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Brian Carroll King of Prussia, Pa 97 Outback 2.5L 72,000 Read Subaru's reply
DW LSR3177 Keyport, Wa 98 Outback 2.5L 94,000 Subaru's reply: 1/30/2003 "We are sorry to learn of the circumstances that prompted your contact. No technical bulletins have issued in reference to the condition you have described. Therefore, we must rely on the expertise of an authorized Subaru Dealership to handle this matter. Because they have the advantage of a hands-on inspection your local Subaru Dealership is in the best position to inspect the vehicle to address your concerns. Unfortunately, the life expentancy of any mechanical component is indefinite. As a result, we issue the Subaru Powertrain Warranty with the hopes that any problems you may experience will be taken care of without expense to you. However, as you may be aware, that warranty expired at 60,000 miles. Beyond the warranty period, we are not in a position to offer financial assistance with repairs unless there is a recall on the component. There are no open recalls pertaining to your vehicle at this time. Should a recall ever be issued on this, or any other vehicle component, we will contact you by mail. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to call our Customer/Dealer services Dept at 1-800-SUBARU-3. Best Wishes."
Richard Cook San Mateo, Ca 99 Forester 2.5L 89,000 Weeping external
glee29 Columbus, Ohio 02 OBW Limited 2.5L 22,000 Driver side head gasket failure. Replaced under warranty
Robin Einzig Medford, MA 97 Outback 2.5L 82,000 Water pump suddenly failed. It was repaired, I was told all was fine. First day out on the highway, the car overheated, and it turned out that all head gaskets were blown. I've just heard of TOO many people with similar or even identical stories. I hope many of them sign this guestbook. Thanks so much.
Jack Wiggins Oregon 97 Legacy 2.5L 100,023  
Bill Costello Athol, Ma 98 Forester 2.5L 117,000  
Mark Harpers Ferry, WV 00 OBW 2.5L 103,800 Had an external coolant leak, head gaskets replaced at 102,558 miles on 8/26/03. We had the car to a Subaru dealer at 26K and 45K for loss of coolant which they said was a normal amount of loss, and "dealer could not duplicate". Opened a case with Subaru, hopefully they will offer some goodwill toward the repair. Other than this we love the car, will likely get another Subaru, just not a 2.5L.
Carl Strathmeyer Lunenburg, MA 97 Outback Limited 2.5L 130,000 Called Subaru customer service, they deny any pattern of HG failure. I note on the web that they have redesigned the HG SIX times, however!!
Frank Smith West Virginia 97 Outback Wagon 2.5L 187,000 Both head gaskets blew. Engine gasses enter the radiator and blow out the coolant, thus causing sudden overheating to redline w/in two minutes. Others I've known w/this engine have had same problems with far less mileage. The local dealer gets on average of 3 head gasket job per week in a this small city. Its a shame that Subaru lie to their customers and refuse to recall these engines! One reason that I bought one is that back in the 80's they would correct faulty components usually w/in 2 years. Their cars are overpriced and the engines loose rattle buckets. I have yet to find one that doesn't have noisy valves at least until warm up. Heat shield rattle, etc. makes them embarassing to drive. Subaru USA, you better get your act together, because you lost a lot of long time customers!
Tim Halsey Seattle, WA 98 Outback 2.5L 105,000 Head gasket blew at 105000 miles and now cylinders are losing compression at 125000 miles. I have to get a new engine. This is not a car for mountain driving!
Aaron Kauffman South Bend, IN 00 Outback Wagon 2.5L 67,000 Complete crap that this happens with such low mileage.
Conrad Lotze Hedgesville, WV 99 Forester 2.5L 102,000 Thanks, Skip
Todd Cobaugh Easton, PA 99 Outback 2.5L 116,000  
Ian Ayers Charlottesville, VA 99 Legacy Outback Wgn 2.5L 99,000 Head gasket went. Warranty replace. (lucky with 100k add sec.) Now warranty is over (103k) and the oil separator plate has started leaking. Thanks subaru technicians! I'm pissed.
Natalie Oakland, CA 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5L 72,000 Started overheating, took it in, $2700 later has a new head gasket and clutch.
B. Smith Halifax, NS 98 Outback Ltd 2.5 130,000km (78,000 mi) I bought Subaru because of perceived reliability, never again!
