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So... you've blown a head gasket. Be sure to sign the guestbook to log another head gasket failure. Hopefully we can get enough instances to show Subaru that a recall is justified.

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UPDATE (1/11/05): Seems Subaru is aware of this site. Someone recently sent me a reply from Subaru after they directed them to this is an excerpt:

Subaru of America, Inc. cannot comment on what is being published on commercial websites. We can however assure you that Subaru of America is committed to producing the finest quality all wheel drive vehicles on the market. We would also caution you against relying heavily on what is published on the internet. We would encourage you to supplement your research by reviewing commercially published consumer magazines which routinely rank our vehicles among the top in their class.

Seems they have quite an affinity for "commercially published consumer magazines" (the same ones they advertise in), but don't think to highly of this whole "internet" free speech thing.

Another place to send complaints to automotive columns, and to consumer groups such as Consumer's Report.

Info about class action lawsuits: This site sends class action lawsuit info to interested law firms.

UPDATE (4/5/04): Thanks for the great response. Sad to see so many people have had problems. This list is only for people who have had head gasket failures. I edit it from time to time to remove the non-failures. Subaru has made a small offering for people with 99+ 2.5's. They will put a bottle of stop-leak in the cooling system and extend the warranty to 100k. They are also reimbursing people who have had head gasket failures. Sadly, they are still choosing to ignore owners of the Phase I 2.5's.

Some people have also expressed interest in a class action lawsuit. While I am not interested in organizing one (I've already cut my losses with this car - I'll never buy a Subaru again), email me and I will post any related links and info here. Thanks...

Another UPDATE (7/24/04): A few people have emailed me asking me to post links to The Office of Defects Investigation at the NHTSA. As far as I know, they only investigate safety defects in vehicles. They have the power to require manufacturers to recall vehicles for safety related defects, but do not have any power over non-safety related defects. It can't hurt to register a complaint, but don't hold your breath...

On another note, I finally put my money where my mouth is and traded in my Outback for a 2004 Jetta TDI Wagon. Though I traded it in at a loss (I owed more than they were willing to give), I had strong suspicions that the head gasket was on its way south again (only 30k miles later). I've been meaning to write Subaru again, and I post any response I get back here.

Again, thanks for the great response, and feel free to drop me a line if I can be of any help. - Skip

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Feel free to print this out and include it in your correspondance with Subaru.

