The Mysterious Disaster
Trans World Airlines - Flight 800

TWA-800 found it's final resting place, approximately eight miles south of East Moriches, New York, on July 17, 1996; at approximately 8:31 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time. After an in-flight explosion, the remains were scattered on the Atlantic Ocean.

Whatever any rational individual cares to believe, there should be no doubt that it's grave was raided by politically empowered distortionists of history.

The Paris flight was a regularly scheduled flight, en route to Charles De Gaulle International Airport, as Trans World Airlines, Flight 800. TWA-800 departed from TWA's terminal 5, gate 27.

The scheduled departure time was 7:00 P.M., EDT. However, the actual departure time was delayed until 8:02 P.M., due to a passenger-luggage mismatch and a piece of disabled ground equipment. The flight was scheduled for 6 hours 9 minutes. While the flight was normally scheduled to terminate in Paris, it was re-scheduled to continue to Rome due to cancellation of a company Kennedy/Rome flight earlier in the day. However, a crew change was planned in Paris.

The total passengers and crew aboard the aircraft was two hundred thirty. Eighteen were active crew, seventeen were deadheading crew, and one hundred ninety five were passengers. The flight was roughly half-full.

The takeoff was from runway two-two 'Right.' The recorded temperature was 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius). It should be noted that the outside temperature was quite normal.

The takeoff weight was listed as 590,441 pounds, with a takeoff fuel weight of 176,600 lbs.

With three typical maintenance write-ups, there was nothing particularly remarkable about the flight.

The flight was designated as a "LIFE GUARD" flight, since it was carrying human eyes in a special shipping container on the flight deck. Large aircraft, such as the B-747, also go by the radio call sign, "heavy," as their size designation acts as a warning to smaller aircraft.

The weather at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) at 7:50 P.M. EDT was clear skies with 25 miles visibility, temperature 71 degrees Fahrenheit, dew point 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the wind was from 220 degrees magnetic, at 4 knots; with an altimeter setting of 30.09 inches of mercury.

There were four flight deck crew members on duty, as a flight engineer qualification 'check-out' was being performed. Thus, there was no shortage of expertise in the cockpit.

The captain was Steven Snyder, a check airman and the official pilot-in-command. He was occupying the right seat; as he was training Captain Ralph Kevorkian, occupying the left seat. Ralph was receiving his second "initial operating experience" training flight as part of his qualification as a captain on the Boeing 747. He had approximately 5,490 flying hours on the B-747.

Second Officer Check Airman, Richard Campbell, was occupying the jump seat across from the engineer panel. He was conducting the training of a "new hire" flight engineer.

After reaching age 60 on July 2, 1993, he continued as a flight engineer and 'check engineer' on the Boeing 747.

Oliver Krick, was a "new hire" pilot with TWA and had no previous experience as a flight engineer. He was on his sixth leg of initial operating experience as a flight engineer on the Boeing 747 and had no previous flight engineer experience.

The flight attendants for the flight were:

Melinda Torche, Marit Rhoads, Maureen Lockhart, D. C. Diluccio, Janet Christopher, Grace Melodtin, Mike Schuldt, Sandra Meade, Ray Lang, Dan Callas, Jill Ziemkiewicz, Arlene Johnson, Jacque Charbonnier, and Constance Charbonnier.

The aircraft was a Boeing 747-131, N93119, manufactured in 1971. According to the flight operations manual, the maximum certified gross weight of this aircraft was 734,000 pounds.

The aircraft departed with approximately 300 pounds of fuel in the center wing tank. As will be seen later, this fuel quantity is important. There were no indications of problems during taxi or takeoff.

As you read the material below, know that "RDO" designates a radio communication. "CAM" refers to a Cockpit Area Microphone. "DEP" refers to the ATC 'Departure Control; "CTR imeans the ATC 'Center.' The times are expressed as local time, in terms of hour, minutes and seconds.


At 8:18:21 P.M., TWA-800 is cleared for takeoff, on Runway 22-Right at JFK International.