Evstatin Krastev 98 Legacy 2.5 85,000 Was spitting the coolant and over-heating. New head gaskets fixed it for now. I like the car. Hopefully SUBARU will try to keep the image by helping with the expenses to change the head gasket and designing the right head gasket for the 2.5-litter engine.
Patrick Olsen Pearl Harbor, HI 1997 Legacy 2.5GT 2.5L 59,750 and 75,000 The car overheated once, limped it home, discovered the overflow tank had puked coolant all over the place. Replaced the thermostat and radiator cap with Subaru OEM parts. A few days later, the same thing happened. With my warranty about to expire, I figured I'd better get it to the dealer. Diagnosis - blown head gasket(s) (I don't know if it was just one or both). While still within the 1yr/unlimited mileage parts warranty I experienced the same symptoms. Went back to the same dealer (this was back when I lived in southeastern CT) and they performed the repairs again. This time they used the newer 4-layer gasket. 45,000 miles later (as of Oct '03) I haven't had another problem.
Charlie/AKA Charlie-III Ringwood, NJ 1998 2.5GT wagon 2.5L 1st-96K, 2nd-~70K on engine I had the first set blow right after a dealer did a coolant flush/fill. Dropped in a junkyard engine and just had it blow a gasket set.
brad edwards douglasville, ga 98 impreza 2.5rs 60's & 80's this happened in october 2001 & october 2002!
GS Fort Worth, TX 1998 Outback 2.5L 98,000 Actually, I'm not posting this for myself but for my father and also for my close friend, both of their Outbacks ('97 and '98 respectively, had blown head gaskets at about 96K each. They were diagnosed as "cracked engine block". I am now struggling on if I should replace the head gasket in my own 98 Suby pre-emptively.
Bill Drayer Harrisburg, PA. '98 Outback Wgn 2.5 DOHC 166,000 Car running good until timing belt tensioner mounting bolt snapped. Cheap Jap steel! One stinking bolt trashed the valves. What a bunch of crap. Warning: if you change your belt replace that bolt(and tensioner).
Roger Treadwell Deering/NH 98 Forester 2.5L 102,000 Changed both sides myself. Found your site half way through the job...
Glenn Andersen Waterbury Center, VT 98 Outback 2.5L 124,000  
Mark Wardenburg St. Louis MO 1998 Forrester 2.5L roughly 74,000 I think my heads are getting ready to go too. Temp gauge started to rise on its own. Had the thermostat replaced 2 weeks ago ( Last week of Nov. 2003 ) Now after about 10 minutes on the highway at 65mph the temp goes all the way past the H then it will drop down to mid range once or twice but pretty much pegs out at H. I can see the fluid boiling in the resevoir and it is being pushed out of the resevoir. Mechanic just had the radiator boiled and reinstalled today. I'll know if it overheats on my way home.
Andrew McCarlie BC Canada 1998 Forester 2.5L 120,000 km Blew very suddenly 5 mins out on Freeway. Car meticulously maintained using Mobil one from 30k kms. Engine in perfect order once taken down.The Subaru dealer made the comment that it was in better condition than some he had seen taken down at 30k kms. The valves were like new etc. Failure was due to poor gasket material by the look of it. Not altogehter disimilar to the 3.0L V6 gasket problems of Toyota. Mind you they admitted the problem and have a recall on them. I will be writing to Subaru to see what they can do but after reading this website hold little hope of that. The NTSA site at is also a place to log your problems .
Olli Salminen San Diego, CA 1998 Outback 2.5L 53,000 Head gasket blown, although I am a very conservative driver and the climate is mild. Go figure.
Rupert Liddiard Salt Lake City, UT 1998 Outback Wagon 2.5L 107,000 First symptoms were overheating and coolant overflow at 100,000. It has been the best part of a year before the symptoms returned (sporadic loss of interior hot air, coolant gauge maxed, etc.) No need to test for combustion gas in coolant, it smells like the tail pipe already. A good friend who also has a 97 Wagon has recently had his head gaskets replaced after experiencing overheating problems also. This is clearly a design fault of the heads/gaskets (as evidenced by the multiple Subaru re-designs of the gaskets). It is more than disappointing that Subaru does not consider this a recall. Circumstantial evidence suggests a 20% failure rate. Head Gasket failure during the normal course of operation is very rare these days (unless there is an inherent fault). I will be repairing this problem myself but have lost faith in Subaru (after also previously owning a 1986 wagon). I can no longer consider Subaru a manufacturer of above-average quality (or of above-average customer service).