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jose goncalves toronto, ont, canada 1998 legacy 2.5 gt 2.5L 86,000 thanks for the web page,just wanted to let you know that its happening in canada too. up here subaru has not acknowledged the problem at all i've heard that in the states they extended the warrenty to cover this problem
Mike Acer Matawan, NJ 1998 Forester L 2.5L 116,000 Head gasket blew. Had the typical fluxating tempature gauge problem with coolant overflowing the resevoir tank for about 1 month. Changed fluid, radiator cap, thermostat, etc. Finally a major overheating, radiator cracked and steamed out. I have decided to replace the engine with a used one with much less mileage. This should give me a few years before the head gasket goes in that motor.
melinda brooks smithtown, ny 2001 forester 2.5L 40,089 overheating constatly, blown head gasket, in shop 7x for the same problem and still not fixed!!
Andy Paradise Chicago, IL 1998 Legacy 2.5L 108,000  
Jean-sébastien Gareau Montreal, Quebec 1998 Legacy GT 2.5L 166,000 km Ican't believe this is happening. I had such respect about subaru. Tomorrow, I'm going to the dealer see what he can do.
Thosrten von Eicken Santa Barbara, CA 1998 Forester L 2.5L 97000 Car overheated twice in the last week. Never had any temp problem before. Mechanic says "blown head gastkets". $1800 to repair. They did one last week. Great :-(
Peter toronto, ontario 1999 legacy gt 2.5L 120,000 km blown head gasket....very disappointing.
bradwell north vancouver, B.C. 1998 outback 2.5L 103000 km blown head gasket
Kelley Concord, California 1996 Legacy Outback Wagon 2.5L 157k I bought this car from a car auction & got it checked out after the fact, when my mechanic said I have some bad news, you have a blown head gasket. I drove it once on the freeway & the temp gage went all the way to hot & then the check engine light came on. Suburu should stand behind this repair. There are just too many cases of the same problem. I would be willing to join the class action suit. KC
Deborah Sealey Bealeton, VA 1998 Subaru Forrester 2.5L 97,400 This is my second Sabaru 9Legacy was my first Sabaru). At 90K plus Sabaru vehicles become a liability. My Forrester is smoking when in traffic. The Sabaru dealer in Manassa Dealer, initially replaced all the engine seals. Two weeks later the vehicle overheats in traffic. Dealer replaced the head gasket. Two weeks later the vehicle is smoking once again in traffic. After spending $4,300 on this vehicle, I now know that this is my last Sabaru. If you own one, trade it in before it gets to 90K miles.
Evan Gate City, VA 98 Forester 2.5L 104k Bought this off mother in law who took it to the dealer and told her the head gasket was blown. Curiously enough, there are no signs of sputtering when the vehicle is started, there are no signs of water in the block, leading us to wonder if the headgasket is in fact blown or this was just an assupmtion. It does overheat and I am currently testing the thermostat by removing it and running it without the thermostat to see if it still gets hot. I hope it is the relatively inexpensive thermostat ( around $20) and not the head gasket ( dealer estimate over $2000).
Foster Ball Beverly, Mass 1997 Outback Wagon 2.5L 52,900 Adult driven, original owner, all dealer maintained by book. Head gaskets went, SOA paid half of $1100. Returned to me with extremely loud piston slap. Engine cooked. SOA says sorry, out of warranty. Peice of crap throw away car for $24K. Father bought new 1971 FF1 when first came over, 6 since then. 10 in family. No more after this.
Neil Dawe Parksville, BC, Canada 1999 Forrester 2.5L 91304 Just took it in for 96,000 km service. Had been told that the oil pump was leaking when we bought it but that was all that was wrong with the vehicle. Just got a call that the head gasket needs to be repaired, is very costly, and I can't have the vehicle for 4-days! And I gave up a 1988 Honda Accord with over 350 original Km on it and no problems at all.
Jim Mowery Lost Creek, WV 2000 Legacy 2.5L 108000  