At 8:18:48, the captain-trainee, Ralph Kevorkian, advances the power for takeoff. The gear is raised at 8:19:45. The flight is initially cleared to 11,000 feet; onto a heading of 150 degrees. The aircraft is climbing toward their cruise altitude, being radar vectored to avoid other traffic. All is normal during the climb - until the end. The aircraft will depart on a south-westerly heading, to be turned to the left, to a northeast course.

As the flight climbs and maneuvers, the pilots will retract the wing flaps and set the power, from takeoff to climb power. Initially, the flight is cleared to climb to eleven thousand feet.

8:20:00 - TWR: "TWA eight hundred heavy, contact New York Departure one-three-five-point niner; good evening."

8:20:05 - RDO-2: "TWA's lifeguard eight hundred heavy, good night."

8:20:14 - RDO-2: "Kennedy Departure, TWA's eight hundred heavy lifeguard, leaving nine hundred; climbing five thousand."

8:20:19 - DEP: "Lifeguard TWA eight hundred heavy, New York Departure radar contact; climb and maintain one-one thousand."

8:20:24 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, climb and maintain one-one thousand."

8:20:29 - CAM-1: "Climb to one-one thousand and maintain."

8:20:44 - DEP: "TWA eight hundred heavy, turn left heading one five zero."

8:20:47 - CAM-1: "Left to one five zero."

8:20:48 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, turn left heading one five zero."

8:20:51 - CAM-1: "Flaps five."

8:20:53 - CAM-2: "Flaps five."

8:21:11 - CAM-1: "Flaps one."

8:21:12 - CAM-2: "Flaps one."

8:21:26 - CAM-1: "Flaps up."

8:21:29 - CAM-2: "...say what?"

8:21:29 - CAM-1: "Flaps up."

8:21:30 - CAM-2: "Flaps up."

8:21:48 - CAM-1: "Climb thrust."

8:22:01 - DEP: "TWA lifeguard TWA eight hundred heavy, turn left heading zero seven zero."

8:22:07 - RDO-2: "TWA's lifeguard eight hundred heavy, turn left heading zero seven zero."

8:22:11 - CAM-1: "Left zero seven zero."

8:22:29 - DEP: "TWA eight hundred heavy; or lifeguard TWA eight hundred heavy, turn left heading zero five zero; vector climbin' around traffic."

8:22:35 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, turn left heading zero five zero."

8:22:41 - CAM-1: "left zero-five-zero; climb vector."

8:22:44 - DEP: "TWA eight hundred heavy, the traffic in the turn will be three o'clock and five miles northeast bound four thousand nor... - is a company seven two ...five... five in trail will be a Saab-Fairchild when you're out of five, I'll have on course."

8:22:54 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, understand."

8:22:58 - CAM-1: "He's at three o'clock?"

8:23:00 - CAM-2: "Yeah."

8:23:02 - CAM-2: "That's the problem."

8:23:19 - DEP: "TWA eight hundred heavy, direct Betty (navigation intersection) resume own navigation." (The aircraft is to now use its on-board navigation equipment, as opposed to receiving navigation information from ATC.)

8:23:22 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, direct Betty; own navigation."

8:23:26 - CAM-1: "Direct Betty; and our own nav."

8:19:52 - CAM-1: "That's alive." (Aircraft approaches navigation course.)

8:23:37 - DEP: "TWA lifeguard TWA eight hundred heavy, contact Boston one three two point three."

8:23:38 - CAM-2: "Huh?"

8:23:39 - CAM-1: "Direct Betty. Correct?"

8:23:42 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, ah.. say again the frequency."

8:23:44 - DEP: "One three two point three."

8:23:46 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, good day."

8:24:00 - CAM-1: "*."

8:24:01 - CAM: ((sound of noise of recording tape)).

8:24:30 - CAM-1: "Seems like a home sick angel here (*/awesome)." (climbing rapidly)

8:24:36 - CAM-2: "It's bleeding off airspeed that's why." (The nose has been inadvertantly pulled up a bit too high.)

8:24:38 - CAM-1: "Yeah '."