Tom COderre Blandon, PA 99 Forester 2.5L 71125 Replaced external HG's at 42k along with water pump. Same symptoms reoccuring at 71k. TWO HG replacements on a '99 with 71K?!?
e. jachemcyk scarsdale , ny 2000 obw ltd 2.5 50070 presently being repaired under warranty.
Michelle Eugene, OR 1997 Loyale Outback 2.5 109,000 Just bought the car 2 months ago, part of the thermostat was removed (by dealer?)to cover up the blown head gasket. Car didn't overheat because coolant was constantly running through the engine. Mechanic replaced thermostat and car overheated within 10 minutes. Last car I owned,a 1991 Loyale, also had blown all of the seals, with repair costing more than value of car. I used to love Subaru wagons. I am feeling very distrustful of all Subarus at this point. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do except go deeper into debt.
Bill Bangs Saint Charles, IL 2000 Outback Wagon 2.5L 45,623 Was first advised of this condition by my son in Colorado who drives a '97 Outback wagon after he learned from his mechanic that head gasket failure is not confined to just '97s. I have every confidence that our fabulous dealer (Gerald Subaru in No. Aurora, IL) will do everything in their power to make our car right. The guestbook has been printed and mailed to them for comment. As soon as I hear from them, I will report back to you all.
Tom nelson Olalla, Washington 2000 Forester 2.5L 74,000 Head gasket failure, allowing coolant to leak outside of head, maybe inside too.
Steve Niles Street, MD 1999 Forester 2.5L 120K  
Brian Belgarde La Crescenta, CA 97 Outback 2.5 140000 Thanks for the info Skip - I really appreciate it.
Eric Sanders Boulder 96 Legacy Wagon 2.5 97K Terrific resource. Your work is much appreciated. So much for the "Bullet-proof" Subaru reputation.
Marc Nevinski Minneapolis, MN 2000 OB Wagon 2.5 64000 Right side HG leak found by my mechanic (not dealer mechanic). Took car to deal and they replaced the right HG under warranty despite being 4000 miles over.
R. Connelly CT 2002 Outback/Wagon 2.5L EJ251 13,426 During routine service the dealer discovered L/S head gasket seeping. The car has 13k on it! Scheduled for warranty repair this week. I have found many instances of similar failures with recent vintage Subaru 2.5L engines in a few minutes of searching at in the newsgroups. Come on Subaru of America! Extend the warranty on this issue! Thank you Skip, for your efforts here.
Mike Bopp Rochester, NY 2001 Outback Ltd 2.5 42000 Drivers side head gasket leaking. Both sides replaced under warranty.
Carl Abildso Bowie, Maryland 1998 Forrester 2.5 61000 I'am on my third "RU" and always felt the cars were bulletproof. However this is somewhat disturbing news. I learned of your website from a good friend in Northern Virginia. His 97 Legacy 2.5 overheated twice at 110,000 miles. Both times the dealer could not diagnose anything. They guessed it was either a bad headgasket or a cracked block. Since the car was now unreliable he sold it. Another long time customer lost.
Mike Anderson Salt Lake City, UT '98 Outback Wagon 2.5 L 110,000 Bubbles coming up through the coolant overflow bottle. I'm replacing the engine with a remanunfactured 2.2L motor from CCR. No more 2.5L motor for me, thank you!
T. Le Chicago, IL 1998 Legacy 2.5 59,000 Car showed all the classic signs of BHG (I also have a 91 Supra so I'm very familiar with BHGs), dealer pressurized cooling system and found squat. Duh, 15 psi vs 140+ psi of compression? Come on. Told them I did a combustion block test and it failed, so they took my word for it. Luckily, I had the extended warranty so that covered the repairs.
Jake Morgan Pike, New York 1999 Outback 2.5 DOHC 140,000 Head gasket blew and car overheated. My wife pulled over and shut the car off. We had it towed to the dealer and were told it had air in the radiator and they vacuumed the air out and they said everything was fine. My wife drove the car to work the next day and exactly the same thing happened. It overheated, she pulled over and let it cool and called AAA. The car was towed and we were told it needed a new thermostat. I asked if they could check the head gaskets, and after some prodding they agree to check them. They found the leak this time but the damage had already been done. One warped head, and a very very small crack where the radiator end cap is crimped on.
