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Toy Maker

Check out our interview with Hong Kong toy designer Jason Siu in the latest GOON SQUAD!


Put On a Shirt, Ya Hairy Bastard!

SKY APE shirts are here, so walking around naked at your Aunt Tina's house is no longer an option. Unless, y'know, Aunt Tina likes it.


Sky Ape Artist Crashes Comicon!!

The Jet Set Ladykiller Richard Jenkins was one of thousands to swarm the sunny coast of California in late July for the annual Comic Con International!! Check out his travel diary.

Becky Cloonan, the super-cool artist of DEMO, was visiting from the Shire. "Man," she commented, "all of these Lord of the Rings Fans are sooo yesteryear. Doesn't the world know that Hobbits don't live in holes anymore. We got cell phones. My favorite band is the FLAMING LIPS fer Christ's Sake!!!!" After she signed a bazillion books, she treated everyone in the convention center to an old Hobbit diddy entitled "Me Daddy-oo was in the furniture business, but he ne'er did allow much on the couch."

Publishing Magnate and lover of cotton candy, Larry Young was on furlough from San Quentin. Where he is serving a 3 year stretch for public intoxication and bar brawling. When I asked him if he had learned his lesson, he had this to say: "What can I say, when those geeks from the San Diego Chargers began makin' fun of my butterfly collection, I hadda let them have it!"

Tired of hanging out with Pros I hooked up with my Peeps! Always there when I need a friend, Darth Presley put the wind back in my sails after I was mauled by a pack of ferral Neil Gaiman fans. Thanks for watchin' mah back, Dawg!

Kickin' it with the lovely ladies of the Supernatural Law Booth. These women are actually undercover Federal Air Marshals. Robyn, the girl on the left, said "I am extermely proud to be protecting our nation from the threat of attacks from fomer members of NSYNC! What's up their ass?"

Next I decided spent some time with the Official Sky Ape Fan Club. I was shocked to find them dressed as characters from some OTHER books. Obviously heartbroken, I asked them about this and all I got was this: "Hey man, get offa' my back! 'Sides, I met some hot chicks in the Marvel Chatroom. And now I got this bitchin' 'Beast' costume. This may be THE year. Last year when a girl found out I was a member of the Sky Ape Fan club, I ended up at home with a used copy of Southern Bald Beaver!"

Here I am back at the AiT booth with the creative genius behind Electric Girl, Michael Brennan. Mike is a really fun and cool guy. He was on hand to sign his books and he even gave me an Electric Girl t-shirt. Sadly though, his legs were chewed off by the Ferral Neil Gaiman Fans.

The ever boistrous James Sime. To this day, he STILL has no clue that he was the inspiration for Paper Bob.

Unfortunately, due to an allergic reaction to something in the Pro Hospitalty Suite, I have no memory of my last 2 days at the Con. I woke up in the Phoenix airport with a gargantuan headache and a hand full of Certs. So now it's back to the studio so I can crank out some more pages for the upcoming Sky Ape Graphic Novel, "King of Girls!"



When you're not watching reruns of Austin City Limits or assembling your 12 amp vacuum cleaner in your underwear, check out...


It's the site for a very cool little toy shop in Portland, Oregon, my other home. It's not stuff you'll find at Toys 'R' Us. The toys are mostly imported from Japan, so they jack up the price, but it's still worth the trip, if only to browse. There's a cool art gallery upstairs, and some of the Kubricks are under five bucks.

PLUS!!! In an upcoming 'Goon Squad' on this very site, a short but cool interview with Hong Kong toy designer Jason Siu. C'mon, it's not NFL season yet, you got the time, Judy.


Larry Young on Comics, Beards

Here's a cool interview with SKY APE publisher Larry Young. The SKY APE bit he's referencing is from the legendary "lost issue" that appears in Volume One.



If you're walking down SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon, and you pass Pastaworks or Fresh Pot, you might notice a signboard depicting colorful happy slices of bread, and other dreamland minions. You might be pulled in by the mesmerizing doodles on the signboard. Well, I was, at least. The signboard is by Trish Grantham. 'Grantham' is a town in New Hampshire, which has nothing to do with it! So...uh...check out her stuff. Man, it's like a video game you don't even have to play.



Dan Yaccarino Meets the Goon Squad!

This time out, the Goon Squad puts Dan Yaccarino, creator of Nickelodeon's OSWALD, in the spotlight. What madness will result? Plenty!