter on the Review form, the Quick Name filter was not cleared out.
  • Reduced the spacing between the card value/suit and card name in the save to file/deck function. Dropped from 5 or 6 spaces
  • Correct literal on Advanced Filter Form
  • Configure form of deck details (Deck name, author, comments etc) so that pressing enter does the same thing as pressing the buttons.
  • Added a Table of Contents to the Help System
  • Dates on Splash and About screens automatically appear based on the date of the executable instead of being hard coded.
  • Deck Builder Button on Review form now remains enabled. If you click it, it will bring the Deck Builder to the front if it has been hidden behind the review screen.
  • Changed Double Click on a card in the deck builder to be Tag/Untag as starter dude When clicking on Reset Filter on the Review form, the Quick Name filter was not cleared out.
  • Added and example where statement to the advanced filter for as well as showing which of the fields are alpha (by (A)) and which are integers (by (I))
  • Signal a deck as 'changed' only after a change had been made. Previously, you could try and add a 5th card, it errors and still thinks that the deck has been changed when in fact, it hasn't.

Changes made for version 0.7:

  • Add a new form, from the Analyze form, the create of a chart of the value and suit distributions
  • Added support for "Burning of the Whateley Estate" - allowing you to select 2 outfits if you have the BotWE card in your deck
  • When adding a second outfit card, the second card is not defaulted as a starter
  • Will not let you add the exact same outfit card twice for BotWE
  • Only will let you add a second outfit that belongs to the same outfit - i.e. You can add Dixie Rails to Texas Rangers, but not Rachel's Gang to the Law Dogs
  • Made the Coalition have the symbol CO for the outfit
  • When displaying the Coalition Outfit card, display both icons for the Agency and Texas Rangers.
  • Remove the restriction about not being able to untag an outfit card if you have BotWE in the deck
  • When saving a deck that had been previously loaded, default the loaded file name in as the file we are about to save
  • When clicking Cancel out of the deck builder, prompt for confirmation first
  • After save or cancel of a deck, reset card counters to 0 and form caption to a generic title
  • Add a bew field to the database - "In Town" - added appropriate fields to the Master Card List and Filter Form, as well as appropriate filter code
  • Added a new button to the Filter Form - Reset Form - clears all search criteria
  • Add a new Filter button to the Review Form - Advanced Filtering - where a user can build their own SQL statement where clause for much more advanced filtering
  • Built my own HTML help...much easier that way
  • Changed literal on deck printing/saving from STARTING CARD to STARTER

Changes made for version 0.6:

  • Add sort deck functionality. Currently Name and Value are only valid options.
  • Added Cheatin'! card count to deck analysis - this changes the format of the saved deck files. Any deck created earlier than this needs to be edited or recreated.
  • Add Secondary Inventory function. Start on the options form to enable multiple inventories
  • Added a quick name filter to the review screen
  • Corrected grammar in one of the deck builder error messages
  • Moved the opening of the Review Cards query from the clicking of the 'Review Cards' button to the start of the program. This increases the start time by about 5 seconds but makes run time when launching the Review Cards form almost instantaneous.
  • Added Initialization messages to Splash screen to show progress
  • Allowed .txt to be selected as a valid extension for Load/Save deck.
  • Made sure that the Deck Analysis form appeared in the center of the screen. Was half way off the screen for 800x600 display.
  • Icon for the Collegium outfit had been cropped too close. Corrected this display.
  • Made the width of the review screen a little shorter in order to help get the deck builder and the card review able to fit on the screen side by side.
  • Caption on Review Cards Form said 'frmReview' - change this to 'Review Cards'
  • After saving a deck in the deck builder, reset the card grid to blank.
  • Resized column widths in the grid in Review Cards.
  • Remove Joker from the list of valid card values on the Filter Form. If you want to select jokers, do it via Card Type of Joker.
  • Added a new sort order to print/save to file of deck in the deck builder - type and value.
  • Save the Deck in Card Value order by default and reload and display that way.
  • Reversed the order of the right click popup menu options on the review cards form.

Changes made for version 0.5:

  • Wouldn't let you untag any starter card at all in the deck builder.
  • Added new option to determine whether to do case sensitive searches or not.
  • Place a try..except condition around the card search function so that if there is a fault in the code, the form is still unlocked
  • Was erroneously generating errors when trying to add dudes and or deeds under certain circumstances.
  • On the Filter form, added options for in the drop down lists for Control, Influence and Outfit.
  • On Filter form, fixed the literal on the group box for the Inventory Need Analysis box to read 'Need' instead of 'Have'
  • Changed the Tab Order on the Deck Details Form in order to represent the physical ordering of the fields on the screen.
  • When saving a deck to disk, signify which cards are starters
  • When saving a deck to disk, print an analysis of the deck under the outfit name
  • When saving a deck to disk, print the commentary after all the cards for strategy notes or whatever else is in mind there.
  • Updated Database: Text for Tao Cheng (exp) was incomplete.
  • Added Print Deck functionality
  • Added Save Inventory to Disk functionality - it saves only those cards shown based upon the result of the currently selected filter.
  • Added Print Inventory
  • Added Save Want List to Disk
  • Added Print Want List

