Serial: XXX  Episode Nos. 366, 367, 368, and 369.  Title: Death to the Daleks


The power supply for a party of humans and for the TARDIS is being drained by a strange alien

city on the planet Exxilon.  All those found near it are put to death by the natives, that is until a

party of Daleks arrive on the planet.  Both the humans and the Daleks require a precious mineral

from the planet to cure a space plague, and although the power loss has forced them into an

uneasy alliance, the Doctor knows that the Daleks will stop at nothing to prevent the Earth mission

ship from succeeding....


starring Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.

Written by Terry Nation, Produced by Barry Letts, and Directed by Michael Briant.

Originally transmitted from 23 February 1974 to 16 March 1974 on BBC1.

DVD Features:

1 DVD disc containing:

- All 4 episodes of the story, amazingly restored and given the VidFIRE video-look restoration


- Graphical menus, episodes and scene selection features.

- Optional commentary track by actors Julian Fox (Peter Hamilton) and Cy Town (Dalek

   Operator), Assistant Floor Manager Richard Leyland, Costume Designer L. Rowland Warne,

  Special Sound Designer Dick Mills, and Director Michael E. Briant.

- Beneath the City of the Exxilons.  A 27-minute making-of-the-show documentary presented

  by new series Dalek Voice actor Nicholas Briggs, featuring interviews with most of the

  commentary contributors, plus Arnold Yarrow (who played Bellal).

- Studio Recording.  A 24-minute featurette of camera footage taken "wild" during the

  studio recording, showing what went on just before and after takes.

- On the Set of Doctor Who and the Daleks.  An 8-minute featurette about the making of

   the first of the two Dalek movies starring Peter Cushing utilizing behind-the-scenes

   black and white film footage that's recently come to light. Features interviews with

   the director's son, actor Jason Flemyng, 1st Assistant Director Anthony Waye, and

   Dalek Operator Bryan Hands. 

- Doctor Who Stories - Dalek Men.  A 13-minute featurette featuring interviews with

   Dalek Operators John Scott Martin and Nicholas Evans.

- Photo Gallery.  A presentation of still photos from the production lasting 5 minutes.

- PDF Materials.  Place this disc into a computer and you can have a look at the Radio

  Times billing for this story from 1974.

- Coming Soon Trailer.  A 1-minute trailer for the DVD of The Krotons.

- Information Text.  Displays pop-up production notes throughout the story as subtiles.

- 1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the area of blank text below to learn what it is and how to find it.

   Go to the first page of the Special Features menu. Highlight the Photo Gallery selection,

   then press the right arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear on the left side of the screen.

   Select this, and you will see the full opening and closing title sequences used on Jon

   Pertwee's final season without any credits on them.