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Twenty-One Questions Which Could Help Change Your Life

Effective counseling can help you manage your time and your life, so that you can enjoy life more and feel more satisfied.

Find Out How Counseling Can Help You

Please Check The Boxes Below If You or Anyone You Know....

Has had a mood change lately or is acting different than "normal"?

Is experiencing a serious transition or change in life circumstances?

Has had a change in sleep habits?

Has noticed a change in overall health or is experiencing unexplained aches and pains?

Has difficulties expressing needs or feelings or can't say no when necessary?

Is having problems with important relationships?

Feels lonely most of the time?

Has thoughts of suicide? **

Is having difficulty in remembering or concentrating?

Uses alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication in excess?

Is preoccupied with personal appearance and looks?

Has trouble taking time for himself/herself?

Has fears, anxiety, or phobias? **

Is expereincing difficulty in handling a job, school, or school life? **

Has lost interest in things that were once exciting or has diminished zest for life? **

Is currently undergoing a particularly stressful event in life? **

Frequently gets into arguments which rarely arrive at satisfactory results?

Has had a diminished energy level lately, particularly one for which the doctor has no physical explanation? **

Continually repeats patterns of behavior which have never "worked" or which may even be harmful? **

Would like to become more self-aware?

Finds life to be emptier than before?

A person who checks three or more of these boxes (each of which evaluates a separate area of emotional functioning) may want to explore the possibility of counseling.

Questions marked with asterisks (**) indicate a serious situation, and further evaluations should be pursued.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule a consultation, please call:


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Stephen E.Knezek - R.N., L.C.S.W.
(203) 624-7530