Jon Tepper Newton, MA 2000 Outback Wagon 2.5L 72,000 Severe overheating and coolant leak just developed. Compressoin test OK, but dealer noticed bubbles spewing with coolant from overflow reservoir, and determined that it's an 'internal head gasket leak'. I did have dealer to the recall service, putting the conditioner into coolant system in May 2004, so my car is covered by the 8 yr/1000K mi. warranty, ,but that's for EXTERNAL leaks only! Since I apparently have an internal leak, it's not covered, and I'm reduced to pleading for mercy with 1-800-SUBARU3 phone rep. for some adjustment. Still in negotiation as I write this. The cost I was quoted to replace the 2 head gaskets is $1700-2000, parts and labor. If I don't get an adjustment, I don't know what I'll do. I can't believe this is happening at only 5 years and 70K miles! I also had to replace the front wheel bearings in January 2005, at a cost of almost $800 -- again, 'unusual', in the opinion of the mechanic, but also not a covered repair, as the powertrain waranty expired at 60,000 miles. Is this car a lemon or what?
Marlon Brampton, Ontario 1998 Legacy 2.5L 240,000 I've bought my Subaru Legacy at a local Subaru dealership. After a week of driving the car, I noticed that the car was overheating. I've added coolant to the radiatior, had the cooling system flushed several times, replaced the thermostat, and replaced the radiator, but the car was still overheating. I took it back to the Subaru dealership where I've pruchased the car and have them pin point the problem. They found out that the cylinder head gasket was blown and the cost to replace it ia a little over $2,000 cdn.
Paul Cashman North Reading, MA 2001 Legacy 2.5L 108,000 Cracked head gasket -- engine had to be rebuilt at cost of $3800. The price was higher than the original estimate because the rebuilder could only get certain parts from Subaru, since they haven't released the specs and there are no aftermarket parts.
Brian Spahnie Brunswick, OH 2001 Forester 2.5L 95000 Head gasket is blown one week after 60,000 full service done at dealership. I think this should have been seen at the checkup and not hopefully caused by the checkup.
Troy Roncaglione Rockville, MD 1998 Impreza RS 2.5L 62,000 a lot of overheating problems
Tom Hagen St. Paul, MN 99 Forester 2.5L 90,000 Dealer wants 3,600 to fix
Michael Dwyer Katonah, NY 1998 Outback 2.5L 117,000 UGH.........
Cheryl Duby East Dummerston, VT 2002 Legacy 2.5L 64000 I am told by subaru dealer that my cars vin# does not fall under the recall for the head gasket failures.
Don Oakes Harpswell, ME 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5L 172k I guess I'm lucky to have made it to 172k. I was hoping to go to 200k. other than this, this car has been perfect.
sean curiel Santa Barbara, CA 1998 Legacy GT 2.5L 94k Looks like my story is common. Suddenly overheated, leaking coolant, took it in and BHG. Of course just 10k or 1 yr past my extended warranty. Repairs plus needed maintenance will be $2500. Is it even worth it?
Claude Bradley Olive Hill KY 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5L 148,645 I was very diaspointed because I just owned the car for a month when the head gasket blew,and I always wanted to purchase an Outback. I am a little aprahensive about another purchase.
Didier Balcaen Naples, ID 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5L 77,000 Found out I joined the club of headgasketitis.Blew mine around 77,000. Repairman knew right away the problem and admitted poor HG design.Has seen lots of Subaru with same problem. No refund as 99 Legacy phase 1. Subaru Corporation obviously denying the problem. Won't go away by ignoring it. Time will tell. Did I hear class action suit. Count me in!
charles dockter pound ridge ny 2000 legacy outback ltd 2.5L 60k and 101k First time I blew a gasket Subaru told me that was unusual. (2003) Now it looks like both sides are weeping - the plastic air dam should be called a "drip skirt"
Susan A Wolfe Edinboro, PA 2000 Forester L 2.5L 81,115 both head gaskets have blown, they say internal leakage so not covered under extended warrenty from recall in 2004
John C. Robinson Brantford, Ontario, Canada 1999 Legacy GT 2.5L 130,000 Had a continuing over heating problem, tried everything thermostat, flushed coolant twice, check water pump, checked chemical levels in oil everything came up empty. Now after all this work and time and inconvenience I find out its the head gasket.
John Elliott Tacoma, WA 1999 Kegacy GT 2.5 30A 2.5L 110k Have had intermitent overheating issues for 10-15K miles. Car is currently in hte shop with a blown head gasket. I guess it finaly got bad enough to show up as oil in coolant.