8:24:41 - RDO-2: "New York center, TWA's lifeguard eight hundred heavy, eight thousand two hundred climbing one-one thousand." (Slight confusion as to the identity of the ATC Center.)

8:24:48 - CTR: "TWA eight hundred, Boston center; roger climb and maintain one-three thousand."

8:24:53 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, climb and maintain one three thousand."

8:24:57 - CAM-1: "Climb and maintain one three thousand."

8:25:31 - CTR: "TWA eight hundred; what's your rate of climb?"

8:25:34 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, ah.. about two thousand feet a minute here until accelerating out of ten thousand."

8:25:41 - CTR: "Roger sir, climb and maintain flight level one niner zero and expedite through fifteen." (ATC needs separation for other traffic.)

8:25:47 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, climb and maintain one niner zero and expedite through one five thousand."

8:25:53 - CAM-1: "Climb to one nine zero expedite through one-five thousand."

8:25:57 - CAM-3: "Pressurization checks."

8:25:59 - CAM-3: "(takeoff) thrust go on cross feed?"

8:26:02 - CAM-?: "Ah.."

8:26:04 - CAM-1: "Yeah."

8:26:07 - CAM-3: "I'll leave that on for just a little bit."

8:26:12 - CAM-3: "Is that right?"

8:26:13 - CAM-4: "Yes."

8:26:24 - CTR: "TWA eight hundred; amend the altitude maintain ah.. one-three thousand thirteen thousand only for now." (Other traffic is conflicting with TWA-800's climb profile.)

8:26:29 - CAM-1: "Thirteen thousand." (The captain verifies that he's aware of the altitude assignment.)

8:26:30 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy; okay stop climb at one-three thousand."

8:26:35 - CAM-1: "Stop climb at one three thousand."

8:26:51 - CAM-1: "*." (The captain is frustrated at being leveled at a lower altitude.)

8:26:59 - CAM-2: "Twelve for thirteen."

8:27:35 - CAM: ((sound of click - the ALTITUDE HOLD function has been selected.))

8:27:47 - CAM: ((sound of altitude alert tone - indicates the aircraft approaching thirteen thousand feet.))

8:28:13 - CTR: "TWA eight hundred, you have traffic at one o'clock and ah.. seven miles southbound, a thousand foot above you. He's ah.. Beech nineteen hundred."

8:28:20 - RDO-2: "TWA's ah eight hundred heavy, ah.. no contact."

8:28:22 - RDO-3: "F.I.C. - TWA eight hundred." (Second officer calls TWA Flight Information Center to alert them that they are airborne.)

8:28:25 - F.I.C.: "TWA eight hundred."

8:28:25 - RDO-3: "Eight hundred with an off report ah plane number one seven one one nine we're out at zero zero zero two, and we're off at zero zero one nine, fuel one seven nine decimal zero, estimating Charles De' Gaul at zero six two eight."

8:28:42 - F.I.C.: "TWA eight eight hundred, got it all."

8:28:44 - RDO-3: "Thank you."

8:29:15 - CAM-1: "Look at that crazy fuel flow indicator there on number four." (erratic indication - not unusual)

8:29:23 - CAM-1: "....(I) see that."

8:29:35 - CAM-1: "Some where in here I better trim this thing (in/up)." (The captain is having minor difficulty in finding the 'hands-off' balance point on the controls.)

8:29:39 - CAM-2: "Huh?"

8:29:39 - CAM-1: "Some place in here I better find out where this thing's trimmed."

8:30:18 - CAM-1: "Climb thrust. " (The captain has apparently identified the fact that they are clear of traffic and will soon be given a climb clearance.)

8:30:15 - CTR: "TWA eight hundred climb and maintain one five thousand."

8:30:19 - RDO-2: "TWA's eight hundred heavy, climb and maintain one five thousand; leaving one three thousand."

8:30:24 - CAM-1: "Ollie.."

8:30:24 - CAM-3: "Huh?" (The flight engineer missed the request for 'climb power.')

8:30:25 - CAM-1: "Climb thrust."

8:30:28 - CAM-1: "Climb to one-five thousand."

8:30:35 - CAM-3: "Power's set."

