Shirts... Coming Soon


Action! Figures!

How bad ass is SKY APE publisher Larry Young? Dude has his own action figure.


Hoover, Damn!

Today is the day I announce my unrequited love for Kit Hoover. The brunette in the photo above holding the basketball and a baseball bat? That's her. As if you didn't know.

Kit Hoover is one of the hosts of ESPN 2's "Cold Pizza." Which, as it is on ESPN 2, I assume to be about sports. But it could be about cold cuts and barber poles for all I know, as I can't get past the majesty that is Kit Hoover.

Kit Hoover is perfection. Kit Hoover is unbridled sexuality in a neatly pressed pants suit. She is all hips and lips and cheekbones and nuclear perkiness that you don't normally get on morning television. She is equal parts president of the high school science team and booze-swilling cheerleader who doesn't think twice about wearing a thong under her skirt, because she's damn proud of her ass and wouldn't you be if you were Kit Hoover and you got to bring that ass around town? Fuck right you would be, Jackson!

She doesn't even know I exist. But this is temporary. My plans for world domination include having Kit Hoover at my side, riding shotgun in the chariot as my army of giant robots decimates the countryside.

Also, her name is extremely fun to say. And while it begs a vaccuum reference, you won't get one of those from me. I'm just not that kind of guy.


It's Not Too Late

For those of you heading to the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, don't miss your chance to meet, hug, or share some intimate gardening tips with Richard "Pimps Up, Hoes Down" Jenkins. He'll be at the AIT/PlanetLar booth for at least a few minutes. You will know him by his velocity.


Meet (and Possibly Touch) Jenkins

Attention ladies and free-style barbers: Richard Jenkins, SKY APE artist and one-time roadie for The Doobie Brothers will be appearing live in person at San Diego Comic Con, July 22-25. He'll be at the AIT/PlanetLar booth at various times, meeting and greeting and applying what he calls "the full tomatoes" to any curious women who drop by. Come get a sketch, pick up a rare SKY APE postcard, and check some preview art from SKY APE: KING OF GIRLS.


Pop Quiz

Who said it:
"Yup. Mustard. T-shirts. Old cans. It's what you might call a family business."

a. Ted Kennedy
b. Puff Daddy
c. Plato


Dorkin Meets the Goon Squad

We've started a new feature at the revamped skyape.com. It's called "Goon Squad," and it's basically these little interviews with comics-type folks and illustrators and writers and butchers and anyone else who happens into our field of vision. In the inaugural edition, Phil Amara chats up comics & TV writer extraordinaire Evan Dorkin.