Chris Spencer Canaan, NH 2001 legacy outback wagon 2.5L 103000 dealer found left head gasket starting to leak.last subaru I will ever own.please advise if any class action is started. I am furios at subaru for putting in an additive to push the problem past 100,000 miles.I see now how Subaru stands behind there vehicles and I will let every single person I can know about it
nate rudd minneapolis MN 1999 outback wagon 2.5L 70k Head gaskets replaced after car overheated and found loss of coolant (no external leaks detected). Apparently the exhaust gas was getting blown into the coolant system. Plastic oil seperater plate not doing its job and leaked oil into the clutch which had to be replaced as well. Had problems with a chattery clutch from day one and the dealer techs allways told me it was normal for this car. Maybe it was normal becuase so many are defective... UPDATE (7/10/05): I talked with SOA rep and he gave me the run help with the
defective clutch inspite of documentation of the problem while under help with head gasket because not on VIN list. They did offer to give me a customer loyalty incentive: money towards a new subaru--HAH! I would love to see something become of this site after seeing all the irritated subaru owners and bad service from SOA
Carol Ansel Mystic CT 1996 Outback Legacy 2.5L 100,000 Same old story...tried an $80 thermostat first, then had to spring for the $1,400 head gasket replacement at the mother-in-law had the same problem a couple of months later with her 1995 Legacy.
Tony Beden Salem, Oregon 1998 Legacy Outback 2.5L 84000 Started to overheat at 80,000, had everything replaced water pump, thermostat, radiator. Off to get the head gasket replaced even though it shouldn't need it. Went out and picked up a new Honda last weekend, will never look at another Subaru!
Jakub Toronto 1998 Legacy GT 2.5L 120k Just bought this car 2 weeks ago, seemed like in mint condition. The wife drove it for 2 weeks with no issues. I took it out last night, and drove it a bid hard on the highway. Got off, and it started puking coolant. The classic simptoms, bubbling coolant. It never happened again so far, drives fine around town. I bought it cause I read how Subarus last 300-400k, aha..what a joke. I wish I would have come across this site before. I would have never bought this junk had I known about this issue. And I was almost ready to get rid of my car for a Subaru, I think not!
Sam Letzring Jemez Springs, NM 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5L 195,000 Problems started when water pump failed at about 120 kmiles. Replaced pump and things seemed to be OK for another 50K- then the usual head gasket symptoms appeared- wouldn't suck the coolant back from the reservoir- finally it just dumped all its coolant. Started replacing head gaskets yesterday.I find SUBARU's to be a very high maintenance car. HAve already replace all four driveshafts, all wheel bearings all struts twice- alternator, water pump. Compared to my AUDI quattro with >500kmiles- Subarus are junk!
Gary WA 1996 Outback 2.5L 120,000 Dealer says blown head gasket. $2200 to fix.
Brian Frounfelker Antioch, Illinois 1997 Outback 2.5L 110,000 The head gasket started going at 75,000 but I made it last til 110,000 This is the suckest car I ever owned.
K Allen Belmont, WA 1999 Legacy GT 2.5L 75000 Writing this for my husband who's not car literate. Head gasket replaced at 50k but dealership in Burlington, VT took time replacing everything else before doing the head gasket. They had given us back the car before replacing the head gasket, claiming it was fixed and it overheated again. Car overheated again at 70k miles. Dealership in MA replaced everything else even though I told them I suspected the head gaskets again. Ended up the VT dealership did a bad job with the head gasket job and the gaskets were redone. But before the gaskets were done, the dealership gave us back the car twice, claiming it was fixed but it overheated both times. Can't believe the poor quality of the car and the incompetence of the service depts. IMHO, I never liked this car, particularly for the price my husband paid for it. Recently, at 75k, the car stumbled and won't start. Dealership says it's something in the engine, won't know until they take it apart. I'm betting that, with the many occurrences of overheating that something failed prematurely. I was tempted to not have it fixed but I should and then have SOA cover it or sue the dealership and SOA to recover costs, I'm that mad!
Kolyn Radbourne Vancouver, BC, Canada