8:30:42 - CAM: ((sound similar to a mechanical movement in cockpit - possible seat movement))

8:31:03 - CAM: "*."

8:31:05 - CAM: (sounds similar to recording tape damage noise)).

8:31:12 - end of recording -

Politics being what it is, the accuracy of the last seconds of TWA-800 may never be known. The voice recorder presentation suggests that in approximately the last ten seconds, the crew might have spotted trouble. We will never know.

The rest of their fate is tragic speculation; at best.

In the aftermath of the crash, hundreds of witnesses claimed to seen a missile head toward the aircraft. Some witnesses claimed to have seen more than one such sighting. Some of these witnesses were as reliable as any on the planet. Yet they were officially disbelieved with a prejudice which is staggering to any reasonable person's imagination. Trusted forensic science corroborates the witness observations. Strangely, despite the extreme reliability of some of the witnesses, or the sheer quantity, their testimony was bypassed by all federal agencies. The immediate question becomes, "How can hundreds of witnesses ALL be wrong???"

The government's implied message in their response is, "Because they HAVE to be wrong - no matter what!"

To draw on a meaningful contrast, the only witness to the truck drop-off in the Oklahoma City bombing testified that Timothy McVeigh was NOT one of the two people she saw.

Strangely, few people cared about the TWA-800 missile reports. In government circles, caring and believing were prohibited.

Those with reliable supplemental supporting information were hounded or prosecuted. The media seemed to present whatever the government claimed - with great passion.

The psychological mechanisms of politics - 'Plausible Assertion" and "Plausible Denial" altered the harsh reality of this disaster in a fashion which would make George Orwell vomit in his grave. Most would have to agree that the media may as well have been owned by the government.

Given the official recognition of the New World Order by government leaders - including the President, the haunting question becomes, "Which government are we dealing with??"

The question is more valid than most want to believe.

The Questions Continue -

It is a grievous understatement to say that TWA-800 is a tragedy in the Democratic American way life; certainly it represents a travesty of justice in the tradition of America.

The TWA-800 tragedy has produced tremendous trauma in our society with an equal amount of confusion. This has resulted in a case of sensory overload, leading to the common question, "Just how should one rationally view the disaster?"

The precise details of the downing of TWA flight 800 are almost unimportant, as opposed to the undeniable 'knowns' and their associated cover-up. The confusion comes from the question of whether or not the government scammed the investigation. Only one answer is available - YES!

Next is the question of "HOW" the investigation was scammed.

Thirdly is the question of "WHY" it was scammed.

Like it or not, we first have to visit the fact that scamming investigations is an old habit of the government agencies. The underlying principle seems to be to convince Americans that they are highly protected; and that while random accidents do happen, there is no 'cause-and-effect' worthy of investigation with subsequent changes necessary. The forced message seems to be, "Life is good - just believe that! ("Now, get back to work and shut up!")

Going to such incidents in history as the 'Hoot' Gibson B-727 tumble from altitude to the deadly B-737 rudder actuator problems, we find repeated and methodical lies and associated cover-ups. With rare exception, these acts of corruption directly relate to corporate profits.

The ValuJet 592 crash is another outstanding example of such cover-up; eloquent, but phony. The well-known FAA negligent oversight received max protection in that investigation - and still does. The subsequent electrical fires aboard the ValuJet change-over company, "AirTran," attest to the highly probable reality of a massive electrical fire aboard ValuJet 592.

The FAA has a well-documented and current history of criminal cover-ups with massive protection by other government agencies. Such is factual information, there is no need for radical opinion or conspiracy theory.

The Federal Law which mandated the FAA responsibility in the safety equation was "quietly" changed. Now the FAA optionally enforces safety, while being more famous for facilitating corporate profits of 'special' airlines.

Only a fool would think of that "quiet change" as being a legislative act of responsibility; versus blatant corruption. Hence, the incidents and accidents continue with massive FAA efforts to disguise them, or make them disappear.

We may be certain that American Flight 1420 and Alaska Flight 261 investigations are destined to receive similar treatment.

Such cover-ups and scammed investigations are not limited to aviation.