Norton Rodstein Phila Pa 97 Outback 2.5 85,000 I've driven Subarus and Hondas for years. My last Subaru before the Outback was a 94 Loyale Wgn. which was a great car, I learned to put up with the oil leaks which seemed to be never ending. I fixed them myself only to have them reappear. I'm not a novice mechanic, I'm certified to rebuild airplane engines and air frames and have restored antique Cord automobiles. The Loyale engine had design faults but was repairable and dependable. The phase 1 2.5 engine is an abomination. When my head gaskets failed I torn down the engine (to the crank) bearings were thin, pistons scored, wrist pins looked as though someone had been teething on them. I checked the heads, they weren't warped so it was simply head gasket failure because of poor design I suspect. I won't put this engine back in again. I'm in the process on fitting a 2.2 which I just finished going over. Subaru should do the same thing and use the 2.5s to build artificial reefs
Mike Hall Treadwell, NY 1999 Outback 2.5 DOHC 53,750 Head Gaskets went, internal leak on this one, Dealer contacted, said since not original owner not covered, Last subaru I will own.
scott wills mystic, ct 2000 outback 2.2 102,301 Blown headgasket. Almost all highway miles. $1,400 for repairs.
Anthony Dosado Plainfield, IL 99 Legacy SUS 2.5L ~92k The car has been eating oil and coolant since I had my 90k mile service done at 87k miles. Prior to that, two oil leaks were diagnosed at the front crank seal and rear oil separator cover. A shade under 92k miles, the headgaskets finally gave as determined by the local dealer this morning. Total estimate at this time is $2000. This makes me sad. SOA should be paying for this, but to make up for the travesty, they can buy me an EJ20T instead.
KS New york, Ny 2000 legacy wagon 2.5L 72.000 driver side hg leaking coolant outside.
Henry Tate paso robles, ca 1997 outback 2.5 105,000  
ttich alamosa, CO 1997, Outback 2.5L 127,000 My 1997 Subaru Outback overheated once three months ago and letting it sit and topping off the radiator "fixed" the problem for approx 90 days. Then car began to overheat after driving 40-80 highway miles. limping along, temperature gauge would rise, fall and rise again with me stopping the car each time it rose. Then, after about 20 minutes of screwing around like this, the cars' thermostat would drop and I would be able to drive a couple of hundred miles before it happened again. Thermostat was replaced 2 times by mechanic. If it is a blown head gasket, why doesn't it overheat every time I get in the car?
Mark Casell Alden, New York 1998 Outback Wagon 2.5L 133.000 Internal leak causing overheating. $2,000 repair
Alan DeWitt Salem, OR 97 Legacy Outback 2.5L 158,000  
Bob Rian Lansing, MI 2000 Outback 2.5L 34,400 After the gasket was replaced the "special conditioner" plugged up the cooling system and blew the radiator. That was not covered!
Steve Cambridge, MA 98 Outback 2.5L 55k, 75k Gaskets blew for a second time at 75k miles. First repair was under warranty, second repair's gonna be $1500.
mike golin cheshire,mass 97 legacy outback 2.5l 110,000 replaced gaskets 1-03 -were leaking
MRK610 Wildwood NJ 02 Outback 2.5L Phase 2 32,000 Noticed fluidleaking from dr head gasket while changing my oil. Tokk car to dealer and he confrimed drs H/G leaking externally. Was going to replace H/G but SOA tech support told them to add coolent conditioner. My car never overheated or spit exhaust gases into the cooling system . 4k miles later had mt #2and#4 pistons replaced with new desighned pistons to cure my piston slap noise . While the engine was out of the car had both H/G replaced . All work done under warrenty . Not one cent came out of my pocket .
Vicki Baker Putnam CT 99 OB wagon 2.5 130K Headgasket appeared fine, but had to replace exhaust valves and short block because of heat damage. I'm compiling info to see if a class action is a viable solution.