1998 Forester

2.5L 197000KM Had the car overheat on the Hyw in May. Diagnosed as a t-stat all good for a month. Another hyw trip and experianced a spike in coolant temp followed by and imediate drop and then stedy overheating. Found most of the coolant had spilled out of the overflow. When it was all apart found sings of oil and coolant mixing in #4 coolant ports
Ramona Palmer New York 1998 Forrester 2.5L 118,000 The timing belt went, but they are still having problems, think it may be the head gasket.
Kurt Strawser

Millerstown, PA

1999 Forester 2.5L 90,900 I didn't realize that Subaru had a HG problem until my Forester needed both replaced. This will probably be my last Subaru.
M. Lengowski

Newburyport, MA

2001 Outback 2.5L 40,000 Head gasket blew. Engine overheated. Additional overheating problems caused by improperly installed fuse block which prevented second fan from ever working. Head gasket was replaced at no charge and coolant additive used. No problems since. Also, alternator failed at 70,000 and A/T acceleration has 1-2 second delay which is annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Will never buy another Subaru.
Steve Western Australia 1998 Outback 2.5L 160,000 My passanger side head went at 100,000 miles & with obvious proof from the damage that it was from a factory fault Subaru supplied the head but no costs after that. I argued that if the passenger side is faulty so would the drivers side, but thay refused & 30,000 miles later it went!
Jeff Weisenburger Lakewood, CO 2003 Forester 2.5XS 2.5L 56,233 Noticed a slight smell of antifreeze. Reservoir was almost empty. Subaru Dealer advised it was a blown head gasket. The engine was pulled and gaskets replaced (July 8, 2002) at 28,720 miles. Still under warranty. Since then, the anti freeze continues to go down but no noticeable leaks. Sure glad I purchased the extended warranty (80,000 miles). I believe the coolant is leaking out and immediately burning off only when the engine is hot. I suspect the Dealer will be pulling the engine again sometime soon. The car now has 56K. I will bring the car in for the 60K service before it turns 60K and take advantage of the original drive train warranty. Also, my air bags went out. The dash indicator was on all the time. The air bag control wire harness and clip had to be replaced at 54,070 miles which the extended warranty took care of.
Andrew Klyman Westhampton, MA 2002 Forester S 2.5L 84K I've just received the (expected) bad news about the headgasket, including the "it's an internal leak so it's not covered" bullshit. I had the radiator replaced last year (SOA split the cost with me) as the car was overheating then as well. Hell will freeze over before I but another Subaru!!
Michael Aho Ft. Collins, CO 1998 2.5 RS 2.5L 64000 massive coolant leak on the way to arizona.. was told my starter bolt was loose... tightened it, drove back to colorado, continued to overheat and spit coolant everywhere. blown headgasket. (30000 miles) 3-4 months later it blew again... hasnt done it since.. (knock on wood)
Adam G Cleveland, OH 1997 Legacy 2.5L 100k At about 30k, car began overheating. I didn't notice the lower coolant levels, but apparently they were low. It sucked because it recently came back from my 30k checkup and they should have seen this. Everything was so hot that head gasket and other things blew. I don't think the head gasket was the cause. Service guy said I was burning up coolant and it eventually got too low. It took them 3 times to fix it, but after having engine all apart and replacing many things (under warranty) all has been ok since. I keep a better eye on my coolant levels now.
Kent Kajino Los Angles, CA 2000 Outback 2.5L 80000 Catastrophic coolant leak occured in 2002. Was forced to wait 1 month to get car back due to a shortage of qualified mechanics at Santa Monica Subaru. I personally have not heard from Subaru about this problem. I have had to pay for failed O2 sensors, power window switch, as well. Now, the A/C has failed (compressor & condenser), and I am forced to commute in 100+ degree heat without AC.My ownership experience with the vehicle has been terrible.
Trevor Fontaine Littleton, CO 2001 Legacy Outback 2.5L 110,000 Head gasket failed at 111,000 miles. The car was not under warranty and we were on a road trip so we had the head gasket replaced by the dealership in Grand Junction, CO. Total cost was $1,150 which included a rental car for 3 days. Now were having an issue with the coolant temp. getting hotter than normal when we drive up hills with the A/C on. We really like the car but will not buy another Subaru with this style of engine.
Glenn Tinseth Arcata, CA 2001 Legacy L Wagon 2.5L 59471 Will be fixed under warranty according to service dept manager as of today.
Ginny Hupp Placerville, CA 96 2.5 GT Legacy Wagon 2.5L 168,000 Thanks for this site. It's been a good car but now I don't know what to do. It has always eaten oil I've poured $$$ into looking for oil leaks. Dealer never suggested looking at head gaskets. Last year it overheated and they replaced the thermostat. Yesterday it went from normal temp to redline in the time it took me to get from ordering to getting my burger at In N Out. I am a conservative driver and do all the services on the car. I can't afford this repair and don't know what to do; I feel like my nice car just became worthless. Sob.
Steve Tritt Everett, WA 1997 Outback 2.5L 170K  