For example, the New York Times documented the FBI facilitation of the World Trade Center bombing. The Oklahoma City bombing was strikingly similar. Those who are unfamiliar should know that these events are documented facts, not radical statements or 'conspiracy' nonsense.

The 9-11 attacks on America brought home connections which would defy the imagination of fiction writers. The Muslim terrorist connection, in the case of TWA-800 and the identification of the "Project Bojinka" players in the Oklahoma City bombing, dove-tail too perfectly to be ignored.

Of particular note was the late revelation that the "Project Bojinka" menu included suicide attacks on the 9-11 targets. The Philippine government said that they informed the FBI of that fact approximately six years earlier.

Had flight crews been aware that terrorism plans had gone that far, they probably would have not made the decision to open the cockpit doors. Alternately, slide-bolts could have been installed to preclude stolen keys from being used. However bloody the outcome, it would have been far better than what 9-11 brought the world.

Conversely, the terrorists might have made different decisions if it was known that the flight crews were anticipating a suicidal takeover. Despite industry efforts, the skyjacking procedures have never been a secret from the terrorists.

The long list of sky-rage events should also have telegraphed the need for cabin crew intervention measures - independently. Murder-suicide events aboard U.S. aircraft are not new.

Returning to the TWA-800 disaster, there are too many facts in evidence to suggest that a missile did in fact take down TWA-800. Also in evidence are the details of the horrendous cover-up effort by every involved agency.

Let us note that while a terrorist act was allegedly feared from the beginning, the recovered pieces of the B-747 were immediately pressure-washed, obliterating critical evidence.

Ironically, if the NTSB center-tank explosion proposition had any factual merit, the FAA would have been at the forefront of the investigation. Instead, the FAA was quite conspicuous by its absence and silence.

Clearly, the cover-up went all the way to the White House.

The core issue is the allegation that at least one missile brought down TWA-800. The existence of literally hundreds of witnesses are sufficient by themselves. The failure to adequately interview the most credible of these is without excuse. The official discounting of the witnesses is beyond being simply, 'criminal.' While the exact details of the missile aspect are obscure, there remains the overwhelming evidence that such did happen, again, supported by the extreme measures to cover up that scenario.

Despite glaring evidence, the official government line is that a random surge of electrical energy was fed to a fuel quantity sensing probe in the center wing fuel tank, igniting the remaining fuel vapor.

While crashes such as Swiss Air 111 and ValuJet 592 illlustrated the incredibly deadly legacy which the FAA knowingly gives the world, TWA-800 was clearly not in that number, except as the only possible propaganda available.

The FAA's failure to responsibly react to the alleged cause is further testimony to the nonsensical theory, in the case of TWA-800. The well-known threat of Kapton wire and older wire types continues in the profitable, but murderous effect of Clinton's Executive Order 12866.

Even two hundred thirty 'official' electrical-wiring deaths were insufficient for the shameless likes of Jane Garvey and Tom McSweeney to initiate the desperately needed changes. The additional hundreds of lives lost in Swiss Air 111 and ValuJet 592 apparently meant NOTHING to the FAA.

That takes us to the "HOW" of the TWA-800 scam:

Perhaps the most damning portion of the investigation was the faked center-tank explosion demonstration. It would have been relatively simple to re-create the proposed (and probable) conditions of the TWA-800 flight.

However, to do so would quickly have proven what DIDN'T happen - unacceptable!

The center tank "test" allegedly "proved" that a center tank full of jet fuel vapor could be made to explode with a 1/4 milli-joule of energy, back-fed to a fuel probe.

To prove their theory, the lab DID NOT use a fuel probe; nor did they use jet fuel vapor. Nor, did they utilize a realistic voltage/current. Instead, they used a tungsten filament from a light bulb, using thousands of times as much energy, in a much smaller tank filled with a mixture hydrogen, propane, and air.

Beyond the elementary heating characteristics of the tungsten filament, any electrical engineer will advise you that an electrical arc occurs at a temperature of 10,000 degrees, Fahrenheit! In a sentence, they built a hydrogen-propane bomb, detonated by a high-energy electrical spark. There is nothing scientific, nor forensic about that "test."