David Trzeciak San Diego, CA 97 Legacy GT 2.5L 87,000 I bought my Legacy almost six months ago cause of Subaru's reputation for quality and reliability. Three months ago I had to replace my crank seal for leaking oil and they talked me into replacing water pump, thermostat, timing belt, tensioner, oil pump Oring, and more. I noticed a brief temp spike a month ago. shut the car off and it worked fine 15 min. then last friday it happened again so i towed it back to the dealership that did my work thinking it was a fluky thermostat they put in, NO IT WAS A BLOWN HEADGASKET AT ONLY 87K! They say it will cost 2000+ to repair, I am going to contact SOA tommorow , I left a message for the service manager of the place i dropped $850 three months ago and told me about my headgasket, Now i am looking online and seeing hundereds of people like me , I am going to take this to the top!!!! call me if you want to join my crusade to get this headgasket issue recalled!!!!
Lee Summerhill, PA 2000 Legacy 2.5L 49,000 Head gasket blown on both sides of motor, leaking antifreeze and oil. Vehicle was repaired under manufacturer warranty. A few weeks later, I got the recall letter.
Gary Racine, Wi 2000 Outback 2.5L 70000 Had left side headgasket replaced at 64000 miles. I had to call Subaru & complain. They paid the labor, I paid the parts.($150) Last week I got the recall & they put stopleak in it. I just wrote a letter to Subaru & the dealer. I'm looking to get a new engine paid by Subaru.
Beth Bethel Maine 2000 Outback Wagon 2.5L 60k & 90,000 2 HG's so far I guess the next one's on me as Subaru feels two HG repairs is enough! Why recall when you can wait for the car to go off warranty?
Greg Boeddeker Saratoga, CA. 1997 Outback 2.5 99,800 Design flaw...Way too many cases for it not to be. HELP ME Subaru.
Sandra Sinclair Stockton, CA 1999 Subaru Outback 2.5L 105,366 At least it waited until 100,000...
John Noble Franklin, MA '99 legacy OB 2.5L 73,000 Intermitant overheating after high RPM situations after 2 days at dealer they managed to reproduce and have deterimed head gaskets need to be replaced. Luckiliy still under 30 day used car waranty.
Peter C Jenkins Maplewood NJ 1999 Legacy GT wagon 2.5L 60000 engine blew abt 48000 miles & at 55000 it started chronic overheating again.. i guess the Subaru dealer rebuild used the same old design faulty head gaskets with the sealant additive in the coolant... which is a patch not a cure... you have to kjeep adding the stuff every 6 months/5000 miles or you get chronic overheat again...
Jake Frederick Hazleton, Pa 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5 99,000 Had a big oil leak from front seal last year, did the belts and front seals then. did the head gaskets and water pump this year. Thanks for a great site and lots of helpful info. It saved me plenty over dealer cost
Oliver Wolff Denver, CO 1998 Outback 2.5 88,000 3rd and last Subie I'll ever buy
Irene Beazley Bothell, WA 2002, Impreza RS 35,0000 Already replaced clutch and had problems with the lights going out and the air conditioner had to be fixed
Rich Eichelberger/ richeich Tulsa, OK 1998 Legacy GT Sedan- 5spd 2.5 74,235 Well, I finally blew mine at about 74,000 miles. I guess I kind of expected it, but it still sucks. After my last run at the Oklahoma City autocross a couple of Sundays ago, I noticed a splash of coolant in the area of the overflow bottle. (I open the hood after each run to release heat from the engine bay). Hmmm... never seen that before. Well, I load up all my crap and head home, watching the gauge like a hawk. After about 5 miles, I exited off the highway and checked under the hood. Bubbles in the overflow bottle while the engine was running. CRAP!! What to do? I've got a 100 mile drive to get home, it's 5:30 on Sunday afternoon, and I don't want to wait for a ride or get the car towed. Decided to just drive it home and see what happens. Watched the gauge (which I know doesn't always indicate a problem), watched out the back window for copious amounts of steam or smoke, ran the heater and monitored for cool air, and prayed. Well, I made it home just fine, and then just kind of poked around on it for the next week or so, without really driving it. Changed the radiator cap and thermostat, just as a 'wishful thinking' kind of repair. No help. It couldn't be blown too bad. I suppose it's probably classified as a leaking headgasket, since I drove it about 150 miles after I first noticed the symptons. I'm glad it happened at the autocross, where I actually open the hood and look around a bit. If it would've happened any other time, there's no telling how long it would've gone unnoticed, leading to catastrophic failure. Looking at about $1400 at the local dealership, for both heads. With 74k miles, I'd just as soon have them both done at the same time.
steve m New City, NY 1998 Legacy Outback Wagon 2.5 L 110,000 Head Gasket about to go (leaking coolant) This is my second- I inherited one that had 80,000 miles and blew a head gasket at 110,000. I wish I had seen this site then. This was definately my last Subaru.