Changes made for version 0.4:

  • Added validation to limit Outfit cards to 1 and Jokers to 2 in a deck.
  • Since closing the review form auto closes the deck form, insert code the check if there is a deck that needs saving before closing the form
  • Allow Sweetrock: Westerm Corporate Office to select a starting deed.
  • Edits in Deck Building were wrong. Would only let you have 52 cards including the outfit and 2 jokers. This should have been 55.
  • Options form was not displaying the saved default deck path from the Registry on load of options form. It was active in memory, just not being displayed.
  • To select a starter dude, the dude must belong to your outfit or be a Drifter
  • If you tagged a dude as a Starter, you could still close the window without being prompted for a chance to save the deck to disk.
  • If you went to review screen, selected a filter and closed the review screen and then went back to the review screen, filter was not reset. Fixed this.
  • On Analyze form, show starting statistics for your deck based upon selected starter cards. Also show home production, which was missing.
  • Outfit card is always a starter and cannot be untagged
  • Added logical fields Boot Hill Extended and Boot Hill Strict to main card database, main card update form and search filters on review form.
  • Columns in the deck builder are now able to be resized - make larger or smaller
  • Add Suit and Value to the card list in the Deck Builder
  • Add a commentary string to the deck save process
  • Save Deck to Diskfile function added
  • Updated Database: Bill Jefferson belongs to Sweetrock, he is not a Drifter
  • Updated Database: Saved each outfit's 2 character outfit code on their outfit card record (except for The Coalition).
  • Updated Database: Tombstone Frank's cost is 4, not 6
  • Updated Database: Jebediah Whateley (Exp) has 2 influence, not 1
  • Updated Database: include flags for Boot Hill Strict and Boot Hill Extended.

Changes made for version 0.3:

  • Made sure screen resolution is at least 800x600 before allowing program to start.
  • Each form has the gunslinger from the Episode 1 pack as it's system icon in upper left corner.
  • Fixed sort order of episodes to be in the correct order of their release.
  • On Filter form, Episode was missing the first line of
  • Created Options form for DB Path and confirm updates on Master Card form and Inventory form.
  • After entering all filters on the review filter form, just press enter - it'll start the search
  • Implemented case insensitive searching. Be warned, it may take several seconds!
  • Auto version display (not hard coded)
  • On Inventory form, add hot keys to filter fields at bottom of form
  • Added Deck Builder
  • Added Deck Analyzer
  • Added Column for Outfit on the Review screen grid
  • The Record_ID field was being updated in Inventory whenever an update was made. Should only be done from the master screen when in insert mode.
  • Added Option for Default Path to save decks to

Changes made for version 0.2:

  • Do not allow blanks to be written to the database in inventory.
  • When filtering on the maintain screen and closing that and then going to the inventory screen, the filter had not been reset.
  • Add extra filter based upon cards you have in Inventory (have/have not)
  • Add extra filter based upon cards you want in Inventory (want/want not)
  • Grids on review and inventory screen are sortable by clicking on grid headings/titles if the heading/title is underlined
  • Right click on card in Inventory to send to update screen
  • Double click sends to review screen
  • On Inventory screen, can also get to review by right clicking
  • Changed review screen so that right panel stays standard size when resizing the form and the grid expands - giving more real estate in the grid to play with.
  • Inserted a plain text memo field into the database that is a mirror of the RichEdit card text. This can be searched on using SQL where the Richedit cannot.
  • Added filter based upon 'Set/Episode' on the Inventory screen.
  • Added filter based upon 'Card Name' on the Inventory screen.
  • Removed DBNavigator bar from maintain cards form and replaced with named buttons
  • Made richedit text boxes smaller to increase number of cards able to be displayed in the maintain cards form.
  • From Review form, can go directly to update form by right clicking in the grid. Upon return to review screen, updates are immediately reflected in the display.
  • Allowed sort by almost anything by clicking on grid title. It works, but since it's sorting without the assistance of the indexes, it's a whole lot slower.
  • Added 'Name Contains' Review screen filter
  • Added 'Text Contains' Review screen filter - case sensitive at this time.
  • Added a function to the Master Maintenance screen - if you try to close the form with unsaved edits, it asks you if you want to save them
  • Changed the background of the splash screen from Cyan to Olive. Closest I could get to a Doomtown desert tan on a 16 color palette. Changed the background of the images to be Olive as well.
  • Enabled hints on the About form to display the destination of the active links (web URL's)
  • Fixed Filter edit boxes - were blowing up if you entered a card name that had a single quote (') in the card name.
  • Sort on Cost in Review Grid sorts correctly now, treats costs like numbers for sorting and not ASCII strings
  • Added a 'Thanks' button for credits and thank yous on the About form.
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