For those not familiar with the 'close-in' technical details:

1. Given the wiring and circuit board construction of the B-747 Fuel Quantity Indicating System (FQIS), the 'quantity averaging' and also the 'temperature compensating' circuitry, there is no way to get the necessary electrical power (claimed by the NTSB) to the fuel probes. The component manufacturer, Honeywell, confirmed that fact.

2. Any residual fuel (300 pounds) would have surrounded at least part of one probe, providing a non-volatile (energy dissipating) current path if the alleged current could have made it that far. Only such a current path would be possible for any 'stray' energy. An open-air spark was impossible.

3. The alleged back-fed current would have been distributed equally among all the probes, diminishing any possible danger from the current.

4. The proposed electrical current requirement would have tripped at least one circuit breaker or burned any associated low-current component, wire or printed circuit board 'track.' [Lightning strikes would have done this type of damage to many aircraft before. Contrary to popular belief, aircraft are not the electrically insulated 'Faraday cage' they are desired to be.]

5. Until the aircraft had enough time to 'cold-soak' at a cruise altitude, the fuel mixture would have been more 'rich' as a result of the climb, not leaner. The fuel tank vapor is vented in the climb - to prevent the tanks from rupturing from the expanding trapped air. Thus, the climb was actually providing significant cooling, as the vapor vented overboard.

6. If the theoretic NTSB center-tank explosion did happen, the blast-pattern damage doesn't fit.

As has been illustrated before, if the center tank had exploded as the initiating event, it would have punched a force downward, through the weaker belly of the aircraft. The associated debris (such as the air-conditioning 'packs') would have marked the starting point of the debris field. Instead, that particular debris was found miles INTO the debris field.

Also, bodies above the tank would have been badly burned during the alleged initiating event - they were not.

The obvious damage in the aircraft remains strongly suggests tthat at least one missile entered from the right front, exploding in the vicinity of the left wing root. (The PA-103 wing center section came down in one piece. TWA-800's left wing was blown off.) Given the closure rates, the missile was probably doing a progressive explosion, maximizing in the left wing root area.

Here, we come to an interesting mystery. The damage to the aircraft, as well as the debris pattern suggest three separate explosions in three separate locations. The shattered cockpit is a mystery by itself, given the remains of PanAm Flight 103. That cockpit section was in one piece after striking solid ground.

In the TWA-800 aircraft reconstruction in the warehouse, it is interesting that the tail, wings and cockpit are seemingly 'unimportant.' They are not!

While the center tank fuel burned, it didn't explode. The missile blast (from the left side) would have caused the damage cited by the NTSB. Otherwise, the fuel could not have been ignited.

Independent studies indicate the IMPOSSIBILITY of the NTSB scenario!


Pictures of the recent Thai B-737 blast/fire show so much black smoke and flame (with no damage to the fuselage in the time frame of the picture) that the center tank couldn't have been so empty as to cause a vapor ignition. The same 'loaner' investigator as TWA-800 asserted that it was a nearly identical event.

Interestingly, the FBI certified the discovery of traces of a blasting substance, known as PETN in the aircraft interior of TWA-800. The 'official' claim was that the 'traces' came from a recorded test exercise of a bomb-sniffing dog.

The particular TWA-800 aircraft (per Sander's documents) was being prepared for flight to Honolulu at the time of the so-called bomb-dog test. Another blatant fabrication.

Even if there had been such a spill of 'test' material from the alleged bomb-dog test, it should be noted that blasting PETN is white in color, as opposed to the reddish-brown PETN samples illuminated by James Sanders and his wife. However, U.S. military solid rocket propellant is reddish brown.

For particularly interesting photographic evidence, a New York Times picture of the lower left front (below first-class) shows three distinct combat exit holes (petalled sheet metal). That same piece has quite obviously been altered in the re-assembly, to disguise the nature of the damage (labeled as "L-1" in the warehouse reconstruction). Other 'combat' damage has also been documented.