Shepard Sherwood Monroe Ct 97 and 01 legacy outback 2.5 98 76000, 01 67000 Does the conditioner work? Did Subaru redesign the headgaskets? Should Subaru replace all the involved gaskets noe? I will join a class action suit. contact me at Subaru told me that they did not redesign the head gaskets. Everyone should complain to the center for auto safety and th HTS. Extending the wwarranty is not a solution. People expect their vehicles to last 150000 miles without major problems.
Brad Rawson Jericho, VT '98 Legacy Wagon 2.5L 45K, 110K Veihicle purchased used 6/00 in NJ with 45K miles. Third day on road, radiator failure results in severe overheating, presumed HG failure. Dealership replaces engine under warranty. Nearly four years and 65K miles later, I pushed my luck with a presumed thermostat failure and subsequent overheating; both HG blown, leaving me stranded 100+ miles from home. Nearest dealership recommends another engine replacement ($4700-$5100 for engines with 80K miles and new HG's, warranties 30-day or 1-year, respectively). I must decide how to invest to regain my mobility. This guestbook will be a great resource as I contemplate the "if's". Ah, Subaru. I was proud, now my faith is shaken. It will hurt to jump to Team Audi, or VW, if that is the direction I must take...
John Santelli Englewood, NJ 99 Legacy GT 2.5L 84,000 The same old story: spike overheating, coolant blown out the overflow. Replace thermostat, radiator cap (who immediately thinks HG with a "good" company -- and I raced in SCCA competition many, many years ago). Intermittent periods w/o overheating, then loss of coolant, cool heater, spiked gauge. Finally bubbles and crud in radiator/overflow. Dealer finds compression leak into left #2, replaces head and gasket and eats $750 of the $1,500 for being a loyal, multiple Subaru, customer. This is in October of '03. Other 2.5s recalled in Feb. '04, but not the our '99 Legacy GT! Subaru of America says we got the best deal, as our model not included in recall after "extensive study." Riiiight! They obviously have a HG issue here, so own up and do the right thing for all failures even at our 84K highway mileage. Class action sounds good to me! This model counts as two, as my Dad used to say, my first and my last -- mainly because of Subaru's attitude re. owning-up, not that issues like this can't happen to any design, but take responsibility for ALL instances of a known defect.
Jan Crouser Poerland, OR 98 Legacy Outback 2.5L 123,124 About 2000 miles earlier, drained and flushed very dirty coolant (not oil). Coolant again showing signs of dirty buildup; overheated at 1000 miles into 4 day trip. Both heads machined. Total cost at dealer $1976 (April, 2004).
Michael Lohne Woodbridge, CT 97 Outback 2.5L 79,000  
Matt Kubiak Chino Hills, CA 00 Outback 2.5L 80,000 Class action? I can be reached at
Jeff Lawley Kalamazoo, MI 98 Outback 2.5L 58,000 Replaced head gasket and pistons (!) at 58k under warranty in February 2001. No problems since then, currently at 95k.
Jeff Muehleck Taos, NM 97 GT Wagon 5 Speed 2.5 120K Blew head gasket in first 2 weeks. Nice car bad engine design. Want new engine but car is not worth investing in.
Ken Underhill Livermore, CA 97 Outback 2.5L 135,000 I won't be buying another Subaru!
Zdenka Knezevic Atlanta, GA 1998 Legacy 2.5GT 100,500 Water pump and timing belt replaced by Subarus dealer AT 100K and they asked me if my car is overheating several times but I just said no beacuse I was doing recomended maintenance and just wanted my car in the best conditiond and 500 miles after that my car started over heating nad I went back to Subaru dealer and he said that my head gasket is blown and that I might have crack in the engine block and he said that BHG was common in 2.5 Dohc and I was sooo upset becuase I did all the maintenace there and they wiuldn't tell me anything. My boyfriend is fixing my car today. Keep m eposted if you hear anything new.
Shep Monroe Ct 98 and 01 2.5 77000 on 98 67000 on 01 Everyone should contact the center for auto safety file a complaint and check the box stating you are intrested in a class action suit.
Tim McClary Waterville, MAine 1997 Legacy GT 2.5L 99,000 Blew it and never even knew i blew it until I opened the hood.
