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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have online registration?
Yes!  Go to UltraSignup.com and register today!

Do you have Race Day Registration?

Yes.  If you need to wait until the last minute (and I've done it ... while waiting to see if an injury would allow me to run), you can register the morning of the race, although the fee goes up to $95.  If you do this, please make sure to allow enough time before the race starts!
I've never run an ultra, and I've only run one marathon (two after next weekend), but I'm hooked, and I like the idea of running a trail endurance event. I see that there's careful attention paid to "crew access" at the various aid stations on the 50K- is a crew a must-have for a 50K?

Thanks for your interest. Marathons are great preparation for the 50 kilometer distance, though they're certainly not required.  Lots of us got started in trail ultras simply because we enjoyed hiking around and spending lots of time on the trails.
Crew ... no you do not need a crew at all. As you saw, the aid stations are frequent and well-stocked. I have never had a crew for a 50K (and Skyline was my first!), and it's always been just fine.
One thing to remember, though, is that trail races are slower for most people than a marathon. The biggest mistakes you could make are to drink less than you need or to get behind in your electrolyte needs.

What I'm wondering is if you set a limit or anything. I live in So. Cal. and I want to make sure I can get a good airfare before I mail in my check. I mean, I see that you have "cheap" deadlines, but so did Way Too Cool and I had to mail mine in the day the application was available to get in (but I was flying up to Sacramento for my birthday either way, so it didn't matter...).

Our permit from the East Bay Regional Park District provides for a limit of around 300 runners, but we have always had enough room to accomodate all race-day registrants.

Dear Race Directors, I am going to enter this year's Skyline but am directionally impaired. If it comes down to following written directions I will never be seen again. Can you arrange for Hansel and Gretel to come out of retirement and leave a trail for me to creep along?

The trail will be marked better than for any other race you'll find on earth. Just keep your eyes open, and you won't need Hansel and Gretel.

Is there Poison Oak along the course?

YES, depending on the weather it can be just a little or unbearable; in particular on the nice single track trails. Please make sure you come prepared.  Several products are on the market that help prevent the oils from penetrating your skin or that help you wash them off thoroughly afterward. Visit our friends at Zombie Runner for help.

I am planning on doing the Skyline 50K as my first ultra. Before I sign up, I'd like to run a part of the course. Are there any training runs on the course? If not, can you recommend a section to run. I'd like to do 13 - 20 miles.

It's a great idea to practice on the trails before going into your first ultra, but I'm afraid we do not offer any organized training runs. Frequently Transports in Oakland organizes runs on the course during the Spring and Summer. 

I come from across country, which Airport would be best to fly into?

Oakland International Airport would be the best choice.

What % of the course is fire road vs single track ?

There is a total of 3 miles of paved bike path along Lake Chabot, 11+ miles shady single track, the rest is on dirt fire roads.

How much of the course is shaded vs sun ?

It is kind of 50/50. There is usually fog in the morning. It can warm up quite a bit by the end of the race.

What’s the difference between a full and limited aid station ?

Limited aid stations will have just water, sport drink, ice and gels.

Are there any showers nearby?

No, the park does not offer such facilities, and unfortunately a dive in the lake is not allowed. Water from a hose and/or bucket will be available, though.

If I do a race-day entry, can I still get a finisher shirt?

Almost certainly, but we can't guarantee a specific size will be available.

When are registered runners going to be posted to the web site? Is there anything I should look for in the mail? I have only received the email-confirmation.

We will post entrants on the website beginning in July. Your email confirmation (from us or from active.com) plus everything on this website should tell you all you need to know when showing up on race day.

I know you have to be a PA/USATF member to qualify for Grand Prix awards. But does that apply to age group awards in this event?

No, every entrant is eligible to be an age group winner. No membership required.

Skyline will be my first ultra marathon; can you recommend resources to plan my training.

Among other web pages that can help you further are Stan Jensen's Run 100s web page or the one of the Ultra Running magazine.

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