Serial: 6T  Episode Nos. 635, and 636.  Title: Attack of the Cybermen

The Doctor investigates an alien distress call coming from London in 1985.  It is being sent by Lytton, former commander of the Dalek

duplicate human forces, now marooned on Earth and heading up crime capers to obtain and finance the technology he needs. 

And now his latest diamond heist plan brings him into contact with a party of Cybermen hidden in the sewer tunnels beneath London...

a discovery that will take him, his cohorts, and the Doctor and Peri all the way to the Tombs of the Cybermen on the planet Telos....


starring Colin Baker as the Doctor, and Nicola Bryant as Peri. Written by Paula Moore, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and

Directed by Matthew Robinson.

Originally transmitted from 5 January 1985 to 12 January 1985 on BBC1.
DVD Features:

Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen starring Colin Baker as the Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri.

-          Both 45-minute episodes with full restoration treatment.

-          Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and subtitles for the hearing impaired.

-          Optional commentary track with actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy (Russell),

and Sarah Berger (Rost)

-          Optional isolated music track, that plays the episodes with only the music soundtrack playing.

-          Information Text subtitles option.  Displays pop-up production trivia throughout the story.

-          “The Cold War”  27-minute making-of documentary featuring interviews with actors

Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy, and Sarah Berger, Script Editor and

surreptitious writer Eric Saward, fan consultant Ian Levine, Film Cameraman Godfrey

Johnson, and Director Matthew Robinson. 

-          “The Cyber Story”  23-minute featurette about all of the Cybermen’s appearances

throughout all of Doctor Who through 2007.  Features interviews with their original

Costume Designer Sandra Reid, original voice actor Roy Skelton, Director Morris Barry,

Writer/Script Editor Eric Saward, Earthshock Costume Designer Dinah Collin,

Cyber-actor Mark Hardy, and Kevin Warwick, a scientist attempting to become the world’s

first real cyborg.

-          “Human Cyborg  8-minute featurette about scientist Kevin Warwick’s efforts to become the

world’s first real cyborg.

-          Photo Gallery.  8-minute photo montage of stills taken throughout the production.

-          The Cyber-Generations.  A second 8-minute photo montage of the Cybermen as they appeared

in every classic series story.

-          Trails and Continuity.  3-minute featurette of the advertising and introduction materials from

the original 1985 broadcasts.

-          Coming Soon trailer.  A 1-minute trailer for the forthcoming DVD of Image of the Fendahl

starring Tom Baker.

-          PDF Materials.  Three pdf files that your home computer can read from the disc if you put it

into your computer’s DVD-ROM drive.  One is the Radio Times TV listings for this story

from 1985, including feature articles.  The other two are files that were originally intended

to appear in the DVD of the Patrick Troughton Cybermen story The Invasion but were left

out by error (an error common to every edition in every region around the world).  The

first of these are the Radio Times TV listings and features for the 1968 Invasion broadcast.

The second is a feature article for a magazine called The Listener about the future of

robotics written by Dr. Kit Pedler, the co-creator of the Cybermen.

-          The disc boots up with trailers for the Complete Fourth Series DVD set, and one for the BBC

America cable channel, but these are skipable with your remote.

-          1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the blank area below to reveal the invisible text and see what this is and

how to find it.

Go into the second page of the Special Features menu, then highlight the Cyber-Generations

Option and press the left arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear.  Click on this and you’ll

see a 1-minute featurette about an autonomous Dalek that Kevin Warwick has built in his lab.