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Serial: PPP  Episode Nos. 334, 335, 336, and 337.  Title: Carnival of Monsters


The TARDIS lands on what appears to be a ship in the Indian Ocean in 1926, but when the ship

is attacked by a dinosaur, the Doctor's suspicions are aroused.  He and Jo are in fact within a

MiniScope, a technological peepshow with whole habitats of various worlds in miniature for the

viewing amusement of the outside world.  The Scope and a whole planet are endangered by the

political machinations of one of a race of xenophobes who wishes for his own ends to see the

 most ferocious creatures within released...


starring Jon Pertwee as Dr. Who and Katy Manning as Jo Grant. Written by Robert Holmes,

Produced and Directed by Barry Letts.


Originally transmitted from 27 January 1973 to 17 February 1973 on BBC1.


DVD features:

This DVD originally came out in 2003 as a single-disc release.  This special edition

contains all of the content from the original DVD plus many new features.  The

features listed in italics below are new to the Special Edition.

A 2-disc set.  On Disc 1:

- Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features, and optional subtitles for the hearing


- Optional commentary track no. 1 by Katy Manning (Jo) and Producer/Director Barry Letts.

- Optional commentary track no. 2 moderated by Toby Hadoke and featuring actors

  Cheryl Hall (Shirna), Jennie McCracken (Clare), and Peter Halliday (Pletrac), and

  sound effects designer Brian Hodgson.

- Production Notes Subtitles.

- In the 2003 edition, there was an Extended and Deleted Scenes package, salvaged from

   a surviving early edit of episode 2. On this edition, the entire early edit of Episode 2 is

   presented instead.  It also includes the "Delaware" version of the theme music which

  had been presented as its own featurette on the original DVD.  30 minutes.

- Behind-the-Scenes – film footage from various places in the studio taken during camera


- Five Faces of Doctor Who – a trailer from a 1981 series of repeats on BBC2 which

   included Carnival of Monsters.  4 minutes.

- Director’s amended ending – showing Barry Letts’ preferred ending to the story which

   cuts around a bad bald cap on one of the alien actors.  1 minute.

- Visual Effects Test Film – raw film footage of some of the model and puppet work used

   in the story.  9 minutes.

- TARDIS-Cam No. 2 – visual effects of the TARDIS travelling through the time vortex,

    originally made for use on the BBCi website. 1 minute.

- CSO Demo – BBC training footage of Barry Letts showing how the color seperation

   overlay process worked.  3 minutes.

- One Easter Egg - highlight below here to see how to get it and what it is:

            - Go into the Special Features’ menu.  Stay on the first page, and arrow down to

            highlight “Director's Amended Ending” 

            - Press the left arrow, and a Doctor Who logo icon will appear and be highlighted. 

            Click on it to see the Easter Egg.

            - The egg is the full-length, fully restored Jon Pertwee opening title sequence

            without any episode credits on it. 

      - The 2003 DVD had an additional Easter Egg of the clapperboard countdown

      from the start of the early edit of Episode 2. That's now included in the full

      early edit of Episode 2 featurette on this edition, to the Easter Egg was now

      redundant and is not on this edition.

On Disc 2:

- Destroy All Monsters!  A 23-minute "making of" featurette with interviews with all

   the contributors to both commentaries, plus assistant floor manager Karilyn Collier,

   and visual effects assistant Colin Mapson.

- On Target with Ian Marter.  A 16-minute featurette spotlighting Ian Marter, who guest

   stars in this story as Andrews and later played companion Harry Sullivan opposite Tom

   Baker and Elisabeth Sladen, with emphasis on his writing of the Target novelisations

   of Doctor Who TV stories in the 1970s and 80s.  Features interviews with writers

   Terrance Dicks and Gary Russell, actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas

   Courtney, and Nigel Pluskitt (Unstoffe in The Ribos Operation).

- The A-Z of Gadgets and Gizmos.  A 12-minute featurette spotlighting 26 of the strange

   pieces of equipment the classic series Doctors have worked with, each starting with a

   different letter of the alphabet.

- Mary Celeste.  An 18-minute featurette with historical experts discussing the stories

   of several maritime mysteries about ships that disappeared without trace (like the

   fictional SS Bernice does in this story) with particular attention to the Mary Celeste

   which was found abandoned and adrift in 1872.

- Photo Gallery.  3 minutes of still photos taken during production of the story.


The original edition included a "Who's Who" selection that displayed cast biographies as

text files. These have been left off this release.