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Serial: 4V  Episode Nos. 454, 455, 456, and 457.  Title: Horror of Fang Rock

Near the start of the twentieth century, on the forbidding island of Fang Rock, a beast stalks the night, though not the beast that the old lighthouse keeper Reuben thinks it is.  It is a Rutan scout, and is far deadlier than any terrestrial sea creature, as those trapped in the lighthouse learn the hard way when they fail to heed the Doctor's warnings...

starring Tom Baker as Doctor Who and Louise Jameson as Leela. Written by Terrance Dicks, Produced by Graham Williams, and Directed by Paddy Russell.

Originally transmitted from 3 September 1977 to 24 September 1977 on BBC1.

DVD Features:

- All 4 episodes of the story, digitally remastered and restored.  The episodes are 25 minutes each.

- Graphical menus, episode selection feature, and scene selection feature.

- Commentary track with actors Louise Jameson (Leela) and John Abbott (Vince) and with writer Terrance Dicks.

- “Terrance Dicks: Fact and Fiction  A new 36-minute featurette about the Doctor Who career of the one and only Terrance Dicks.

            Features interviews with Terrance himself, plus producer Barry Letts, writers Louis Marks, Paul Cornell, and Eric Saward,

            book editors Peter Darvill-Evans and Brenda Gardner, and director Christopher Barry.

- “Paddy Russell – A Life in Television”   A new 14-minute featurette about the career of this story’s director, Paddy Russell, in

            which is extensively interviewed.

- “The Antique Doctor Who Show”   A 5-minute featurette made in 1993 to accompany a run of repeats on BBC2, where Doctor Who

            toy and memorabilia collectors bring their wares to be appraised at an Antiques Road Show-like event.

- Photo Gallery.  3-1/2 minutes of photo stills from this story.

- Who’s Who.  Text biographies of the principal cast. 

- 1 Easter Egg.  Highlight the invisible text here to see what it is and how to find it:

                        - On the Special Features menu, highlight the Antique Doctor Who Show selection, then press the left arrow. 

                        A Doctor Who logo will appear.  Click on this and you will see the studio countdown clock from the master tape of episode 3

                        of this story.