Jeremy Scott Cumberland, RI 1999 Legacy GT 2.5L 120000 Same problem here. Had a mechanic try and diagnose the problem with no avail. Subaru dealer took 30 minutes to tell me it was the head gaskets. Now I know why it was so quick. Waiting for my mechanic to repair HG and see if problem is resolved.
Tom Karnofsky Bar Harbor, ME 97 OBW 2.5 125,000 Having driven Subarus for 25 years I was surprised to have this one overheat one day and have the dealer tell me it needed a head gasket. I asked the service manager if these engines were known for head gasket problems and he said no, just one of those things. This was in 12-03. Now they tell us the engine needs a valve job...
J. Plasters Ft. Collins, CO 97 Legacy Outback 2.2 125000 Losing coolant, no external leaks,overheating, no obvious signs of antifreeze in the oil. Mechanic is baffled. He thinks that is might be headgasket but cant tell without pulling the head. Any ideas please help. email
Alexis Mills Louisville, Ky 40207 2.5L 110,000 About a month ago it had a sweet smell and we checked the coolant and it was brown. The repair shop tested the coolant and found no hydrocarbons in it. Since then it overheated on the highway and blew all of the coolant out. The mechanic sent out the heads to have them tested - no cracks - so they rehoned them and replaced the gaskets. $1700 later we are going to trade it in. I really hate this because I loved the way it drove but after reading this guestbook I'll never buy another Subaru again.
Bob Boyle Thousand Oaks, CA 1998 Outback 2.5 125000 My problem was a .040" divit in the surface of the head. This was causing my overheating problem by allowing air to get into the system. Thanks for your website it was very useful.
Mark Sobelson Martinez, CA 1999 Legacy Outback LTD 30 yr An 2.5l 98000  
Mark Rowe Canberra, ACT,Australia 1998 Legacy 2.5 100k miles Head gaskets blew with no warning. One day a good car the next it was crap
Jennifer Pierce Denver, CO 1999 Legacy Outback 2.5L 99700 Purchased the car 5000 miles ago from an independent individual. At first oil change Subaru indicated that the car was in awesome condition. Last week, ovverheated and check engine light came on. I was not driving and do not know how long it had been hot. Blown head gasket, warped/scored head. New engine being installed as we speak at a cost of $4600. The service manager did not want to tell me that this was an ongoing problem. He finally confessed that they do 1-3 head gaskets per week! These are regular, non-turbo charged cars. Anyone had success in getting Subaru to pay for repairs? My engine is the 1st stage and therefore not covered under the warranty.
Thom Roberts Portland, OR 97 Legacy Outback 2.5L 115K It looks as though I have joined the ranks of those suffering from a blown head gasket on their 2.5L. It has been a painfully expensive induction.
Larry Schlabaugh Greeley, CO 96 GT wagon 2.5 liter 156000 because of evidence of blow by (soot in intake manifold) I got a rebuilt engine from CCR.
S. K. Foley Coopersburg,Pa 1997 limited outback wagon 2.5L 94,000 Took car in for 90,000 tune up.Engine was flushed,two days later thermostat went crazy. Took it back to Subaru and they said it was a head gasket and unrelated to tune up and engine flush. Subaru claimed no responsibility
John Swistak Meriden, CT 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5 148,000 $1800 to fix, My domestics and '89 GL was much more reliable.
David Pringle Homer NY 97 outback 2.5l 130,000 No help from subaru
Geoffrey Isabelle Milford, CT 1999 Impreza 2.5 88000  
Mike Hall Treadwell NY 1999 Outback 2.5 56000  
Rene Giust Seattle 1998 Outback Wagon Limited 2.5L 145000 I bought this car below blue book expecting bad things. Sure enough...blown head gasket. Exhaust in the coolant. Poor engine design no doubt. I'll sink the money into the car. My 83 Subaru GL is still running strong at 160000+ miles showing no signs of quitting. Something went wrong with the 2.5L engineer needs to be slapped.
Arnie Rheingold Carlsbad, CA 1997 Outback 2.5L 91,000 Replaced head gasket last month. Total cost about $2,300. Symptoms the same as everyone else. Loss of coolant, overheating, bad smells, etc. Of course, Subaru didn't cover a 97, but it sounds just like all of the problems with 98s. Bummer. Does anyone really think that the Subaru additive will help prolong my new gasket?

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