Serial: 5J  Episode Nos. 506, 507, 508, and 509  Title: Destiny of the Daleks

The Doctor and Romana arrive on a barren radiation-soaked world.  A ship full of beautiful humanoids called Movellans arrives in pursuit of their greatest enemies... the Daleks.  The world is Skaro, and the Daleks are burrowing into the depths of their own old city in search of their creator Davros in the hopes that he can help them defeat the Movellans, but as the Doctor wonders, what's so special about the Movellans that they need Davros' help again?

This story is the first to feature Lalla Ward as Romana.

starring Tom Baker as Doctor Who, and Lalla Ward as Romana. Guest starring David Gooderson as Davros. 

Written by Terry Nation, Produced by Graham Williams, and Directed by Ken Grieve.

Originally transmitted from 1 September 1979 to 22 September 1979 on BBC1.

-    All four episodes of the story, with digitally restored pictures and sound.

-         Graphical menus, episode selection, and scene selection features.

-         Commentary track by actors Lalla Ward (Romana) and David Gooderson (Davros) and director Ken Grieve.

-         “Terror Nation”   A new 24-minute featurette about Terry Nation’s writing for all of Doctor Who, focusing, of course, on his

Dalek stories.  Features new interviews with producers Barry Letts and Philip Hinchcliffe, script editor Terrance Dicks,

director Richard Martin, Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs, and archival interview footage with the late Terry Nation himself.

-         Directing Who.   A new 9-minute interview with director Ken Grieve.

-         CGI Effects.  Selecting this option will replace most of the original video effects in this story with newly-created CGI ones instead.

-         Trails and Continuity.   A 4-minute package of the trailers and continuity announcements that went with this story in 1979.

-         Photo Gallery.  An 8-minute package of still photos taken during production, accompanied by sound effects from this story.

-         Information Text – Displays pop-up production trivia subtitles throughout the story.

-         Prime Computer Adverts – A 3-minute compilation of ads made with Tom Baker and Lalla Ward in 1980 for an Australian

Computer company called Prime Computers.  At last, you’ll be up to date.

-         Coming Soon Trailer  - A 1-minute trailer for the forthcoming release of Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils and

Warriors of the Deep in a box set (though curiously the trailer doesn’t mention the name of the box set, which is

Beneath the Surface).  This will be released in North America on June 3. 

-         Radio Times Listings. A pdf file of the original TV listings for this story in the Radio Times readable by any DVD-ROM drive on a

home computer.

-         1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the area of blank text below to see what it is and how to find it.

Go to the Special Features menu and highlight Audio Options, then press the left arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear. 

Click on this and you will see the studio countdown clocks that ran on the master tapes for all four episodes.

            ***The Region 2 (UK) edition of this DVD had two mistakes in it which have both been corrected for the Region 1 (North American)

                        edition.  One of these was that the Radio Times listings pdf file had been erroneously left off the disc.  The other was in the

optional CG effects, where some laser beams had been added to the scene of the Doctor and Romana approaching the Movellan

                        spacecraft in episode one which shouldn’t have been there because the explosions they’re dodging are actually being caused

                        by Dalek mining operations beneath them, not fire from the Movellan ship.