Also indicative, is the Presidential Executive Order which muzzled a single Navy unit in the area. The timing on the order was far too perfect to be unrelated. To be brief, it is necessary to identify the total of sub-units affected by that order.

We must also pay attention to the fact that if the TWA-800 explosion could have happened the way the NTSB wants us to believe, the CIA couldn't have legally interviewed witnesses, produced the video which scammed the viewing public; nor, could any government agency request CIA assistance, nor use the tape.

That takes us to the interesting question of, "Then, just how DID the CIA get and stay involved?"

The answer lies in an exchange of letters with Representative Trafficant. In those letters, some interesting details are revealed:

1. Presidential Order 12833, issued by President Reagan. In that order, like others, the President bypasses the Constitution and U.S. law to create an independent authority - so long as it's accepted. In EO-12333, Reagan granted sweeping powers to the CIA to do anything they want, so long as it's 'justifiable.' With a few words of psycho-babble; it became "justified."

2. The responses to Trafficant's direct questions were skilled double-talk which were terminal non-answers.

3. Some of the responses were disguised lies attesting to the arrogance of the CIA, in particular. While they alluded to the science of aerodynamics, their video was nothing more than a visual presentation of Plausible Assertion, but a lie, none-the-less. Otherwise stated, the video was NOT based on aerodynamics or Flight Recorder data. The CIA style was epitomized by their statement, "...[the CIA] consulted Boeing engineers to obtain some of the Boeing 747 technical parameters used in the CIA's modeling."

The reality is that the 'Boeing parameters' couldn't possibly have resulted in the video presentation - if applied in an honest or scientific fashion. Note that the Agency did NOT claim to have actually used the parameters in the video production - psycho-babble.

4. Likewise, the NTSB responses cleverly and methodically distorted facts and logic to an extreme.

In another set of events, Pan Am Flight 103 activist, Victoria Cummock, filed a suit against former Vice President Al Gore for pressuring her position on the airline safety issues. In that lawsuit, a CIA memo turned up, indicating that Victoria had been the subject of a CIA psychological profiling. Thus, the CIA was conducting activities against a U.S. citizen, in the domestic environment, independently of any national security interest. In theory, that was a felony.

Beyond the distortion of facts and deficiency of logic, it is shocking that the media presented the TWA-800 CIA video. The CIA video showed the aircraft exploding, then the aft section climbing 3,000 feet - impossible!

It is important to realize that the front end of the aircraft was separated. At a climb speed of approximately 300 knots, the forward pressure on the nose would have been tremendous, thus the primary internal force (causing the separation) would have had the effect of decelerating the remaining aft section. Essentially, the aft portion of the fuselage was blown backward.

The force necessary to separate the nose would decelerate the aft portion of the aircraft to an instant stall airspeed regime, coupled with the forces of the 'cup' effect of the exposed fuselage remains. The broken necks (autopsy reports) of the passengers above the shoulders tells us that's exactly what happened.

Given that the horizontal stabilizer has a built in aerodynamic downward vector (to ensure a pitch-down [stall prevention] in the event of any un-trimmed deceleration), the wings - at best would have almost have instantly stalled.

In the best-case scenario (both wings rigidly attached) the aft remains MIGHT have done a very fast loop around the center-of-lift, then stalled. No circular pyrotechnics were observed.

Such an abrupt pitch-up would have also caused the engines to have 'compressor-stalled,' killing any significant thrust.

The Defense Department 'primary' (no transponder) data clearly shows an immediate deceleration and descent of all parts.

Returning to the CIA video presentation, imagine the integrity and quality (convenience) of intelligence critical to national security being supplied by the CIA to any government agency - including the President. In a sentence, the collective effort and obvious intent of the CIA is damned frightening!

The damage in the aircraft remains clearly indicates that the left wing was blown off by the missile. In any case, there would be insufficient airspeed in the fall to separate the wing.

With the wing separation, the remains would roll, not climb. As a minimum, when the front-end separated, the wing spar would have lost a major portion of it's rigidity, with the breach of the fuselage cross-section. If anything, the wings should have folded, upward.

