What Do You Expect? He's from Canada.

So Jim Witt of Comic Book Galaxy doesn't "get" Sky Ape: King of Girls? Well, we'll have him know that we, the creators, don't "get" his homeland of Canada. I mean, do they do anything besides play hockey? And the women... jesus. The term "Avery Schreiber-esque" comes to mind.


Live Goons!

Some of the Sky Ape creators will be at Comicazi on Sunday, April 2, at 1:00pm to sign copies of King of Girls, feel up women, and generally do our best to bring down local property values. Ride with us, won't you, on that special day? Come correct!

And if that wasn't enough, the latest issue of Weekly Dig, a free Boston-area paper, has an interview with Phil Amara, in which he drops some Sky Ape science. Er... if anyone has a copy, please send it to us.

The Magic of Reviews

Yet another review of King of Girls, this one posing the musical question, how does Kirk's hair not catch fire.

The answer: His faith in subs.


So Much Reviews You Can't Handle This Much Reviews

Yet we continue to bring them to you. Because the world must know about Kirk.

Go here. Now.


Viva Los Reviews!

The reviews for SKY APE: KING OF GIRLS continue to roll in. Why, here are a couple right here:

Las Vegas Weekly!
Beaucoup Kevin!
Chris Sims!

Today, Wilmington, MA; tomorrow, the world!


The Paul Lynde Homepage

Oh, just go there, for christ sakes...


At Last: A Place for Your Hard-Earned Greenbacks

To understand the magic that is SKY APE: KING OF GIRLS, one need only read SKY APE: KING OF GIRLS. So if you're the type who wants to LIVE and EXPERIENCE things that lesser men only dream about while putting around MINDLESSLY in their new-wave SLACKS and Ford Escapes, then pick up a copy of SKY APE: KING OF GIRLS, which is available this week. Like, Wednesday and shit, at your local comics dealer.