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Serial: 7Q  Episode Nos. 694, 695, and 696.  Title: Ghost Light

The Doctor forces Ace to confront one of her greatest fears.. a haunted house in Perivale that terrified her at age 13.  They return to it in the year 1883, where they find a mad explorer, hypnotized house staff, preserved policemen, and a Neanderthal manservant who worships a sleeping creature in a spaceship in the cellar.  The creature's called Light, and it was sent to survey all life on Earth millenia ago, but while he sleeps, his survey has got out of control, and there may be nothing that can stop Light's cataclysmic reaction to the news that the world he cataloged has evolved into something quite different...

starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace. Written by Marc Platt, Produced by John Nathan-Turner, and Directed by Alan Wareing.

Originally transmitted from 4 October 1989 to 18 October 1989 on BBC1.

DVD Features:

- All three episodes of the story, digitally remastered and restored.

- Graphical menus, episode and scene selection features.

- Audio Options menu where you can select one of three optional audio tracks:

            - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Audio

            - Commentary track by actor Sophie Aldred (Ace), writer Marc Platt, script editor Andrew Cartmel, and incidental musician and audio restoration

                        engineer Mark Ayres.

            - Isolated Music option that plays the episodes with only the incidental music playing.

- Deleted and Extended Scenes featurette, which runs to 18 minutes.

- Information Text option that displays pop-up production trivia as the episodes play.

- Writer’s Question Time.  A 12-minute featurette of footage taken at the 1990 PanoptiCon convention where story writer Marc Platt fielded questions from

            the audience.

- Light in Dark Places.  A 39-minute featurette of interviews with the cast and crew, including actors Sylvester McCoy (the Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace),

            Ian Hogg (Josiah), Michael Cochrane (Redvers Fenn-Cooper), Katharine Schlesinger (Gwendoline), and Sharon Duce (Control), script editor

            Andrew Cartmel, and incidental musician Mark Ayres.  Also includes behind-the-scenes footage.

- Shooting Ghosts.  A 19-minute featurette of footage taken by the studio cameras while between scenes, letting us see the cast and crew at work as they

            rehearse and set up each shot.

- Photo Gallery.  5-1/2 minute featurette that displays various photo stills taken during the production.

- Who’s Who.  Biographies of the actors playing the major parts in this story.

- 2 Easter Eggs.  Highlight the invisible text area below to see what they are and how to find them.

            - Egg 1.  On the main menu, highlight the Episode Selection button, and then press the left arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear.  Click on this

            and you will see a 1-minute scene from the episode of Gwendoline singing “That’s the Way to the Zoo.”  In the episode itself, only the middle

            portion of this song was used.  In this Easter Egg you get to see and hear Gwendoline singing the whole thing.

            - Egg 2.  On the Special Features menu, highlight the Writer’s Question Time button, then press the left arrow.  A Doctor Who logo will appear.

            Click on this and for 3-1/2 minutes you will see the BBC1 continuity announcements that preceded each episode’s original 1989 broadcast. 

            You will also see the closing credits for Part One of the story played out in full as originally broadcast.  These credits contained a spelling error

            where Katharine Schlesinger’s first name was given as Katherine, and that error can be seen here.  This error also happened on Part Two’s

            credits, but you don’t get to see that set as well.  By the time Part Three aired, the error had been spotted and corrected, and this correction

            was also made to the master tapes of the previous two episodes.  The corrected versions are what’s on the DVD, and they were also on the earlier

            VHS release.