Examining the remains of the engines, the isolated damage to the right side of the No. 2 engine and the forward bend to a 1/3 segment of the titanium 'fan blades' of the No. 2 engine speak to a powerful explosion from the rear.

The last of the (known) valid Flight Data Recorder also indicates a massive event which is inconsistent with the center-tank explosion scenario.

There is also the 'conveniently' missing 4 seconds on the Flight Data Recorder. The ATC transponder returns indicate four seconds more power than the NTSB presented FDR data. Those four seconds would show a tremendous amount of information; yet, it's conveniently "missing in action."

The 'official' Cockpit Voice Recorder data seems to be highly questionable as well.

So, the remaining question goes to the "WHY" of the cover-up.

Let us settle for the obvious conclusion that money is typically the only motive for government agencies to indulge in such fabrications. Whether it was a matter of covering for the military, so as to protect their budget (very possibly civilian contracts), or justifying investigative agency budgets, money is the only probable issue. Typically, military careers mean little; scapegoats are easy to create.

Assuming that the electronics firm involved with the Navy defense / attack systems had a flawed product, they would be hunting for business today. Now, there's some BIG money!

The national security arena leaves another possibility. Certainly, the TWA-800 event would demonstrate the typical Navy ineptness as found with the USS Vincennes and the USS Stark incidents in the background. More recently, the USS Cole was another continuing deadly and glaring demonstration of intelligence failures, as well as military impotence and incompetency.

If TWA-800 was demonstrated to have been taken down by terrorists, the CIA would have been demonstrated to be extremely ineffective at their assigned intelligence task. Given the details of "Millenium Bombing" plot, the CIA was clearly demonstrated to have been oblivious to the plan, regardless of the later shown connection to the World Trade Center bombing. The chief character in the "Millenium Bombing" plot was caught exclusively by either a chance inspection - or alternate (non-CIA) intelligence) at the Canadian border-crossing. While the CIA attempted to take credit for the 'catch,' the reality was identified to the embarrassment of the CIA.

Most strange in the case of TWA-800 was the criminal prosecution of James Sanders and his wife, Liz. While they were able to identify evidence which cemented the missile theory, their evidence was confiscated, debunked in a totally amateur and criminal fashion; and, they were prosecuted in the style of the Gestapo or KGB. It is also worth noting that the news media surrendered the matching evidence they were holding, without a fight.

Another amazing fact in the periphery, is that court records clearly demonstrate that the BATF / FBI informant, Carol Howe - of the OKC bombing, received the same "silencing" treatment, which precluded her testimony. She had accurately warned of the Murrah bombing and it's timing. The FBI and BATF agents responded by not dropping off their children at the daycare, on that deadly morning.

While the OKC bombing might normally be regarded as extreme and totally unrelated, the Sanders-style witness and evidence treatment being nearly identical, is NOT to be separated.

Against that particular history is the passionate FBI claim that there was no evidence of a criminal act. That claim is shocking, just given the known terrorist claims to the disaster. The terrorist motivation is unquestionable, given the USS Vincennes shoot-down of the Iranian A-300. Thus, the terrorist claims cannot rationally be dismissed for any valid reason.

The terrorist claims are also clearly supported by an ambitious terrorist plot known as "Project Bojinka." One of the "Bojinka" participants, Ramzi Yousef (American Spectator - Sept. 1997), made the TWA-800 claim. He was well known to the FBI as a reliable terrorist, later to be prosecuted for the World Trade Center bombing.

One has to question what constitutes "evidence," if Ramzi Yousef is to be disbelieved.

If one cannot accept the claim of a criminal, perhaps it is worth noting that the director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism, Yousef Bodansky, in his book “Bin Laden - the Man Who Declared War on America,” cites a list of Arabic editorials, and communiqués, which claim or cite TWA-800 as a terrorist act. In a sentence, it was criminal to not have investigated the terrorist angle with a vengence. Instead, we got a video cartoon.

The frightening reality is that no amount of paranoia or conspiracy theory can match the undeniable and certified horror in cover-up of the TWA-800 case - among others. Intelligence must prevail over propaganda.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth."

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