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Course Description

  Course Maps
  South Chabot
  North Chabot

with Pictures

  South Chabot-out
  North Chabot-out
  North Chabot-in
  South Chabot-in

Course Profile

Aid Stations

Running Directions

Race Course

Maps showing the Skyline 50k course and aid stations

Chabot South(223 kb .jpg)
Chabot North(142 kb .jpg)
Redwood(328 kb.jpg)

Interactive maps with pictures linked to the Skyline 50k course

Move your mouse over the marked course to find links to course pictures. All pictures will open in a new browser window.

Chabot South outbound
Chabot North outbound
Chabot North inbound
Chabot South inbound


High-resolution maps can be found at the East Bay Regional Parks website
Chabot South (758k .pdf)
Chabot North (756k .pdf)
Redwood Park (128k .pdf)


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