Sky Ape Summit

Hey, Sky Ape fans! All four of you! The Sky Ape creators are in Boston doing their yearly Sky Ape Summit. In preparation for the upcoming SA graphic novel--KING OF GIRLS--we're putting in the extra hours and drinking all sorts of caffeinated liquids to ensure that readers and retailers get the most bang for their buck. Co-creator Richard Jenkins has come all the way from his native Oklahoma to visit us here on the East Coast. We've got some great stuff to show you. Watch this space very soon for a completely renovated and revamped Sky Ape site, w/ previews of the new book. Some of the group will also be at this year's San Diego Comic-con, and next year's A.P.E. in San Francisco to sign books and generally throw down.

THANKS TO ALL THE FANS FOR THE AMAZING SUPPORT! The test run is over, kids. What you're gonna see next from the Sky Ape crew is the 8-cylinder dealie!


Live from APE