Four Weeks To Bethlehem

& Shepherds' Night

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Not if you’re a Pastor, Sunday School Director or someone else responsible for putting together the Christmas pageant for your church. We’ve been there. We had to find time in among all the family gatherings, shopping, decorating - not to mention the regular work week and other obligations - to find a program, plan it, gather props, build sets, meet for rehearsals and do some individual coaching for five and six year old angels. And that was just our schedule. The same held true for every Mary, Joseph, shepherd and animal involved in the pageant. By the night when we hoped to tell the most beautiful story ever told and inspire the congregation to new insights of spirituality we felt like we were producing a road show of a Shakespearean tragedy. A few years ago as we faced another winter of discontent we decided there had to be a way to share the retelling of the Christmas Story without destroying the season for ourselves and everyone involved. We needed a program that required almost no set, very few rehearsals and could be performed by just about anyone willing to do it. We wanted tradition. We wanted to tell the story of the birth at Bethlehem with all the traditional carols and costumes but make Mary and Joseph real people with real concerns. We wanted the beauty of Christmas night in Bethlehem without the annihilation of Christmas night in Vancouver, WA, where we live. From these requirements we created Four Weeks to Bethlehem and Shepherds’ Night, two companion pieces that follow Mary and Joseph on their journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem and concludes with common shepherds being the first human witnesses to Christ on earth.

Mary & Joseph did not just materialize in Bethlehem. Four Weeks To Bethlehem follows their Advent journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. In four 10 minute vignettes (one for each Sunday in Advent) Mary & Joseph examine the human as well as the spiritual questions confronting them. Using humor, prayer and straight-forward dialogue Four Weeks to Bethlehem helps to humanize Mary & Joseph's relationship, journey and their faith in God.

"A wonderful part of our Advent and Christmas preparation!
Adults and children alike are drawn into this lively, human telling
of the birth of Christ and the events leading up to it."

Pastor Richard Jaech
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Vancouver, Washington

Shepherds' Night is a companion piece to Four Weeks To Bethlehem and tells the Christmas story from the perspective of common shepherds on that most uncommon night.

Easily adaptable to most any space Four Weeks To Bethlehem requires the two characters, traditional costume and very few props. Shepherds' Night adds shepherds, angels & animals with only minimal rehearsal time. Ideas & suggestions for costumes, props and production tips are included. More about Fours Weeks to Bethlehem & Shepherds' Night.

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Performance Royalties:$25.00 for one Advent/Christmas Season (includes permission to make multiple copies of scripts as needed for Shepherds' Night only)

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