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Last updated on July 24, 2015.

Lists compiled by Steve Manfred.


July 24, 2015


Itís The End


I must announce that this website will be closing soon, and further updates to the news sections have already ended.


Iíve maintained Frequently Asked Questions lists for the North American Doctor Who market on physical media for over 20 years now, first on VHS, then on DVD, and lately also Blu-Ray. ††Itís been a labor of love.Iíve enjoyed immensely seeing the entirety of the television series released twice over (apart from the still-missing episodes, of course), and to see it so lovingly restored and worked over by the members of the Restoration Team on the DVD range of the classic series.I want to thank each and every one of them for all of their hard work down the years, Steve Roberts, Mark Ayres, Peter Crocker, Paul Vanezis, Ralph Montagu, Richard Molesworth, Martin Wiggins, Richard Bignell, Paul Scoones, Nicholas Pegg, Ed Stradling, and the many, many others who contributed to the restorations and extra features whose names you can see in the credits that you should all be reading on the DVD featurettes.


The era of physical media seems to be ending, however, and Iíve been debating with myself for some months now whether continuing this website is still worth doing given that fact.The classic series range has nothing new left to be added to it, leaving us only with one truly new box set each year as new episodes are created.Iíve kept it going partly in the hope that more missing episodes would be returned and released, but none appear forthcoming, and we seem to be at a stage now where if more do appear, theyíll likely be released as digital download-only and not on physical media.


The final ďion bonder seal on the Zero CabinetĒ came in my mail the other day, when my internet service provider informed me they will be discontinuing the web-hosting service Iíve been using to house this website.If I wanted to continue it, Iíd have to move it all to some other service, and given the other factors Iíve mentioned above, it seems not worth the effort now.††Theyíll be pulling the plug on it sometime in October.I will leave all the files here as they are until then, so youíve got plenty of time to copy them down yourselves if you want them.


I need to give extra special thanks to Laura Palmer, who earlier this year retired from BBC Worldwide Americas after a long and successful career there.Sheís been a tremendous champion of the Doctor Who ranges there all this time, and a vital part of my hearing and relating the latest news to you all ever since we first connected during the ending days of the VHS range and the beginnings of the DVDs. ††


And of course, many thanks to all of you whoíve read this FAQ down the years, and especially to those whoíve contributed information to it.Itís been a privilege and a pleasure reporting to you all.


Best regards,

Steven Manfred


The Frequently Asked Questions list for Doctor Who on DVD and Blu-Ray and VHS in North America


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