Kevin Buchanan Parker, CO 1998 Legacy Outback 2.5L 130,000 This car has been nothing but a headache. I will never buy another Subaru. Subaru is only getting good reviews because they're paying those off who do the advertising and reviews. Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) ought to be ashamed of himself.
Christine Truckee, CA 1997 Outback Legacy 2.5L 203k Thought it was the radiator cap, thermostat, low coolant, air bubbles, finally it tested positive for a blown head gasket. Used some radiator conditioner and it has slowed the leak enough to drive it but I still have to add coolant almost everytime I drive it. I bought the car used and now I am wondering if it had already occured once prior to when I bought the car since I have high miles already. I am bummed. I love the car but hate subaru for not dealing with such an obvious problem!
Jeff Cyrus Cincinnati, OH 1998 Outback 2.5L 127,500 Symptoms of head gasket failure began summer of 2004 and only occured 3-4 times and only on very hot days. Thought radiator fluid may have been low and just replaced. NEVER had any more problems until following summer of 2005. Same route was always being driven. Started overheating cycle again. I would replace fluid and it would eventually overheat. Took to dealer to have it looked at and was told head gasket had been cracked and radiotr fluid and oil had been mixing. Need new engine...cheaper than rebuilding head and cylinders.
Jim Markowski Whitman, MA 1997 Outback 2.5L 94300 One very cold night on the highway - Blam. Spiked temp gauge & Bye Bye head gasket. My trusted (I don't trust Subaru) mechanic replaced both sides for $1600. Along with the usual water pump, seals, etc. At 58K the dealer replaced water pump, oil pump, alternator all on warranty. They also gave me a frt brake job that lasted 10K. Refused to redo or help out on another set for me. I complained as high as I could go. No luck. 5th & LAST Subaru. Kind of sad cause these are pretty decent cars except for crappy powertrains.
Don Smith Portland, OR 1997 Outback 2.5L 128,000 I just blew my second gasket. First was about 30000 miles ago, I ran too long and blew the radiator.
This time, it's just a gasket. "Only" $1700!
Ruabus Woodinville, WA 1998 Legacy Wagon 2.5L 98,000 Blown head gasket. The stop leak didn't fix it. They still found hydracarbon's in the coolant.
M Hills Seattle, WA 1998 Legacy Outback Wagon 2.5L 108k Our car was not included in recall, but we have the internal gasket leak. Mechanic says our choices are new engine from subaru, used engine, or repair engine. All are very expensive. Further, he stated the so called sealant approach ruins radiators because it all collects at the bottom. This is the second Subaru we've had to develop a cooling problem - will never buy another Subaru and we are advising all our friends to beware. Sticking with Honda from now on.
Mark Wauseon, OH 1997 Outback 2.5L 126000 What a piece 0f ****.
Nick Troia Chico, CA 1999 Forester 2.5L 80000 I purchased my car about a year ago because I needed something larger than my 2000 Mazda Protege and something that could get me up to Lake Tahoe in the winter. After a year I have had no problems with this car until I recently took my car to Tahoe for a summer trip. It was about 100 degrees outside and the hills are quite steep and the next thing I know my temp guage is about 1 notch from the red. After I got back from the trip I took it directly to the dealer and had them check it out. They told me that my head gasket was leaking and that Subaru was going to pay to get it replaced. Four days later they say that its fixed but still overheating, now they say that the radiator is 90 percent clogged and that it needs to be replaced for 470 dollars. Well got it out today and took it on a 3 hour road trip immediately after it came out and it was 104 outside. Ran it pretty hard and no problems but since I am your typically broke college student I now don't have money for books, which kind of sucks. Anyways, problem seems to be fixed for now but everything I have read has me worried that I may not be able to afford this car's problems.......!?
Peter Carpenter Plainfield, NJ 1997 Legacy GT 2.5L 95000 Sudden overheating, no prior leaking, coolant all over engine compartment after being forced out the reservior. very well maintained car. I have written to Subaru and I am awaiting a response.
Robert Marriott Herndon, VA 2000 Outback Wagon Limited 2.5L 42789 In January 2004 I noted that my wifs car was smelling like burnt coolant. Kept an eye on things noted white smoke from exhaust. Found burnt smelling coolant on garage floor. Had dealer look at it and diagnosed BHG laft cylinder. Repairs covered by Subaru A month later recall to add sealant to coolant. Had extended warrantee not used since I had less than 60,000 miles on the car. Car used ariund town, Northern Virginia no Mountain driving, No towing, No very cold temperatures.
frank b. sicklerville, nj 1997 legacy gt 2.5L 120000 the obvious blown head gasket.
Bill Monroe Bellingham, WA 1996 Outback 2.5L 160000 Engine did all of the things previously mentioned by other posters. Tried the usual suspects, radiator, themostat, ect. then read up on the internet. Head gasket fixed the problem.
David Johnson Seattle, WA 1999 Outback 2.5L 80023 There was no sign of overheating. It seemed a little hot after a long drive but the temperature guage never read hot. When we took it to the dealer for other work they said the coolant was a "little" low so they checked for "hydrocarbons?" in the coolant and found them. $3000 later we had two new head gaskets and a lot of new parts that they recomended replacing. It's our first and last Suburu.
Rodney Mills Fairmont WV 1997 Legacy GT 2.5L 175000 Started with mild overheating and one day completely went. I know I should fell lucky cause many people had half the miles when their's went, but I feel if it were designed to last like they advertise their cars are, I should never have to replace a Head gasket, especially the way I drive and take care of my car.
Martin Lamarque Menlo Park, CA 2000 Legacy Wagon 2.5L 57416 Today, when I disconnnected the spark plug cables, a lot of oil came out of the space where it enters to grab the spark plug. I took this car in when they recalled for coolant additive. A few months ago I notice that the coolan reservoir was empty. But I didn't make the connection. I went to the dealer and bought coolant at $22.oo/gallon. It says Isuzu on the container!
Scott Sellers Quakertown, PA 1998 Legacy Outback 2.5L 107000 Overheating and purging into the overflow. I thought it was the waterpump, but to be sure, I bought a new thermostat; I cut the old one in half so it was always open and put it back in - water was pumping like a garden hose at idle. I put the new thermostat in (and some stop leak) and hoped for the best. 10 miles later there was foam everywhere! I am now another victim of the 98 2.5 headgasket.
Dave Plaut Hanover, NH 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5L 117k noticed discolored coolant at 100k - at 117k the overheating and bubbly overflow tank hit - replaced HG's, timing belt and water pump for $1450 - runs fine for now - getting good gas mileage - but sign me up for class action since this is clearly a fundamental design flaw -also, I'd love to hear from recovering HG victims about the prognosis following repair - am I naive to think I'll get to 200k without another disaster ?
Matthew Ransom Lindale, TX 2001 Forester LS 2.5L 65,000 Head gasket leaking. Cooling system pressure tested. No leaks found. I'm calling about service recall bulletin WWP-99. I don't believe it was ever done.
Kevin Wiggin Falmouth, Maine 1997 subaru legacy outback 2.5L 85000 Approx. 2 yrs ago, my car overheated.I replace the thermostat -it worked for about 1 mile so I thought I had a bad thermostat. I bought & installed a Subaru thermostat which worked for about 10 mi and the temp shot up and down repeatedly. I finally talked to a "subaru only" service station owner & found out the problem was the head or head gasket and was told to get rid of the car. The station owner also sells used subaru and refuses to deal with a subaru containing that engine. He also said that Subaru refuses to admit that the problem exists, but that he replaces several gaskets a week.
Billy VanRamshorst Lansing, IL 1999 RS 2.5L 93000 Had coolant in oil, and exhaust gasses going into cooling system. I thought I would need a whole engine until I called the dealer. They were very helpful in helping me figure out what was going on and what to do. In the end, Subaru paid for repairs of the external leaking, and I paid for the repairs of internal leaking.....which ended up being $700. Cheaper than I thought it would be, but a hefty price if it seems like every 2.5 has the same problem
Laurie Cohen-Ringler Denver, CO 2000 Forester 2.5L 76,000 I just bought the car used in December '04. This will be the 2nd engine. My mechanic is replacing for 0.
Cary Xiong Pontiac, MI 2000 Impreza 2.5L 119,000  
Lucy Scott Ronceverte, WV 1998 Subaru Forester 2.5L 145,000 First overheated , used up all coolant, then a few days later, radiator busted, and blew the head gasket. this car has been nothing but trouble!!
Bill Strauss Chaffee, NY 1996 Legacy Outback 2.5L 129,000 My vehicle has started overheating, I can see bubbles coming up through the antifreeze in the overflow, I think this is exhaust gases entering the cooling jacket throught the head or head gasket. My theory is that the exhaust gases are displacing the cooling fluids from the block and pushing it out the overflow. When it is overheating the overflow and radiator are full, when it cools it draws the overflow fluids back into the radiator and then I top it off and it's ok for a few days. When it overheats I also loose interior heat which makes me think the block is emtied out, the radiator and overflow are full but I am overheating. I just replaced the t-stat and radiator cap but no difference. What do you think, ever heard of this happening?
Eric Rekstad St. Paul, MN 1998 Legacy Outback Wagon 2.5L 120,000 Purchased from a used car salesman. Had a beautiful brand new radiator. Shined up very nice. Began having temp spikes within a month, though only when I drove. My wife's conservative driving style helped the car last about 8 months and 12,000 miles before the gaskets blew beyond nurse-ability. Decided to replace them myself. Finished yesterday. Thanks for the page(s), Skip. Wish I'd found them in time to keep from buying the car. Glad I found them in time for my repair.
kevin Raden alden, ny 2004 forester 2.5L 15000 turbo charged-noticed low level anti freeze. smells of burning anti freeze when hot. dealer told me using antifreeze is normal. what am i an idiot?


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